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My IM Toolbox – Marketing Toolbox - Every Tool You Need “MY IM TOOLBOX” is a cross platform desktop application that runs on Windows MAC and Linux allows you to cover all bases. From finding keyworks creating landing page indexing link tracking link. Knowing this you wont leave any potential customers out. What Is My IM Toolbox Why add something to your toolbox when you can just get a toolbox full of essentials I think you already heard this phrase: "Add this to your online marketing toolbox" Well those days are now coming to an end I’m going to review to you about a new product from Donald VanFossen A product called “My IM Toolbox” that include every nesscessary tools for your online empire. “MY IM TOOLBOX” is a cross platform desktop application that runs on Windows MAC and Linux allows you to cover all bases. From finding keyworks creating landing page indexing link tracking link. Knowing this you wont leave any potential customers out. • Keyword tool Yep already in the box • Landing Page Generator Yep you guessed it... already in the box • Content Builder Again in the box • Link Indexer Oh Yeah in the box and bad to the bone • Link Tracking You arent going to believe this thing But yeah it is in the box So just sit back and think about this for a minute. How many of these tools are you using now and paying seperate bills for Say goodbye to those services and say hello to your new Toolbox Most people right now are paying for services to do every one of the things on the list... Or they bought some software that did one of the things on the list but hasnt lived up to their expectations.

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Listen you know me and I would not stear you wrong... This is one of the best things I have seen in a long time Not only is it an incredible deal but there is more coming a lot more How Does My IM Toolbox Work Special Features of My IM Toolbox: The application has 5 modules by default: KeyReaper Pull hundreds of keywords that people are actually searching for. The Keyword Module KeyReaper will make grabbing keywords fast. Because it pulls keywords that people are already searching for and that are closely related. So it will provide you with endless keywords right now The future of this module is also very bright Because there is a massive update that will be added around mid July 2017 to this module. The product creators of My IM Toolbox have already prepare to launch an upgrade of this KeyReaper to the product called KeyReaper Extreme. Of Course for the better service the price is also higher. If people want to use the normal Keyreaper the product creator also have other keyword tools that are out there on the web that people use for free. These tools have been collecting data for a long time. Plus they also have a bunch of data harvesting servers that have been running for a long time. Comes along with it is some partners that providing data to the keyword tools. All this data have been collected is going into a huge data engine. That data engine is going to be expensive to have access to and is only meant for large corporate customers. But it is guaranteed that the normal version will be added some of what it produces to KeyReaper Extreme.

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Link Tracking You will have the ability to track clicks create conversion pixels and callback URLs view conversion reports and click reports. Export the data to CSV. All from one dashboard. This powerful and multi-purpose modules alone only cost 47 per month at a minimum with any other service. Besides this feature also allow you to create up to 100 links that can be in use at the same time. With no limit to the number of hits on the links. No other platform gives you that much ability. Most will limit the hits to 5k or 10k hits on the links. If they are doing paid traffic depending on the sources they may go way over that. Especially if they are using CPV traffic or something similar.

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Landing Pages Do you know what the problem is with most landing page builders They leave it up to you to determine what works. But this has a different approach its landing page layouts are proven to work. You only need to fill in the content. The layout and design is already proven so you do not have to come up with design ideas and wast more time and effort. The Landing Page module is a whole new concept on the way it helps people. Instead of all the drag and drop stuff out there this uses templates that are based on already converting landing page formats. So you dont sit there trying to think of how to design a lander. For new people even a drag and drop interface can be complicated. Therefore the layouts are pre-defined so you can just add what they want in the pages and be done. Not to mention it prevents all the mistakes you would normally make. Now if you are experienced and want to edit the pages it produces you still can. Nothing is hidden. So it doesnt prevent the advanced people form doing whatever they want with the pages that it produces.

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Article Builder The article builder takes a unique approach to making content for your sites. You paste the content off snippets or already ranking content. Content that ranks for similar keyword phrases as those you are attempting to rank for. The content is then broken down to the sentence level juggled and re-assembled. Automatic spinning is also available. You wont believe the effect this has on ranking sites The content maker module will take content you add in and break it down to the sentence level. Juggling shuffling and creating all kinds of variations. Plus you have the ability to use the free spintax generator that is included or if you have a subscription to SpinRewriter or WordAI you can use those as well. There is specific training that shows you how to create the content because it is designed to help you create content the same way the product creators build their sites with 30k pages in them So you will learn some seriously valuable information and the ability to use that information.

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IndexZor The IndexZor module is simply awesome. Your list subscribers will no longer have issues getting their site links indexed. The indexer module is insane This thing will make you send the product creators a thank you email after you use it I guarantee there is nothing out there that will get you the results you get from using it You wont find anything anywhere near this price that works this good.. Most of the time you will see instant results and traffic because of how fast it can work. Who Should Use My IM Toolbox For the vast variety in the function of this ToolBox I think any marketers have to claim one of this toolbox for themselve for the development of their business. All of the tools as I checked is Pre-defined therefore even a newbie can makes this work like a champ. Dont you worry about such coding or any related skills. It does not need that much experience from you. Why Should You Get MY IM TOOLBOX Now Plus there are other utilities included and coming soon that arent even on the list. Those are being added at no additional cost They have a schema generator coming in. More additions to the

