South Carolina Mosquito Control- Effective Ways to Control Mosquitoes

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South Carolina Mosquito Control- Effective Ways to Control Mosquitoes That Carries Virus Are you looking for the best ways to prevent mosquito bites Avoiding getting bitten becomes extremely crucial these days where mosquito-borne diseases like malaria dengue and Zika viruses are widespread. Hence you need to know the best way to protect yourself and your abode from mosquitoes. 1. Dump out the still or standing water near home- Mosquitoes breed on still water. The best spots for them are old-flower pots swimming pools rain gutters tire tubes and coolers. Hence you need to make sure your premises don’t have a spot of still water.

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2. Keep Mosquito Outside- One can use net screen on the windows or air conditioning for keeping the mosquitoes out of your premises. Some mosquito nets also come with time-release insecticide and are perfectly suited for camping out. 3. Wear Light-Colored Clothes- A deep and dark colour clothes such as black blue and red usually attracts a group of mosquitoes. Hence it is advised to wear light colored and thicker clothes which often ensure more protection. 4. Stay Indoors During Sunrise and Sunset- Sunrise and sunset are considered mosquito’s prime feeding time. For this reason it is suggested to avoid going outdoors during this time of the day. If you’re still going outside make sure to take preventive measures like repellant. Hope this guide on mosquito bites will keep your friends and family safe. If you are looking for a professional mosquito control in Charleston SC then do contact at Knockout Mosquito Systems. Blog Reference- mosquito-control-effective-ways-to-control-mosquitoes-that-carries-virus/

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