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Pondicherry CM Budget 2015 English - Read by Shri. N. Rangasamy on 22nd April, 2015. -- Kokula Krishna Hari K www.kokulakrishnaharik.in


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BUDGET SPEECH 2015 – 2016

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“A king is he who treasure gains stores up defends And duly for his kingdoms weal expends ”. -KURAL Honble Speaker Sir I rise to present the Budget for the year 2015-16. The Annual Financial Statement Demands for Grants and Explanatory Memorandum for the year 2015-16 are being circulated to Honble Members of this august House. 2. I am proud to present this Budget to the people of the Union Territory of Puducherry for showing their optimum co-operation to my Government. Honble Members are aware that my Government has tirelessly worked to uplift the socio-economic status of the people and to eradicate the poverty among them. We shall continue with the same zeal in 2015-16 also.

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2 3. Honble Members are aware that the Planning Commission has been replaced with a new institution called NITI Aayog. When the NITI Aayog was constituted Chief Minister of Union Territory of Puducherry was not included as a Member in the Governing Council / Regional Council. I made a request to Honble Prime Minister in this regard. Considering m y r e q u e s t N I T I A a yo g h a s n o w i n c l u d e d Chief Minister of Puducherry as a Member in the Governing Council. Later I attended the first meeting of the Governing Council of NITI Aayog on 8th February 2015 and focused the problems faced by the Union Territory viz. i providing Statehood for Puducherry ii devolution of funds to the Union Territory of Puducherry on the lines of Finance Commission recommendations iii providing an interim relief of ` 600 crore agreed to by Ministry of Home Affairs iv waiver of legacy loans and interest availed on the Consolidated Fund of India v devolution of powers to Union Territory of Puducherry to execute

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3 PPP projects and vi declaration of AFT Mills as a Relief Undertaking and for sale of land to settle its statutory dues. 4. I am happy to inform that as in the previous years even after a static Non-Plan Gap Grant by the Central Government of ` 513 crore our expenditure has increased from ` 4488 crore in 2012-13 to ` 5099 crore in 2013-14 and to ` 5581 crore in 2014-15. We have projected a budget outlay of ` 6450 crore in 2015-16. The revenue receipts of our Union Territory also showed increasing trend from ` 2914 crore in 2012-13 to ` 3097 crore in 2013-14 ` 3390 crore in 2014-15 and the projected revenue receipt for 2015-16 has been targeted to be ` 3800 crore. 5. Borrowing of the Union Territory depends on the Debt to GSDP ratio. Government of India has allowed this ratio to be 28 like other States with effect from 19-3-2014. The ratio was 23 in 2014-15

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4 and is expected to further reduce in a healthy manner in 2015-16. In case of waiver of legacy loans and availing of External Commercial Borrowings which have long moratorium period the debt absorption capacity of Union Territory is likely to increase substantially. 6. Based on the fiscal road map which we have asked the Government of India to replace with a more practical road map based on the principles of the FRBM Act the performance of the Union Territory vis-à-vis the tax receipts and GSDP growth could be much better. 7. Taking the above healthy trends the State Planning Board has unanimously recommended the budget size of Union Territory of Puducherry as ` 6800 crore for 2015-16. Subsequently however considering the revised current resources inflow from the Central Government it has been revised to ` 6450 crore comprising ` 2700 crore towards Plan and ` 3750 crore towards Non-Plan. The additional

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5 central assistance sought would be considered at the first supplementary stage by Government of India sometime during the second quarter of 2015-16. The scheme of financing for the plan outlay is ` 700 crore under Union Territories own resources ` 744 crore under Normal Central Assistance ` 450 crore under Open Market Borrowings ` 262 crore under Negotiated Loan ` 4 crore under National Small Savings loan ` 350 crore under Centrally Sponsored Schemes and ` 150 crore under Central Sales Tax compensation from Government of India. Besides ` 40 crore through External Commercial Borrowings is envisaged for augmenting the funding for infrastructure projects in Union Territory of Puducherry. 8. My Government has continued to go for a realistic Plan size based on the available resources so that the same could be achieved without much shortfall. For the year 2014-15 a budget of ` 6100 crore was presented and the same was

