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Python 9030821111 Gachibowli https: // INTRODUCTION: • Understanding the Open source • Installation of python in Linux/windows. • Understanding Interpreters ipython bpython • Getting started with Python. • Setting up the IDE and various IDEs. • Setting up using the PEP-8 . Indentation. Tabs or spaces. Maximum line length. Blank lines. Source file Encoding. • creating the first python program. understanding sha-bang. understanding the .py extension.  How to run thePYTHON PROGRAM Types and operators: • Introduction to data types. • Type casting in python. • Various ways of printing. • Boolean operators. • Playing with numbers. • Playing with strings. String quotes. Raw strings. • Doc string comments.

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Python 9030821111 Gachibowli https: // • Accepting inputs. Control Statements: • Conditional statements Introduction Boolean expressions Logical Operators Using If condition Pass Applying PEP-8 standards. • Looping statements for while range break continue Data structures – Lists: What are lists Mutable lists. In operator. Traversing a list. List operations. Indexing. Slicing. converting a list to string. converting a string to list.

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Python 9030821111 Gachibowli https: // Aliasing in lists. Functions in lists. Data structures – TUPLEs What is tuples. Indexing in tuples. slicing in tuples. Immutable tuples. Packing and unpacking. Lists and tuples. Functions in tuples. Data structures – dictionaries: What are dictionaries Keys and values. In operator. Looping in dictionaries. Lookups in dictionaries. Dictionaries and tuples. Functions in dictionaries. Dictionaries vs sets. Functions: • Function basics • Scope rules in functions Global scope. Local scope. Locals.

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Python 9030821111 Gachibowli https: // Globals. Global. • Understanding the return keyword. • Argument passing Default argument list. Keyword arguments. • Understanding the docstrings. • List comprehensions. • Lambda map filters. • Understanding the closures. • Decorators. Modules: • What are modules • Understanding the namespaces • Various ways of importing. • "reload" operation. • understanding about sys.path • dir function. • understand the __main__ and __name__ • operation. • Installation of a module. • Understanding the virtualenv. • Packaging a module. • Packages. Files:

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Python 9030821111 Gachibowli https: // • Reading and writing files • Methods of File Objects Reading Writing Modify • Buffering in files. • Parsing a xml files. • Parsing a xls files. • Pickles • Output using Pickle • Introduction to subprocess os Exceptions: • What are exceptions • Simulating errors. • Various types of exceptions. • exception handling - tryexceptelsefinally • trapping errors. • raising exceptions. • Customized exceptions. REGULAR EXPRESSION: • Understanding the regular expressions. • Getting started. • Compiling a pattern. • Flags - ignorecase dotall • Working with multiple flags.

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Python 9030821111 Gachibowli https: // • Search vs match. • Raw string notations. • Special characters Globbling characters Anchors character DEBUGGING: • Introduction to debugging. • Debugging using IDE. • Various modes to get to pdb. Script mode Enhanced script mode. Post mortem mode. run mode. Trace mode. • Playing with the trace mode. listing step next continue break printing variables assigning values Restart and return. Where stacks CLASSES: • OOP: what is object oriented programming. • Understanding the classes in python.

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Python 9030821111 Gachibowli https: // • Lets create a bank account. • Using the class statement • Methods in classes. Constructor. Magic methods. • Understanding Inheritance. • Understanding Polymorphism. • Understanding Encapsulation. • Operator overloading. SOCKET PROGRAMMING: • Introduction. • Understanding basics routing. Protocols - udp tcp. • Working with sockets How to connect to server. Connect on port. sending data. receiving data. How to close the socket. • Programming a socket server Bind a socket. Listen to incoming connections. Accept connections. Live server

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Python 9030821111 Gachibowli https: // Handing connections. Thread class Thread library Thread pool Task thread Multiprocessing • Demo: common chat application. • Demo: FAQ chat application. • Demo - Port scanning software. LOGGING: • Understanding logging. • When to use logging. • Understanding the log levels • Understanding stream handling using Basic • Config • Understanding logger. • Understanding handlers. • Understanding Formatters. • Understanding filters. • Demo: Playing with the syslog handlers. • Demo: Playing with the St • Demo: Playing with the File handlers. DATABASE CONNECTIVITY: • Introduction • Working with mysql databases.

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Python 9030821111 Gachibowli https: // How to install mysql-server How to know what modules to install Creating a database Creation of the user and giving grants Granting access to the users Connecting mysql and python • Python and Mysql: Creating and populating a table Retrieving data Dictionary cursors Column headers • Integration with various databases. • Introduction to ORM and sqlalchemy. CGI PROGRAMMING : • Introduction • Getting started with CGI • Configuring apache • Configuring CGI MULTI THREADING: • Introduction • Starting a thread • Thread module • Synchronizing Threads PYTHON FRAMEWORKS: • FRAMEWORK Introduction

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Python 9030821111 Gachibowli https: // • FLASK FRAMEWORK

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