Klymit-Designing the Finest Ultralight Sleeping Pads Available


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Whether you're hiking, backpacking or taking on a whole new outdoor adventure, the right sleeping pad can make your nights in the great outdoors just as comfortable as your bed at home. Klymit is one of the prominent sleeping bag companies offering a comprehensive range of camping sleeping mats, pillows, sleeping bags and more at very highly competitive prices. To buy now visit - https://www.klymit.com/sleeping-pads.html


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Klymit: Designing the Finest Ultralight Sleeping Pads Available

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Klymit: Designing the Finest Ultralight Sleeping Pads Available Certain outdoor products make a significant difference in enthusiasts’ overall experiences generally because they offer additional convenience comfort or safety. A superior inflatable sleeping pad is a great example. Dedicated campers hikers backpackers and other explorers of the great outdoors understand that a good nights sleep is vital and sleeping pads provide the support comfort and warmth necessary to ensure optimal rest and enjoyment. Klymit is a top source of premium-quality rugged and versatile camping gear. In addition to ultralight sleeping pads Klymit’s team is dedicated to providing outdoor enthusiasts with sleeping bags pillows backpacks and accessories that maximize enjoyment of their time in nature. Klymit perfectly blended science and innovative technology to develop its exclusive body-mapping technique. This led to the integration of loft pockets in its sleeping pads providing users with ultimate comfort without the unnecessary bulk or weight. Three of Klymit’s exceptional sleeping pads include:  Armored V: This is Klymit’s most durable sleeping pad. Over 300000 armored Super Fabric scales precisely positioned along the bottom provide a strong barrier against

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slashing puncture abrasion and moisture. The Armored V is ideal for the most extreme outdoor conditions yet weighs just two pounds and is flexible enough to fold roll and carry.  Double V: Finding a camping sleeping pad which is wide enough for two to comfortably sleep yet also lightweight was nearly impossible until Klymit introduced its Double V pad. Perfect for couples or siblings the entire pad inflates in eight to ten pumps. Its exclusive V-chamber design limits the movement of air when one sleeper tosses or turns thus maximizing sleep for both.  Hammock V: The Hammock V was the first inflatable pad designed specifically for hammocks of all sizes. With 180° of non-slip insulation it effectively wraps the body and the result is a significant reduction in lost heat without compromising support or comfort. In-line with all Klymit products it is ultra-lightweight less than two pounds packs away small and inflates with only 15-20 breaths. Klymit’s mission is to create superior outdoor products which enable enthusiasts to enjoy peaceful and comfortable sleep travel lightly and enjoy the best of what nature has to offer. World-class workmanship and quality materials enable Klymit to offer a warranty against manufacturing and material defects on each of its products. Klymit’s unparalleled dedication to excellence means producing the finest most comfortable most rugged and lightweight camping gear available anywhere. For additional information visit https://www.klymit.com/

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