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We have compiled our Best Products in these slides. We are Kodenative Technology Pvt. Ltd., We specialize in creating customized websites, mobile application, graphic designing and digital marketing. We have in-house solutions to all your needs for your website or application development, to deploy your project at earliest. Website: http://www.kodenative.com/


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KODENATIVE TECHNOLOGY PVT. LTD. Best web services provider in delhi / ncr .


OUR PRODUCTS: #1 Let's Chalk Talk Lets Chalk talk is an educational venture in Gurgaon, Haryana which will be India’s first hyper-local online platform that enables students/working professionals and local educational hubs to discover and engage with each other.  Features: All educational course details Along with the course we help you find accommodation Trusted approach Interactive way Easily accessible WWW.KODENATIVE.COM


#2 CPU Andro CPU Andro is a Processor hardware information and diagnostic application for Android devices. It displays detailed information on the CPU, Battery and hardware components of an Android device. It detects the central processing unit, RAM, Graphic Unit and other hardware features and speed of your Android smartphone and presents the information in simple view . Features: Shows list of Installed Application   RAM and CPU Info Battery Stats System and Device details Network & Sensor Info WWW.KODENATIVE.COM


#3  School Management System Our School Management System is the most complete and versatile school management system. We provides the most advanced backend ERP with a frontend school website, an android app. Whatever platform you want to use, We got your back. WWW.KODENATIVE.COM


Features : School Management System is a single tool you need to manage all School Activities. It offers many different features. Some of them are Student Admission, complete information about a student, promoting a student to new class, Managing teachers as well as parents, academic syllabus for a particular class, Study material, Managing subjects, class routine, exams and marks, taking daily attendance of students, managing student fees, invoices and managing library etc. WWW.KODENATIVE.COM


#4  BUCKWALK ( Efficacist ) Our Mystery Audit app (BUCKWALK) is the ultimate app for submitting surveys, mystery shopping experience, market research field work, customers feedback from a mobile device like a phone, tabs. Buckwalk mobile app is integrated with online platform shoppers to help shoppers, surveyors and auditors to complete assignments online . WWW.KODENATIVE.COM


Features : BUCKWALK ( Efficacist ) is built for Employee task assignation, tracking inventory status with ERP. It can be used for broad set of activities that help an organization manage its business. ERP software suites are built to collect and organize data from various levels of an organization and connect business activities across departments. WWW.KODENATIVE.COM


#5 DataCollect DataCollect is an Android app designed and developed for Shri Shyam Refrigeration. It is used for employee task assignation and tracking inventory status with ERP. The app is connected to company's backend dashboard. It assigns job to technicians and the technicians can submit the proof by filling relevant info in the app, after a particular job is finished. Features: Task Assignation Inventory Status Enterprise resource planning WWW.KODENATIVE.COM


WHO ARE WE? We are Kodenative . We specialize in creating customized websites and mobile application, we have in-house solutions to all your needs for your website or application development, to deploy your project at earliest. CONTACT INFO : Address: 407 , Ocus Quantum, Sector 51 , Gurgaon 122003 Mobile: +91-8802455389 Email: info@kodenative.com Website: www.kodenative.com

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