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Session about Inspiration, processes, tips and powerful questions + sharing


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Inspirational cup of coffee:

Inspirational cup of coffee Because Starbucks is so 2013 01.2014 LCM Another session by yours truly


Welcome How I experience inspiration How you experience it How you can amplify it in yourself and possibly even others


goal To act on inspiration: from being inspired, to taking action and thereby inspiring yourself and others

How I experience it:

How I experience it

My process:

My process

First lvl:

First lvl

1. Appreciation:

1. Appreciation Anything: TEDtalk , well designed device, beauty Passive

Second lvl:

Second lvl

2. Action:

2. Action Intent Passive – not quite there yet…

Third lvl:

Third lvl

3. Challenge:

3. Challenge Yourself Environment Active!  How do we get there?

1. Know thyself:

1. Know thyself Your process and struggles General pattern of taking action: specific day/ ‘in the heat of the moment’ Where do you get your ideas? LinkedIn article: 348 ppl

Top 10 eureka moments:

Top 10 eureka moments 1. Showering 11.2% 2. Sleeping 9.2% (dreaming) 3. Driving 8.6% (my car, motorbike) 4. Walking 8.0% (in nature or walking the dogs) 5. Working out & running 7.2% (jogging) 6. Before sleeping 6.6% 7. Waking up 6.6% 8. Talking to others 3.7% 9. Alone 3.2% 10. Always 3.2%

PowerPoint Presentation:

Once you know what works for you , you can unleash your potential !

2. Unleash yourself:

2. Unleash yourself Ideabook : digital: Evernote a nalog o r combination  Allows you to drop everything


Ideabook Write it down! (first thoughts , set reminder, url,etc .) Write down everything : own worst critic yet ideas build on eachother  Embodies creativity

How you experience it:

How you experience it

1st set :

1 st set What is inspiration for/to you? Describe 3 things that have inspired you recently / in 2013 why?

PowerPoint Presentation:

sharing = caring

2nd set:

2 nd set Describe 3 things that you did , that inspired you

PowerPoint Presentation:

sharing = caring

3rd set:

3 rd set How (in what kind of areas) do you want to get inspired / stay inspired in 2014? Make this as hands-on as you can: what do you need, who do you need to approach,…

PowerPoint Presentation:

sharing = caring

Follow-up / tip:

Follow-up / tip Choose 1 area that appeals to you and elaborate. Elaborate other goals/are as well but do not expect to realize them all: Leave room for failure while creating room for opportunities.

Follow-up / tip (2):

Follow-up / tip (2) Think of 3 people that have inspired you: one in your LC/team (or more ;-) two in other groups Share it with at least one of these people

Go forth and be inspirational in your own little unique way ^^:

Go forth and be inspirational in your own little unique way ^^

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