Nepal ? A Break from Everyday Life

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Nepal – A Break from Everyday Life:

Maria Lisak Kona Storybook Center April 16, 2011 Nepal – A Break from Everyday Life

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I’m originally from the USA. My hometown is Michigan City, Indiana. I went to university in New Orleans. I have also lived in Chicago. Where is Chicago?

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Now I live in Korea. When were you born? I have lived in Korea, on and off, since 1996. I have lived in Seoul, Youngin , Kunsan and Gwangju . I love Gwangju . It is my new home.

When I was young I wanted to be:

When I was young I wanted to be a cheerleader an Egyptologist

Today I am a teacher:

Today I am a teacher I am a cheerleader for my students. I am an archeologist. I have to ‘dig’ and discover meaning in language. My dreams have been fulfilled. Now my dream is to live a balanced life.

I find balance in two things:

I find balance in two things Meditation and yoga Traveling

Meditation & Yoga:

Meditation & Yoga I meditate three times a day. 5am 15 minutes 3pm 1 minute to 30 minutes 9pm 15 minutes I like to travel to places and meditate. Musangsa , Gyeryongsan Nepal I do yoga twice a day. 5am 20 minutes 9pm 20 minutes I also like to take a yoga class once a week. I am not good at yoga, but I like it a lot. Yoga helps me relax.


Vacation I take vacations to ‘take a break’ from my life. I like to work hard. When I take a break, I like to travel. I have been to many countries. I’ve traveled to 36 countries.


Nepal In February of this year I went to Nepal for 10 days. I traveled 24 hours to get there.

How did I get from Gwangju to Nepal?:

How did I get from Gwangju to Nepal? Gwangju to Incheon Bus Incheon to Guangzhou, China Plane Guangzhou to Kathmandu Plane Kathmandu to Pokhara Bus Pokhara to Sarankot Car & hiking Sarankot to ____________ Hiking & car Pokhara to Kathmandu Plane __________ to Guangzhou Plane Guangzhou to Incheon Plane Incheon to ___________ Bus P Pokhara Kathmandu Gwangju


Kathmandu What I wanted: Not a regular tourist Difficult to find meditation Yoga centers were not appropriate for my ability What I did: Visited a school Visited a Hindu temple Shopped in Thamel Ate Middle Eastern food


Pokhara Meditation Singing bowl meditation Chakra meditation Energy Yoga Morning and evening yoga practice


Saranko t Mountain meditation Sunrise Yoga Problem Sunburn Guide Sherpa Hand glider competition


Migrant families Flying Along the Himalayas Leaving

Thank you:

Thank you Safety Simplicity Identity Curiosity Prosperity Maria Lisak

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