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Performance testing is an important part of the application development lifecycle. Without it, your application could fail wretchedly in real-world conditions. We, as providers of software quality testing solutions, take extra efforts and are always ready to go a mile extra to leave our customers with the sheer sense of satisfaction.


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Slide 1: Introduction To Performance Testing Services

Slide 2: ABOUT US KostCare  is a Quality Assurance and Software Testing Services company. We serve clients worldwide to ensure that they have predictability as to the quality and performance of their software . Committed to delivering excellence in software quality assurance and testing, our strength lies in our ability to leverage the best of industry knowledge and the most advanced technology available . KostCare offers a complete and comprehensive suite of Software Testing Solutions to meet varied testing and quality assurance needs of its global clientele . Our focused methodology and understanding of the subject matter clearly marks us different.

Slide 3: Performance Testing In the present era of stern competition amongst the organizations to set up their monopoly in the market, user-experience plays a major role. User experience is directly proportional to the software or system performance. It’s the performance of a software application under different load, condition, circumstances, and environment which drives the experience of a user, either in a positive or in a negative direction. Greater the performance better will be the user experience and larger will be the size of customer pool.

Slide 4: System Testing verifies and validates the structuring and functioning of a software application against the specified software and business requirement specifications However with the need to test system the necessity to achieve and maintain the performance element in the system also crop up. Meeting the proposed functionality is not solely enough to stay in the race but to experience & gain the customer’s satisfaction in performing those functions uninterruptedly and with the ease, can accelerate your growth and productivity to stay ahead of your competitors and rule the market.

Slide 5: Why our Performance Testing Services outsmarts other competitors?

Slide 6: We offer a diverse range of performance testing utilities for multiple domains and to support different platforms. Our performance testing experts along with the energy of young and aggressive performance engineers have proven their expertise and competency in constantly providing the best possible performance testing solutions along with the quality assurance which include following services:

Slide 7: Load Testing

Slide 8: The performance of the software application should not be affected with the unexpected increase in the load. It is desired by the users that a software application constantly performs well under any quantity of load.

Slide 9: Stress Testing

Slide 10: A test user for stress testing varies in comparison to load test user. In stress testing, with the increase in load, some unfavorable conditions, factors and the environment also adds to the degrading performance of a software product. Thus, a software should able to perform effectively and efficiently under the stress bear upon it.

Slide 11: Volume Testing

Slide 12: Software applications are often subjected to large volume of data for certain process or operation. It is required by the software that its performance should not be hindered while being flooded with the considerable amount of data.

Slide 13: Soak Testing

Slide 14: Sustaining a particular load continuously for a longer period of time and simultaneously maintaining the performance level imparts the endurance and stability quality of a software product.

Slide 15: Spike Testing

Slide 16: Sometimes, sudden & tremendous increase or decrease in the load may bring significant change in the behavior and performance of a software product. A software application should be well equipped to face off this sudden increase or decrease without impacting its performance.

Slide 17: Scalability Testing

Slide 18: To meet and accommodate the growing needs of constantly increasing users, a website or a software application needs to be scalable to ensure hassle free functioning.

Slide 19: Web Service Performance Testing

Slide 20: With the easy accessibility to internet, websites or web applications are heavily trafficked by the large number of users. Irrespective of resources or in the limited resources such as memory & space, a web application or a website should able to provide its web services continuously and uninterruptedly to its large pool of users.

Slide 21: Benefits with our Software Performance Testing

Slide 22: We are expertise in constantly delivering the end to end performance testing solutions over a decade. We are known for providing and delivering quality and timely assured performance engineering services based on client's business needs and requirements.

Slide 23: Our highly skilled & experienced performance test engineers having adeptness in carrying out the performance tests, implements holistic and unique approach to deliver best quality software applications. Our team with its indigenous performance test management practices has managed services with respect to client’s requirements and specifications so as to provide cost-cutting and time-saving performance testing.

Slide 24: The choice of our performance testing tools to ensure quality testing of software, are at par with the latest trend and incorporated the following tools in our performance testing strategy:

Slide 25: Web load It offers a wide range of features such as response validation, parameterization, native Java scripting and debugging

Slide 26: jMeter Apache jMeter is a java based load and performance testing tool supporting multiple programming languages and is designed to test the functional behaviour and measure performance of the application under test.


1 Load Impact A performance testing tool to test website, web service, mobile application and APIs under multiple variants of user load and to support automated testing.

Slide 28: WAPT A load and stress testing tool especially to test website and may be used to test mobile application also.

Slide 29: Load-runner A load testing tool designed for cloud and SaaS platform and for the larger projects to evaluate and assess the behavior and response of a software product under load by simulating the scenario of large number of users accessing and using the application.

Slide 30: Visual Studio It is performance and load testing tool to test any software, system, apps, APIs, websites just before the release along with the feature of performing the load testing irrespective of geographical location and by generating load of possibly large number of concurrent users across the multiple region and throughout the world.

Slide 31: We as an accredited quality assurance company can transform your fantasy of ruling the market into a reality. We are specialized and recognized for providing the state-of-art performance testing solutions to boost up the performance of your software.

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