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6 revised as ` 5940 crore. This is because of a reduction under various Centrally Sponsored Schemes Normal Central Assistance from Government of India and a slight reduction in our own resources. Against the Revised Estimates of ` 2290 crore under Plan I am happy to announce that the expenditure was achieved to the tune of ` 2143 crore indicating 94 expenditure. A similar achievement of 94 expenditure of ` 3438 crore under Non-Plan has also been made. Another positive development is that the growth of Plan expenditure has been more than on the Non-Plan side. This signifies that more resources have been spent for asset creation rather than expenditure growth under revenue head. 9. I wish to state that the Union Territory with legislature is not covered in the Terms of Reference of Central Finance Commission to qualify for the devolution of funds from the Central Taxes and Duties. I have been repeatedly taking up this issue with

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7 the Central Government which will facilitate the Union Territory to get the due share of Central Taxes from Government of India. 10. With this introduction I shall present department - wise proposals for 2015-16. AGRICULTURE 11. An outlay of ` 113 crore has been proposed for Agriculture in the current financial year. An additional amount of ` 23 crore has been provided over the last year. In order to support the farming community it is proposed to digitize the data on the entire farm holdings and provide all the subsidy services online which would achieve transparency in the dispensation of farm services as well as to keep a track of all services delivered to an individual farmer. It is proposed to directly transfer the subsidy on agricultural inputs to farmers bank account in a transparent manner.

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8 12. In order to motivate the farmers to adopt the improved technologies in enhancing the productivity of cereals millets etc. back ended investment subsidy to the tune of ` 5000 per ha. and for paddy cultivation and direct sowing of paddy ` 2000 per ha. will be extended. 13. Under Precision Farming Programme it is proposed to enhance the subsidy amount from ` 150000 to ` 175000 per ha. In order to encourage the cultivation of gourds it is proposed to extend subsidy of ` 100000 per acre for the establishment of Pandhal structure. 14. To promote agricultural mechanization it is proposed to establish Custom Hiring Centres involving group of farmers Co-operative Societies etc. and a Central share on subsidy of ` 40 lakh and State share of ` 25 lakh will be provided per Custom Hiring Centre established at a cost of ` 1 crore upto the ceiling limit on investment of ` 2.50 crore.

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9 15. My Government will provide suggestions and technical support to farmers to start Farmers Produce Company for the direct marketing of their produce. It is proposed to establish a Regulated Market at Lingareddipalayam and Uzhavar Sandhai at Villianur Madhagadipet Thirukkanur and Kanniakoil. It is also proposed to construct necessary infrastructure in the new Regulated Market at L.R. Palayam and strengthen the infrastructural facilities at Madagadipet by construction of 1000 MT capacity warehouse. An amount of ` 2.50 crore is provided in the budget for the provision of necessary infrastructural facilities required for the Regulated Market Committee. 16. Four year B.Sc. Horticulture course will be started from 2015-16 in the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru College of Agriculture and Research Institute Karaikal. My Government proposes to establish a Bio-Control Laboratory and a custom hiring centre at Krishi Vigyan Kendra Karaikal at an estimated cost of ` 80 lakhs each under National Horticulture Mission and RKVY.

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10 It is also proposed to establish a Model Horticultural Nursery at a cost of ` 45.21 lakh and Food Processing centre at a cost of ` 10 lakh at Karaikal with financial assistance under RKVY. 17. It is proposed to implement the Modified National Agricultural Insurance Scheme MNAIS with the unit of insurance as the Revenue Village level for paddy pulses sugarcane banana etc. from 2015-16 onwards. The burden on the higher premium amount payable by the loanee and non-loanee farmers will be borne by the Government in addition to the subsidy amount. Under the National Crop Insurance Programme the premium amount for the sum insured is proposed to be shared by the State Government and the Centre on 95 : 5 basis. The scheme would benefit nearly 30000 farmers both loanee and non-loanee. An amount of ` 3 crore is provided in the budget for the provision of revolving fund for implementation of the National Crop Insurance

