Dr Kousar Ali Shah- A Story of Healthcare Leadership


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Healthcare Leadership with Patient Engagement & Tough Love


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Healthcare Leadership with Patient Engagement & Tough Love :

Healthcare Leadership with Patient Engagement & Tough Love Dr Kousar Ali Shah

Paras Hospitals-Partners in Health:

Paras Hospitals- Partners in Health Paras Hospital is among the top four hospitals in Gurgaon with ambitious expansion plans in near future. Paras is the name of a golden rock in India with the Golden Touch and any metal it touches turns to gold. At Paras , we make a sincere attempt to treat patients with a golden heart and purity of intent.


The Core Values Dr Kousar Ali Shah, Zonal Director (Delhi NCR) of Paras , is an extremely competent healthcare administrator. Matching his core values with organizational values, he is busy furthering the ‘Paras’ culture of “ Partners in health ” Two of his core values are "leadership with tough love attitude ” and the other is "focusing on patient engagement with empathy"


Prior to joining Paras, General Manager at Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon.  Besides medical degrees, he Holds an MPhil in Hospital & Health Systems Management (BITS Pilani) and a Diploma in Hospital Administration (IHA, Chennai). Loves to train and mentor team members & others in wide ranging areas from empathy & medical marketing to healthcare administration. Education and Mentoring


New Initiatives Known for varied initiatives ranging from encouraging  innovation  to supporting  cyclothons (or paddling for healthy bones). Other initiatives include " SHE " (recently launched at Paras), which is creating awareness against the evil of female foeticide by engaging schools


I believe I was carrying administrative skills in my genes, got it from my father who was a High Court Judge. Quote Unquote Genes Do Matter ” “I believe I was carrying administrative skills in my genes, got it from my father who was a High Court Judge.” - Quote Unquote


” - Quote Unquote “For a healthcare leader it ’ s very important to bring the doctors & administrative heads on to the same page as both have their own challenges and unless they  understand each other, success would remain elusive” Coordination and Team Building


The Approach Every professional in healthcare needs to possess and demonstrate empathy Patient engagement ensures every patient is not only cared for, but cared for with a personal touch. Reminders - A leader has to keep training, retraining, and reiterating these facts so that every patient gets a care with a personal touch. 


Balancing Conflicting Interests Communication, communication, communication! Best way to create a balance between all the diversities in a hospital – management, doctors, other staff, patients and others. Direct communication is needed about their expectations from each other & common end-goals , their role challenges and also understand other person ’ s role challenges as well


” “As a leader I ensure there is enough communication going around with each other, and wherever I find it is lacking I pitch in myself or make processes where it becomes imperative for them to communicate” - Quote Unquote Life Philosophy


” “As an administrator, my responsibility is like that of a grounds man. - Quote Unquote A Leader Par Excellence I have to ensure the pitch is properly laid so that doctors can play their ‘ shots ’ (read concentrate on their clinical work) absolutely carefree to ensure best clinical results, the main reason behind success or failure of a healthcare institute, or individual.”


Process Orientation – Shifting Mindsets Creating work-flow processes is only half of the job. To ensure that processes are followed, he scrutinizes the reports first thing in the morning. To ensure that reporting is taken seriously, he demonstrates that he takes reports seriously, sometimes writing a comment on the report or taking action (based on reports) as and when needed .


A Keen Eye All Over-Ensuring Quality Takes as much interest in budgets and revenues as in clinical governance. Formulating committees, facilitating them and ensuring the implementation of decisions taken, for him, all steps are equally critical. Firmly believes that due diligence in audits and process compliances is critical to ensure quality healthcare


The Contrasts and Changing Roles Anyone who observes Dr Kousar at the workplace can quickly make out that he is as adept in patient counselling as in handling difficult situations A story goes that after terminating an employee for failure of duty, he helped the employee in finding another job. After all mistakes can be fatal in medical profession.


” “My goal is to be an outstanding administrator & business developer and ensure that my organization becomes one of the best in terms of financial profitability, the best in patient experience and the best employer across Health Industry” - Quote Unquote Life Philosophy Nothing But the Best


Multiple Dimensions An empathetic heart for the patient, a strong mind for continuous learning and an eye for detail, all rolled into one. A man who can be affectionate and tough at the same time , manages day to day operations with a hands on approach and manages crisis, with a sharp yet calm mind.

As his colleagues rightly say, he has “the doctor’s heart and the administrator’s mind” :

As his colleagues rightly say, he has “ the doctor ’ s heart and the administrator ’ s mind ”


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