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Gadgets and Gizmos : 

Gadgets and Gizmos Technological Tools in Education

Interactive White Board : 

Interactive White Board Touch, Write and Save any subject area.....   Interwrite, SmartBoard, Promethean   Uses: digital storytelling, interactive websites, webquest, vitural field trips, teaching steps to math, class story using writing process, educational videos, etc.

School Pad : 

School Pad Teach throughout the classroom wirelessly....   Interwrite, Promethean, others   Uses: check work, collaborate with and support students, teacher control or student interaction, interactive software.

Document Camera : 

Document Camera Out with the old, In with the new.....   Smart, Elmo, Samsung   Uses: display picture books, model math problems and reading lessons, read newspapers/articles, dissections in Science, etc.

Digital Cameras : 

Digital Cameras Help children explore and understand.....   Variety of styles and brands   Uses: Timeline stories, letter walks, document science experiments, field trips, writing activities

Video Cameras : 

Video Cameras Movie Magic...   Flip, various other brands   Uses: interviewing, recording reading rate, skits, creative subject related videos, digital story telling, history reports, etc.

E-Readers : 

E-Readers Technology touch added to reading....   Amazon Kindle, Sony E-Reader   Uses:  Encouragement to the reluctant reader, Font  size change for visually impaired, instant access to books, available to entire class with use of a document camera

MP3 Players : 

MP3 Players Portable listening...   Apple Ipod, various others   Uses:  Books on tape, podcasts, fluency practice, replay of lectures

Student Response Systems : 

Student Response Systems Your final answers please...   E-instruction, Interwrite, Caliphone, SMART, others   Uses: Increased student participation, gauge student understanding in real time, create engaging learning environment with active participation, check assignments and quizzes instantly

Thought to ponder… : 

Thought to ponder… All of these technologies must be used as educational tools that support purposeful and meaningful instruction with a clear vision on curriculum, instruction, assessment, and reflection.

More thoughts to ponder… : 

More thoughts to ponder… Teachers will always be necessary! Definition of learning environments are changing. Identity of classrooms must change. Our models of effective instruction must change too! Educators must be more than: Sage on the Stage Guide on the Side

Even more thoughts… : 

Even more thoughts… Today’s teacher must be willing to be: A participating learner in the classroom. One who will take the same risks and not always have the right answer. A veteran learner in a network of learners called the classroom.   Dr. Viola Supon Professor Bloomsburg University

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