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Powerpoint Presentation on how Carnapping works and how do they Open a Motor vehicle and carnapped it. Includes Video on how carnapping works


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Chapter 5CARNAPPING INVESTIGATION James Kevin Ladia Angelo Bado Mamuri

Definition of Carnapping : 

Definition of Carnapping Carnapping is define as taking,with intent to gain,of a motor vehicle belonging to another,without the latter’s consent,or by means of violence or intimidation of persons or by using force upon things.

Definition of Motor Vehicle : 

Definition of Motor Vehicle Motor vehicle is any vehicle propelled by any other means,other than muscular power,using the public hihgways but excepring rollers,trolley cars,street sweepers,springklers,lawnmowers,bulldozers,graders,forklifts,amphibian trucks and crane,if not use on public highways.

Elements of Carnapping : 

Elements of Carnapping Unlawful taking Intent to gain Motor vehicle belonging to another Lack of owner’s consent Use of violence or intimidation of persons,or force upon things.

Motives of Carnapping : 

Motives of Carnapping Understandingthe criminal’s motive gives the investigator a handle on how to anticipate the instances of a crime as well as how to prevent such activity.Several motives have been identified that help investigators understand the causes for the crime.These are the following:


JOY RIDING Joy riding has ranked as the premiere criminal motivation for carnapping, committed primary by juvenile offenders. while typically in the company of friends, the juvenile auto thief steals as car for enjoyment for short period.


THEFT FOR RESALE Hardcore criminals have found motor vehicle theft for resale to be highly profitable with minimal risk.Many method have used to dispose of stolen vehicle.For example,many are transported to far flung places for resale.


TRANSPORTATION FOR OTHER CRIME In addition to the profit motives,motor vehicle have been stolen for use in the commision of the the vehicle may either be use as transfortation to and from various crimes or actually used in the crime itself.


STRIPPING AND CHOP CHOP OPERATION The high profitability of stolen of the motor vehicle has created a secondaryof market for sorts for auto thieves.this market’s commodity is the part of the certain stolen vehicle.the term chop chop and stripping operations refers to locations where stolen vehicle are dispose of.In typical stripping operation,a stole vehicle is taken to a location,typically a private garage in an unpopulated residential area of a town.such as garage are usually rented by people using fictitious names to avoid detection by authorities.

Preliminary Investigation : 

Preliminary Investigation The investigation of a stolen motor vehicle typically with a report by the victim to the police. As a rule, it is the task of the patrol officer and determine the facts and circumstances surrounding the alleged carnapping. These inquires should include:

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Where was the vehicle last seen? Who was the last person to use the vehicle? Where the keys left ignition? Was the vehicle left unlocked? Is the victim in arrears in payment? Are others allowed to drive the vehicle? Was the vehicle equipped with special equipment such as special wheels, fog lamp or special sound system?

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Early in investigation, the ownership of the motor vehicle must also be determined. This can simply be accomplished by requesting certain specific information from the victim such as the copy of the certificate of registration and official receipt. Special characteristics of the motor vehicle should also be noted in the report.

Investigative Traffic Stop : 

Investigative Traffic Stop

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Traffic stops are another way in which car napped motor vehicle investigations are commonly initiated. Again, the patrol officer is one of the primary players in this early stage of the investigation. Once a motor vehicle has been observed as being in violation of the law, patrol officer have the legal authority to stop it. In most cases, law enforcement officer will focus their attention on the motor vehicle’s license plate number.

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The patrol officer making the stop should take the time to record the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). In almost all cases, this will reveal whether or not the vehicle is properly registered or even stolen. Patrol officers must, therefore, have sufficient knowledge about the construction of the VIN to avoid common errors in identifying and recording it.

Vehicle Identification Number : 

Vehicle Identification Number The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is unique to a motor vehicle as fingerprint is to a human being. It has no resemblance to other numbers commonly dealt with in criminal investigation. It is assigned to the vehicle by the manufacturer at the same time of the production and is designed to distinguish each vehicle from all others. The primary purpose of the VIN is for identification and registration.

How the VIN Works? : 

How the VIN Works? The VIN consists of a combination of letters and numbers. To the average motor vehicle owner, this combination would mean very little but, to the criminal investigation, they are invaluable in identifying a carnapped motor vehicle.

Where to find the VIN? : 

Where to find the VIN?

Disguising a Car napped Motor Vehicle : 

Disguising a Car napped Motor Vehicle The common way of disguising the VIN and after the documents that coincide with the VIN such ways in which a motor vehicle’s true identity can be altered.

The salvage switch method : 

The salvage switch method This method involves the carnapper to buy a wrecked vehicle that is un reparable. Strictly for its own certificate of registration,official receipt and for motor vehicle’s VIN. The purchase can be made from an individual or insurance company. Typically, however, it is made from a wrecking yard. The vehicle must have both a VIN plate and documents to support ownership of the motor vehicle.

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The carnapper will car nap a similar type of motor vehicle, remove the VIN tag and replaced it with the salvage motor vehicle’s VIN. Any other numbers are either altered or removed from the motor vehicle.

