5 Reasons Your Fitness Business Can Benefit From an App


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what are you thinking? Start creating your health and fitness app now with Instappy DIY app builder


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5 Reasons Your Fitness Business Can Benefit From an App Link: http://i.ndtvimg.com/i/2016-01/gym_625x350_61452066903.jpg New Year new resolutions new you right Well at least until life gets in the way. Many wait for this time of the year to hit the gyms or start running to get in shape for the sake of their New Year. But 90 of these resolutions are nowhere to be seen after the opening month of the New Year. This is because people don’t plan. Gen-Z spends too much time staring at their phones and if scrolling through phone’s news feed or swiping right were Olympic sports they would definitely take home a medal. But in reality the only things getting a workout are their thumbs By creating an app that not only exercises the viewer’s thumb but their whole body is the app Gen-Z are looking for nowadays. Here’s how your fitness app can cause a stir in this competitive app market. Regular Involvement Fitness apps are built to be used regularly helping people form healthy habits. Whether that means monitoring steps taken every few hours or seeing how many calories they’ve burned or eaten by lunchtime. Providing a daily exercise reminder might be one of the things people are lacking in their life.

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Diet Chart Link:http://previews.123rf.com/images/marrakeshh/marrakeshh1504/marrakeshh150400033/3888 3909-Organic-Vegetables-Salad-with-Measure-Tape-Healthy-Diet-Salad-Concept-Stock-Photo.jpg Maintaining good health is not all about regular gym and exercises but a balanced diet is a major contributor to good health. If your app evaluates the current condition of the user and advises him to follow a strict diet then it might go down well with your users. Including a BMI calculator in your app can aware users about their target weight with respect to their height. Additionally you can also put health supplements on sale. Data Centric Motivation Create an app that allows users to track their own biometrics blood sugar levels and heart rate and so on during workout sessions to get the most out of their daily regimen. Mapping daily progress of the user gives him an extra bit of motivation to make changes. Tracking apps with well-designed data dashboards can give users visibility into their fitness and eating activity so they can pinpoint the things they need to change to reach desired goals. Lastly with the data the user has compiled he would have something to show for. Mini Clips of Exercises Small video clips of exercises or 2-minute rapid workout may give your app a much needed edge over other competitors. In recent times everyone prefers video to words and users will understand the exercise better if conveyed through videos. People have an easier time meeting their personal fitness and activity goals when the data relayed to them is presented through GIFs or videos.

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Getting Socially Fit On social media people share updates photos of their food and of course their workout data. If your app provides a social media platform then users too can share their progress. In fact studies show that posting about diet and exercise progress on social media can make a significant positive impact on weight loss and overall fitness. And if this turns out to be true then you are already half way there. So what are you thinking Start creating your health and fitness app now with Instappy DIY app builder because there is no better time to tap into the fitness buffs than a new year.

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