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Education is a field where we can build our lives if we commit mistake here we cannot repair it.because we cannot get back Student are some points to fallow before selecting Top Engineering Colleges. After making that decision the next to choose three other engineering streams that you can settle for if you are not eligible or if you cannot get the stream of your choice. It is good to divide your choice of colleges into three groups. The first group should contain the Best B.Tech colleges that are difficult to get into.

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The second group can consist of colleges that are above average . The third category is Average level. You can also categorize with other criteria like distance from home affordability look and feel. Before Selecting Best Engineering Colleges you will have to decide which engineering branch you would like to pursue. This is a very important step because no one would want to end up doing a course if they were not motivated enough to do so. Research different streams to find out details of various courses Before Selecting good Colleges we need to decide to which stream we should go. Make a list of the pros and cons of the engineering institutes you are considering and rate them out of 10 against different aspects of college life like affordability distance from home teacher- student ratio college infrastructure and the facilities available status of the engineering college the university it is affiliated to whether it has a hostel attached or not. When you add up all the marks you will see which college is leading and you will hopefully be better equipped to make the final decision. Placement records and higher studies records matter as well. The faculty- student ratio should be maintained. Labs library access Internet access matters and location of the college listing the various factors that would help you rank your colleges.

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