A Touchdown for Special Olympics Athletes

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A Touchdown for Special Olympics Athletes :

A Touchdown for Special Olympics Athletes As the NFL world and the nation’s best College football players descended on Indianapolis this weekend for the annual Scouting Combine, more than two dozen Special Olympics Athletes had their own impressive set of skills to demonstrate. Thanks to a partnership between the Indiana Carl Anderson knights of Columbus , Special Olympics and Catholic Athletes for Christ–the first ever mock “Mini Combine and Football Clinic” for Special Olympics Athletes was held on Saturday, February 22, at the Indianapolis Colts training complex. Four former Colt players, including Quarterback Jim Sorgi were on hand to offer instruction and inspiration to the athletes. Numerous Indiana Knights manned five different stations where the athletes tested their skills. The mock combine featured events such as the 40 yard dash, football long throw competition, broad jump, shuttle run and three cone drill—many of the same drills the nation’s premier college football players were being put through just a few miles away at Lucas Oil Stadium. The event acted as an important reminder of the dignity of the human person and the abilities and character of Special Olympics athletes, who continually strive to meet their full potential.

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• Jim Sorgi was joined by former Colt teammates John Standeford (2004-2007), Rick DeMulling (2002-2004) and Dylan Gandy (2005-2007)—and a team of Indiana Knights of Columbus, including State Deputy Lawrence Fluhr, Special Olympics and Catholic Athletes for Christ members and volunteers–all of whom came away inspired by the athletes persistence, determination and commitment to excellence. Article Source – http://www.kofc.org/un/en/news/releases/detail/touchdown-special-olympics-athletes.html

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