How to get Creative Superpowers

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How to tap into your individual and collective creativite superpowers


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How to get Creative Superpowers?:

How to get Creative Superpowers ? An Inspirational Circle by Sofie Kokelenberg


Rules #1 Sharing is caring #2 When nature calls, you gotta answer

Before we start:

Before we start Inspirational circle Introductions


Program Introductions Aspects/science Individual superpower Circles BREAK Collective superpowers Circles Wrap-up

Ready? Set! … and….:

Ready ? Set! … and…. Bring out your homework Have a pen & piece of paper ready Help yourself to a drink, get comfy GO!


Homework What is creativity for you ? Where would you put yourself ? |-------------------|------------------|  0                   50                   100

Creativity at work: Convergent thinking:

Creativity at work : Convergent thinking A.k.a . Problem Solving Practise : remote association exercises Licht – dromen – maan dag manner - round – tennis table Eureka effect Enhanced by alcohol

Creativity at play: Divergent thinking:

Creativity at play : Divergent thinking essential part of creativity Research: “Breakpoint and beyond ” Get ready to write ! 5 minutes to write down every idea

Innovation IQ test:

Innovation IQ test How many usages can you think of for a paperclip? Hoeveel verschillende gebruiken/ toepassingen kan je bedenken voor een paperclip?

Your results:

Your results How many ideas did you come up with ? |-------------------|------------------|  0                  10-15                  more

Actual results:

Actual results 1500+ kids (3-5 years old) |-------------------|------------------|  0                   50                   100 98% scored genius

What does this tell us?:

What does this tell us ? These kids had no training, they were born with it How competent are 3-5 year olds ? How competent are you ? ( University student, board experience ,…)

Putting it into perspective:

Putting it into perspective YOU are born with it. Everyone is this room is a born creative genius without any effort .  We ALL have creative superpowers

Key message:

Key message Creativity is not a talent for the lucky few, it is a way of operating for the knowing few. How do we operate in a creative manner ?  How do tap into our individual creative superpowers ?

Way of creative operating: the open mode :

Way of creative operating : the open mode VS closed mode ( sense of urgency ) Open mode: play-like mood , humour , explore ideas for fun

Open-mode for dummies:

Open-mode for dummies Space Time Time Confidence Humour


Space Mental and/ or physical oasis Get away from demands / pressure (= closed mode) Tolerate mindracing

Time (1):

Time (1) Set specific time for open mode (because you’ll be ‘functional’ again in 1.5h from now)

Time (2): how to use the oasis:

Time (2): how to use the oasis Stick with it Be okay with discomfort Delay the decision untill the last moment  Gently rest mind against subject. Subconscious will reward it


Survey 300+ ppl on LinkedIn “where do you get your best ideas”

Top 10 eureka moments:

Top 10 eureka moments 1. Showering 11.2% 2. Sleeping 9.2% (dreaming) 3. Driving 8.6% (my car, motorbike) 4. Walking 8.0% (in nature or walking the dogs) 5. Working out & running 7.2% (jogging) 6. Before sleeping 6.6% 7. Waking up 6.6% 8. Talking to others 3.7% 9. Alone 3.2% 10. Always 3.2%


Confidence Fear of making a mistake = biggest creativity killer ! Frightened of moving in 'the wrong direction'. "you can't be spontaneous within reason“ - Alan Watts


Humour Effective for gettting us into the open mode No issue is ‘ too serious ’ The laugh comes when c onnect two different frameworks of reference in a novel way  When stuck: make absurd connections

Additional tips:

Additional tips Playmate: someone you trust (confidence) and like.  Never say no, build on what is being said


Circles How do you feel about your creativity now? What appealed to you most?


Circles How could you use the open-mode elements to welcome more creativity? (meetings, professional or personal life)



Collective creativity:

Collective creativity What about managing a group and its collective creative superpowers ? 

Innovation engine:

Innovation engine Mobius strip by Tina Seelig

Habitat & imagination :

Habitat & imagination Habitat: colleagues (trust/ confidence ), physical space .

Habitat & imagination (2):

Habitat & imagination (2) Imagination : Framing and re-framing problems : Jokes ! Connecting ideas Challenging assumptions : confidence is key

Culture & attitude:

Culture & attitude Culture: general ‘ soundtrack’ / vibe / accepted conventions of social environment you’re in. Attitude: motivation ( passion , curiosity ,…)

Resources & knowledge:

Resources & knowledge Resources: money, natural resources, people / objects in your habitat Knowledge : toolbox for imagination

Conceptual Blending:

Conceptual Blending Read and try to solve the following problem: Suppose you’re a doctor faced with a patient who has a malignant tumor in his stomach. It’s impossible to operate on the patient, but unless the tumor is destroyed, the patient will die. There is a kind of ray that can destroy the tumor. If the rays reach the tumor all at once at a sufficiently high intensity, the tumor will be destroyed. Unfortunately, at this intensity, the healthy tissue that the rays pass through on the way to the tumor will also be destroyed. At lower intensities, the rays are harmless to healthy tissue but will not affect the tumor either.  What type of procedure might be used to destroy the tumor with the rays, and at the same time avoid destroying the healthy tissue?

Conceptual Blending:

Conceptual Blending Read the following unrelated story and see if anything changes: A fortress was located in the center of the country. Many roads radiated out from the fortress. A general wanted to capture the fortress with his army. But he also wanted to prevent mines on the roads from destroying his army and neighboring villages. As a result, the entire army could not all go down one road to attack the fortress. However, the entire army was needed to capture the fortress; an attack by one small group could not succeed. The general therefore divided his army into several small groups. He positioned the small groups at the heads of the different roads. The small groups simultaneously converged on the fortress. In this way, the army captured the fortress.

Conceptual Blending:

Conceptual Blending = Drawing powerful analogies between unrelated stories/fields/disciplines.

Wrap up (2):

Wrap up (2) Collective creative superpowers : Attitude, imagination , knowledge = internal combustion engine Culture,habitat, resources = external factors Every aspect influences the other aspects

Circles #2:

Circles #2 How could you and your team use the innovation engine? Helpful side questions: What kind of attitude do you want your team to have? What kind of culture would instill this attitude? How could you change your habitat to tap into your imagination more easily? What kind of resources d you need to ensure a variety of knowledge (dots to connect)

General wrap up:

General wrap up Important factors that can help you tap into your creative superpowers : Playfulness ( humour , playmates / collegeaus ) Inspiration ( knowledge , space , challenges ) Trust ( yourself , your playmates ) Experiment, experience , ask , share !

Final circles:

Final circles Where would you put yourself on this line in terms of creativity?   |-------------------|------------------|  0                   50                   100 What are things that could hold back your creative superpowers? Are they internal (confidence, knowledge) or external (culture, colleagues) ?   What are things that could stimulate (activate!) your creative superpowers? Are these external ( habitat) or internal (attitude)? Which implementation idea are you most excited about? Why?


Quoi ? Content of this talk more elaborately explained by: John Cleese - how to be creative   Tina Seelig - a crash course in creativity

Hungry for more?:

Hungry for more? creativity and education -Ken Robinson   creative confidence - David Kelley 7 steps of creative thinking - Raphael Diluzio where good ideas come from - Steve Johnson

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