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keyword tool. More utilities for text manipulation and other things that you dont think of but always end up trying to find later. But let me give you an idea of how powerful these tools are: • The Keyword tool is called KeyReaper. This tool can pull hundreds of keywords from a seed phrase. These are actually keywords being searched by people on Google. You can remove duplicates and manipulate the keywords in various ways. • The Landing Page Generator Yeah I said Generator is a new approach to helping people get things done quickly The reason it isnt called a Landing Page Maker or Creator is because you dont really do anything with the design layout etc... Instead they have taking already converting landing pages and morphed them into block sections. These blocks make building landing pages as easy as working with legos. You just grab the sections that were created from already high converting landing pages and drag and drop them in the order you want them. Modify the on page content and your done... The tool will even upload them for you • The content builder is pretty unique as well. Because it works on a similar concept. You add content that is ranking for related pages in your niche. The content builder then breaks it all down to the sentence level. Then it shuffles things around and recreates paragraphs and can even export it in spintax format. What this means is you can exporting the content as a new article or in spintax using the special way it shuffles as the actual spin points. This is spintax without changing the words and it works works extremely well Now if you want to go even further you can use the free spinning built right into the content generator or they are also adding Spinrewriter and WordAI in as well. Those will probably be in within the next few weeks. But in reality the way this works you dont need any third party spinning service to get awesome results and build content that ranks great Plus like I just said if you want to actually use spinning that changes words they have a spinner built in that is completely free. • The link indexer known as IndexZor Is just flat out awesome. You will see for yourself when you watch the demo video. But let me put it this way. If you build sites and want to get pages indexed fast this thing is powerful I dont know how they do it but often pages are indexed in minutes. At the moment it actually has two different modes. 1 mode is for when you are actually indexing pages for a website. The other mode is for when you are indexing various other types of links. The crazy results this thing gets will blow your mind. But the rumor is this thing isnt even done yet. They have a massive update coming for it in a matter of weeks • The Link Tracking module is going to put a lot of heat on other services out there. Because it has everything you need or will need. You may not be at the the level with your online marketing where they will use all of the features packed into this module but you will need them at somepoint and they are already there. The module allows you to create links that are basically similar to shortened URLs like you may be familiar with when creating redirects for affiliate offers.

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But then it also has the ability to track link traffic create call back URLs callback pixels and postback URLs for tracking conversions. Pull reports for click and traffic statistics. Pull reports for conversion statstics. You can have data returned to you on conversions like payout offer IDs or anything you want. There are 5 data fields you control that can be included in all conversions. There is even a cool feature that lets you export what is called an overlay page. Which basically puts your link into a file you download. When you upload it to your hosting account it will display your affiliate offers and track traffic to the page. There is even more ways to use it but it would take me all day to cover everything in an email. But just so you know... they dont limit your traffic to the links like most services do. Most services limit your traffic based on the level of the package you are subscribed to. They do not limit your traffic After revealing all this stuff I’m not intend to end the article here. Because you will have a chance to claim for yourself tons of bonuses from the product creators and my very review page. You will have access to the following bonuses when you purchase any of the Front End offers. Exclusive Bonuses From My IM Toolbox 100 Split Tests Split testing has been known to drive some pretty compelling results but that all assumes one thing: that it’s done correctly. There are numerous aspects that you can look into for split testing and they can get complicated. This will make things clear.

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How to become a six-figure copywriter starting today. Without a copywriting course copywriting coach or copywriting guru. You can write copy for clients or you can use the information provided to increase your sales and results when marketing products or services Media Traffic System If you want to get quality buyer traffic to your website expand your customer base and boost sales even if you’ve never had any experience before then this is for you. By setting up a proper Media Ads campaign you can quickly drive a consistent flow of targeted visitors to any website or offer without wasting time and money... Youll be able to promote your offers directly to your customers and achieve better results in less time by following this easy step-by-step training.

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Webinar Authority Have you tried all sorts of methods and techniques to sell your product or service Do you want to establish yourself as an expert and build authority in your industry Imagine being able to easily convert prospects into high paying clients. Now you can do all that using the power of webinars Conclusion Also... just a quick note. The IndexZor module and the Keyword module as awesome as they are actually have huge updates coming out for them in a matter of weeks. They intend to raise the price when the updates to these tools are complete. This isnt some false scarcity attempt by them either. The reason they are raising the price is because they will be adding more infrastructure because the updates will require more power for some of the API related calls the software does. The more power the servers require that handle some of the heavy lifting the more they have to pay to keep them up and running smoothly. Sometimes when it comes to understanding all the technical stuff ignorance is bliss I am glad someone else has that headache lol They have also stated that the price increase will only be for new members not people that join now. So all I can say is go check it out I think you will be as excited as I am about this awesome software. One last quick thing... This is desktop software you install right on your computer. They have versions for Windows MAC and Linux My IM ToolboxMy IM Toolbox reviewMy IM Toolbox review and bonusMy IM Toolbox reviewsMy IM Toolbox reviews and bonusesMy IM Toolbox discountMy IM Toolbox bonusMy IM Toolbox bonusesMy IM Toolbox review and discount My IM Toolbox review in detailMy IM Toolbox ultimate reviewMy IM Toolbox couponMy IM Toolbox demoMy IM Toolbox demo reviewMy IM Toolbox huge discountMy IM Toolbox discount coupon

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