Top Reasons to Visit Komodo Tour


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Komodo Wanderlust Tour is a local tour organizer based in Labuan Bajo town, Flores, NTT – Indonesia. We are here to serve you exploring the wonders of Komodo and Flores nature and culture.; these two destinations become more and more popular as they have amazing and tremendous tourism attractions. See more:


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Top Reasons to Visit Komodo Tour


Reasons fell short if you visit the national park of Komodo in Indonesia. This island decorated by nature provides a lifetime experience of thrill joy and adventure among the people who have been to the place. Finding the beautiful place to enjoy the vacation ends here as think by many tourists and also by the tour companies! This site nests the giant lizards originated from Australia. Also, this place attracts tourists almost all around the year. The beauty of the natural underwater life opens a new door to your adventurous spirit. The beauty of nature both in the time of sunrise and sunset added a feather to the hat of this beautiful Asian country, Indonesia.


Meet the largest member of the lizard family: Komodo Dragons If you want to visit the place where the gigantic lizards then Cruise Ship Tour to Komodo in a perfect way matches your criteria. Not only the dragons but during the trip you will also enjoy the marine animals that swim along with the ship. Even to the present day, you can enjoy the swimming alongside the boat. The water trip takes little time to reach you to the place where this species is living currently. Also during the trip guides will let you know the facts related to the island and the ocean.


The astonishing beach which attracts more people globally If you plan your journey with the Cruise Ship Tour by Komodowanderlusttour then enjoy the beautiful beach that attracts tourists globally. Popularly known as the Pink Beach this place perfectly plays the role of host to many people who visit there. You will fell a bit disappointed by going to the beach as the name does not match the color you think of. The microorganisms found in this beach get reacted with the sunlight and in certain times colors it with pink. Many times the organisms of red color get mixed with the white sand and create the pink color.


Enjoy the sunset and the sunrise Travelling in a boat has a lot to offer. The magical setting of the sun at dusk a memory that you cannot forget. The golden color of the sky and the water makes you feel astonished by the beauty created by Mother Nature. The black clouds that rise from the mangroves and then a sudden disappearance worth a watch. The rising of the sun which creates a magical atmosphere with the amalgamation of the yellow and orange color as shades of the sky!


Feel romanticism in the air The beautifully natural landscapes of this island will lead to another world of peace. Not disturbed by the electronic modes of communication feel the romanticism with your fiancé. The colors of the sky and the beauty of the oceans for a perfect honeymoon tour suits your bill. Feel the beauty of the atmosphere among the beautiful landscapes. This island surrounded beautifully by the natural landscapes in such a way that without a boat ride you can feel the beauty. The mentioned above tour company provides boat rides at the minimal costs to all the tourists.


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