The Modified VIN technique : 

The Modified VIN technique This type of disguising a car napped motor vehicle is to replaced the original Vin with phony one. This can be done in several way, One is to use a simple label maker which can easily be purchased at any hardware store. The VIN is then stamped on a label. Next it is spray painted with flat black paint and placed over the original VIN.

The Bogus VIN : 

The Bogus VIN Once the VIN has been altered or manufactured by the carnapper, a phony Certificate of Registration and Official Receipt may not even exist. In such cases, buyers who might still continue with the transaction because of its low sale price. Typically, such sales are conducted at the carnapper’s request.

Tools of the Trade : 

Tools of the Trade Many tools that carnappers commonly use also have a legitimate function. This, however, is put to a sinister use by the criminal. When means are devised to counter or deter carnapping of motor vehicles, criminals, inevitably, devise methods with which to defeat these means. Tools commonly used in carnapping a motor vehicle

Slim Jim : 

Slim Jim

Slim Jim : 

Slim Jim This thin, easily obtainable piece of metal or aluminum, notched at both ends, enables easy entry by the carnapper who slides the tool in the small crevice between the door and the door frame. Once the lock is manipulated, the door is easily opened.

Slide Hammer(Dent Puller or Slam Puller) : 

Slide Hammer(Dent Puller or Slam Puller)

Slide Hammer : 

Slide Hammer Once the carnapper removes the lock cap of the ignition, he slam-puller is inserted by screwing the tip into the keyway. Force is then applied to the slide mechanism, away from the steering column, and the lock is removed. The vehicle can then be started by inserting a screwdriver, which is twisted just like a car key.

Ignition Extractor : 

Ignition Extractor

Ignition Extractor : 

Ignition Extractor Once in the stolen motor vehicle, the lock cap is removed, an extractor is attached and then turned to remove the lock. The motor vehicle can then easily started with a screwdriver

Force tool : 

Force tool After removing the lock cap. The force tool is placed over the lock and tapped. The ratchet is then turned. Thus destroying the locking mechanism.

Key cutter, Codebook and Blank Keys : 

Key cutter, Codebook and Blank Keys

Key cutter, Codebook and Blank Keys : 

Key cutter, Codebook and Blank Keys These widely used tools enable entry into a single key motor vehicle. Once a door lock is pulled. The code number from that lock can be obtained and a new key is made. This gives the carnapper a new key that he can use at a time of his choosing

Recognizing a Suspected Carnapped Motor Vehicle : 

Recognizing a Suspected Carnapped Motor Vehicle Recognition of a carnapped motor vehicle requires attention to detail. These details must then be properly evaluated so that appropriate action can be taken. No single point may identify a motor vehicle as carnapped. Typically in the form of circumstances, will alert investigators and patrol officer to the presence of a carnapped motor vehicle.

Missing Locks : 

Missing Locks If the Vehicle locks are observed to be missing, further investigation might be warranted. Certainly, a former victim might be driving his or her motor vehicle, but the driver might also be carnapper

Vehicles Parked Away from the Main Flow of Traffic : 

Vehicles Parked Away from the Main Flow of Traffic Carnapped motor vehicles are often abandoned in areas away from the main flow of traffic. Such an area could also be a drop location where the motor vehicle could be picked up and taken to a strip location or chop-chop. If located, the motor vehicle should photographed and searched for evidence such as personal papers or documents left behind by the criminal offender.

Accumulation of Dirt or Old Parking Tickets : 

Accumulation of Dirt or Old Parking Tickets These motor vehicles might also be carnapped motor vehicle that have been dumped

License Plates or Lack of License Plates : 

License Plates or Lack of License Plates This usually one of the first tip-offs to a carnapped motor vehicle. A simple piece of carefully placed tape can quickly alter the apperance of a number on a license plate. In addition, dirty motor vehicle both indicate that plates have been switched. Furthermore, a motor vehicle may have one plate when two are required, or plates may be attached in a hurried manner, such as with wire or string.

Missing License Plate Numbers or Parts : 

Missing License Plate Numbers or Parts This may also be an indicator that the motor Vehicle has been abandoned.

Motorcycle Identification Number : 

Motorcycle Identification Number The Motorcycle Identification Number(MIN) on a motorcycle is, possibly, of the greatest value in identifying carnapped motorcycles than carnapped motor vehicles. The MIN is dye-stamped into the steel frames of the motor vehicle. The MIN can be found on the right and left sides of motorcycle’s headstock or engine cradle.

MIN : 


Possible Signs of Motor Vehicle Fraud : 

Possible Signs of Motor Vehicle Fraud When the seller offer to register the motor vehicle in behalf of the buyer When the price is conceivably below the prevailing market price. If the seller cannot present original copies of supporting document Ex. Certificate of registration Official Receipt Deed of sale Obviosly falsified supporting documents. In the sale is made through a third party rather than the actual owner appearing in the Certificate of Registration and Official Receipt.

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