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By: Korin Liebl Accountability

What is Accountability?:

What is Accountability?

The Great Debate:

The Great Debate VS Traditional Technological

Disadvantages of integration::

Disadvantages of integration: No funding to maintain Educational barriers Inability to think alone

Advantages of Integration::

Advantages of Integration: More opportunities Sense of Connection Communication/ Accessibility Video: A Commitment to High Tech Education

Balance: is it Possible?:

Balance: is it Possible?

Successful Integration::

Successful Integration: Engagement/interaction Group participation Connection Video: Technology in the Classroom

The Affect on Teachers::

The Affect on Teachers:

New Tricks?:

New Tricks? Video: A Classroom Vet Warms to New Tools

Changes in Teacher Role::

Changes in Teacher Role: Not center of attention Acts as facilitator Watches/ gives feedback

Slide 11:

“You can’t take the human being out of teaching.” - Dr . Robert J. Marzano


Conclusion Neither method is superior Teachers are necessary! Technology can be beneficial


Bibliography: Information: US Department of Education http:// Images: / Videos:

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