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Automatic Guided Fan Project


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Computer science and engineering :

komal kumar Computer science and engineering DJR Institute of Engineering and Technology vijayawada

Automatic Guided Fan Project:

Automatic Guided Fan Project The Major Part of Components for our project: Signal Emitting and Receiving Process Range Detection Process Fan’s Movement controlling Process

Automatic Guided Fan Project :

Automatic Guided Fan Project Signal Emitting and Receiving Process Beacon use 6 infrared LED to emit signals Modulate frequency to 38kHz for receiver specification using LM555 timer a stable mode Receiver TSOP41 3 pin IR receiver by Vishay Carrier frequency of 38kHz Active low PIC16F877 Processing unit for receiver unit Programmed using C (CSS compiler)

Automatic Guided Fan Project:

Automatic Guided Fan Project Range Detection System Parts Used EZ Ultrasonic Sensor 16F877A PIC CD74HCT257 Analog MUX Data Speed Input Volt (EZ4) Supplied Volt (Fan) Low 6 in – 6 ft .08V – .6V 5.2V Med 6 ft – 11 ft .6V – 1.V 7V High 11ft – beyond 1.V – 2.5V 12V Difficulties Being able to have stable inputs at a range of 9 ft Disabling the “reading operation while the fan is moving and enabling right after it’s stationary Range Detection Algorithm 50 samples (run cycle 3 times) Save the smallest distance of 50 samples read Run cycle 2 more times keep the smallest distance read overall

Automatic Guided Fan Project:

Automatic Guided Fan Project Fan’s Movement Controlling Process We use Universal Shift Register, NPN transistor, some resistors and diodes to build a circuit for our Unipolar Stepper Motor Controller and Driver. Three will be three inputs to control the movement of the fan’s head using the stepper motor. Clock, S0, S1 We are using PIC programming to supply the above three inputs according to our desire movement to move the fan’s head 5V, 1.8º/step Unipolar Stepper motor Moving Angle (Өº)=1.8º(Number of Pulse) Turning modes: search, left, right, and do nothing Clock S0 S1 Out Put USR X X X Initialize High Low Low Stay the same High Low High Clockwise (Left Shift) High High Low Counter Clockwise (Right Shift) High High High Parallel Shift

Automatic Guided Fan Project:

Automatic Guided Fan Project Conclusion What we’ve accomplished so far Working beacon, Range detection, motor and IR detection circuit Preliminary Range detection code Preliminary IR detection code Things that need to be done Using memory processing in the PIC code Connecting the whole system together

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