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QUALITY FOOTBALL BETTING TIPS. Have you ever heard quality football tips Its a fun ball game which is popular mainly in Europe and South America. European football originated from England and these days produces the richest sportsmen in the world. Earlier this year Barcelona striker Neymar Jr. was transferred from his club to the French PSG for the colossal sum of 222 ml. euros. Neymar himself is seen becoming a billionaire before the age of thirty. Other two popular players from Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have already earned fortunes just shy of 500 ml euros before the turned 30. Its a popular European tradition to bet on sports and soccer is the favorite game. Betting history of soccer started in 1960-s. In 1962 when a common English worker in Castle forth bet on a number of games. As he guessed all results his profit rocketed to 152000 English pounds. And the popularity of soccer betting rose with lightning speed. For a common reader there is one very important question – Can anyone profit from soccer betting And the answer is – yes. Do you want to buy quality football tips https://www.buyfootballtips.com At present you do not have to go to a bookmaker to place your bet you can do it from your computer or smartphone just registering on the site of the bookmaker. The minimum amount you can bet is 1 dollar/euro. The maximum single bet is usually 2000-2500 euros/dollars. VIP players have the opportunity to bet larger sums. Each soccer match is offered to gamblers with odds for any of the two teams to win. If the probability of one of the team to win is higher the odds go lower. A player can bet on the outcome of a single match or a number of matches. If you bet on the number of matches you may collect a higher profit as the odds for the singles are multiplied. But guessing the outcome of a few matches is quite difficult. Usually to minimize those risk gamblers may use some. Here comes the need for a strategy. And the best quality football tips strategy is to use tipsters. Professional tipsters may provide information about any team. This information is often statistical data the current form of the players etc. There are a number of free tipsters but almost none of them is reliable. To sum up all quality football tips in real tipsters sell their tips as obviously this advice has value and may bring you profit. Tipsters usually sell a subscription. By buying a subscription you receive all tips for a period of time usually a month. Rates vary as the most common values are from 50 euros/dollars per month to 200 euros/dollars. For those who are ready to accept a higher risk on a single bet the

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bookmaker offers a number of possibilities usually around 100 for every match such as a number of goals scorers and others. You may even bet if a player would be punished or one of the team should win by a certain number of goals. You may even bet on the possibility for the match to be interrupted by rain.

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