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Degrees of an Adjective Teacher: Papadamos k.

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a) Positive degree. b) Comparative degree. c) Superlative degree. short short er short est

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Examples: 1) Mary is short. 2) Mary is short er than Helen. 3) Mary is the short est of all. Mary Helen Suzan

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However... Positive degree Comparative degree Superlative degree strong strong er strong est fat fa tt er fa tt est tiny tin i er tin i est vicious more vicious most vicious

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Examples: 1. Mary is very thin. 2. Mary is thi nn er than Helen. 3. Mary is the thi nn est girl in our class. 1. The princess is vicious. 2. The king is more vicious than the princess. 3. The queen is the most vicious of all.

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Examples: 1. My room is tidy. 2. My room is tid i er than your room. 3. My room is the tid i est of all. 1. Helen's watch is more expensive than my watch. 2. My socks are dirtier than John’s socks. 3. The weather in Mexico is hotter than the weather in Germany.

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Can you answer...? Positive degree Comparative degree Superlative degree dangerous soft dry hot more dangerous most dangerous softer softest dr i er dr i est ho tt er ho tt est

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Put the following adjectives into the correct box : short fat tidy vicious smart noisy clean difficult wet boring big lazy small hard hardworking thin soft tiny

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Positive degree Comparative degree Superlative degree good better best bad worse worst many-much, a lot of more most little less least far far th er far th est Learn by heart

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Examples: I have got more money than you. You have got less money than me. She drank less wine than Helen. I am better at maths than my brother. Tom is the worst player in our team. Helen is worse at Language than Nick. She’s got the most friends of all. Peter ate the most ice-cream of all.

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