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SomaVital Health Products - ‘Essential For good Health’ - Our flagship product is our groundbreaking Zeolite Powder. We provide 100% all natural, organic, essential health and wellness products. Free of any additives, filler or synthetics. What you get with any of product is 100% health beneficial supplement in every scoop or drop.


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SomaVital Health Products - ‘Essential For good Health’

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Top 5 Benefits Of A Properly Alkalized Body – How To Achieve That Nothing is as important as being healthy. That is why more and more people are thinking of changing their dietary habits for the better. What they don’t know is that their well-being is greatly influenced by the pH level in the body. This is determined by the foods and beverages you ingest throughout the day. Each of them impacts the pH level making it more acidic or alkaline. Experts indicate that the ideal human pH levels should be around 7.4. An increase over 7.7 or a decrease below 7 can have fatal consequences seriously affecting your health. That being said in the following paragraphs we would like to present the benefits of the alkaline diet. So read on to find out more Enhanced Immunity One of the primary alkaline diet benefits is having a reliable immune system. Its main responsibility is to protect us from diseases and illnesses. White blood cells produce powerful antibodies that aim at reducing the function of invading agents.

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 best zeolite powder  best chelating agent  best natural detox Your body works best if the pH level is alkaline. An exaggerated acidity could actually interrupt the body’s functions. That would make you prone to pathogenic bacteria fungi and viruses.

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That is not all acidity could also undermine the body’s natural defense mechanisms against cancer. In an acidic body the oxygen levels are below normal. That deters the cellular metabolism from working accordingly which can encourage the expansion of cancerous cells. Keeping the pH level alkaline is fundamental for healthy cell turnover which is a key element to cancer prevention and a strong immune system. Energy Boost The metabolic pathway works at its maximum capacity when the body’s pH level is between 7.35 and 7.45 – which is alkaline. As soon as the pH level exceeds this limited range the body moves its focus on remedial measures. Now you may also want to visit - For example if the muscles feature a lactic acid build-up the blood will carry that to the liver. The liver converts it into pyruvate and afterward into glucose that turns into energy. Nevertheless to complete this cycle more energy has to be extended. That could lead to a significant deficit in available energy.

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Eliminating the acid implies neutralizing it with minerals. Many tissues and muscles in the body are forced to source these minerals which evidently impairs their functioning. In this view alkalizing the body aims at counteracting acidosis at the tissue level increasing energy levels. Improved Gastrointestinal Health Also on the topic of alkalizing the body benefits your gastrointestinal health could be seriously improved if you made a range of dietary changes. As you already know acidity is determined by the overproduction of stomach acids. What is more stomach acids combined with the food that enters the intestine is neutralized by the sodium bicarbonate which is produced by the pancreas. Nevertheless if the neutralization isn’t efficient this could lead to the inflammation of the intestine walls. Evidently that causes discomfort. Considering that acidity inhibits the normal digestive process nutritional deficiencies are imminent. Alcohol consumption excessive amounts of protein spicy foods overeating and stress cause acidity since they tend to over-stimulate the glands of the stomach. While oral anti-acid medicine could help in this respect alkalizing the body is a long-term tested solution. It Promotes Weight Loss Did you know that one of the main grounds of obesity is the accumulation of toxins in the body That is because those substances are stocked in the fat tissues. What is more acidosis in the tissues is a severe problem that can have fatal consequences. The body produces acid all the time due to its normal metabolic process. Still adaptive mechanisms have the mission of reestablishing the pH within the healthy range.

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Still when the acid levels are too high or if the body is unable to process and excrete it weight gain is imminent. Weight gain is the body’s adaptive mechanism to cope with excess acidity. So if you are determined to switch to an alkaline diet you’ll also enjoy its weight loss benefits. It Reduces Arthritis Symptoms Arthritis is a widespread joint problem that results due to the degeneration of the cartilage and bones. The swelling pain and reduced range of motion linked to this illness make it incapacitating. People with acidic constitution are predisposed to develop this condition. What is more a meat-based diet aggravates the symptoms. On the other side alkalizing diets actually minimize the inflammation and pain of the joints. How To Have An Alkalized Body A healthy acid-base balance should be kept at a ratio of 20:80 to promote excellent health. So a healthy diet should include a combination of alkalizing and acidifying foods. Typically imbalances are determined by the over consumption of acidifying foods. What is more a range of diseases and metabolic conditions could promote an excess of acidity. We could reach a balance by diminishing the intake of highly acidic foods such as refined grains meat cheese coffee and so on. On the other side it is recommended to incorporate more alkalizing ingredients such as the following:  Cruciferous vegetables - Broccoli cabbage cauliflower and Brussels’ sprouts are excellent alkalizing foods. They contain potent isothiocyanates that are known for their cancer-preventive properties  Green leafy veggies - Spinach parsley kale watercress and chard are also recommendable if you intend to balance the body’s pH level. An excellent way of

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enjoying the benefits associated with green veggies is by adding them to your smoothies  Alkaline water - You should also stay hydrated. In this view alkaline water includes noteworthy levels of minerals. Adding infused cucumbers and lemon slices into your water is highly recommendable  Lemon water - This is one of the most alkalizing drinks you can have. Although it also has citric acid the high content of minerals makes it a potent alkalizing drink Conclusion To conclude these are the most important alkaline diet benefits: it maximizes your health and well-being and it boosts your immunity. And most importantly such a diet can prevent the development of certain health conditions. Your health is vital so make sure you take good care of it If you have something you’d like to ask us we invite you to leave your thoughts in the comment section below

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