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11 Programme in the Union Territory of Puducherry. Interest subsidy of 3 by Central Assistance and 4 by State Government will be given for the crop loan distributed through Co-operative Banks and Societies. 18. A new agricultural complex is proposed to be constructed in the premises of Directorate of Agriculture at Vambakeerapalayam road to accommodate the Office of the Additional Director of Agriculture Horticulture and a laboratory complex at an approximate cost of ` 3 crore in order to establish all the offices under one roof. 19. Seven high yielding rice varieties viz. Puduvai Ponni Punithavathi Bharathidasan Jawahar Aravindar Subramanya Bharathi and Annalakshmi with resistance to important insect pests and diseases and suitable to different seasons have been developed by Perunthalaivar Kamaraj Krishi Vigyan Kendra which will benefit the farmers. To facilitate more number

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12 of farmer oriented activities and research the need of the hour is to establish a separate research institute. Hence action is being initiated to upgrade the Kendra as "Perunthalaivar Kamaraj Agricultural Research Institute PARI". To assess the soil fertility and to protect the fertility of lands and to increase the crop yield in the Union Territory of Puducherry a soil fertility mapping will be prepared. This will facilitate the farmers to know the fertility of their lands and can plan the use of fertilizers to improve the yield. 20. The Scheme "Hi-tech Horticulture through Precision Farming and Technological Intervention" which was hitherto implemented with the financial assistance under RKVY is proposed to be included in the State Scheme. Under the scheme subsidy will be provided to the farmers at ` 1.75 lakh per ha. to cover 100 ha. under precision farming during 2015-16.

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13 ANIMAL HUSBANDRY 21. An outlay of ` 25 crore has been proposed in the current financial year. This is ` 4 crore more than the last years allocation. By way of stimulating interest among youth and farmers to venture into livestock rearing my Government proposes to conduct livestock melas and livestock fair with Central Government assistance in order to augment the growth of livestock. 22. The National Livestock Mission for Union Territory of Puducherry has been established. With this establishment the projects for increasing meat and egg production will be taken up in the Union Territory of Puducherry so that the farmers and the youth will take up the farming activity as occupation. The projects will be implemented with the financial assistance of Central Government wherein poultry farms with 2000 to 20000 birds capacity and

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14 goat farms of 10 to 500 animals will be set-up with 25 subsidy for general category and 33 for SC category with the maximum limit of ` 20 lakh. 23. In order to alleviate the loss of Livestock farmers 10000 milch animals will be provided with insurance coverage for 3 years with financial assistance of Central and State Government with the owners contribution. Under Special Component Plan with ` 120 lakh allocation 300 beneficiaries will be given assistance to an extent of 50 subsidy for purchase of 2 milch cows. In order to increase the meat production it is proposed to distribute 10 female and 1 male goat to 100 beneficiaries at 50 subsidy. A new building will be constructed at Murungapakkam for functioning of the existing key village unit. It is targeted to achieve the milk production of 48000 MT for this year. 24. In the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Veterinary Education and Research RIVER the poultry hatchery has been expanded in order to supply quality chicks

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15 to the farmers and a chick feed mixing unit will be started. Six Postgraduate courses under science subjects will be started in this Institution. FISHERIES 25. The Plan outlay proposed in the current financial year is ` 45 crore. To encourage fresh water fish farmers my Government proposes to distribute subsidy to 265 fresh water fish farmers at ` 5000 per acre. 50 subsidy will be granted for purchase of 4 wooden mechanized boats and 3 vallam with nets. Reactivation charges will be granted at ` 30000 and ` 20000 to nearly 582 Steel / Wooden Mechanised Boats and FRP boats respectively due to ban on fishing. Fishery requisites will be supplied to fishermen through Fishermen Co-operative Societies at 50 subsidised cost. 75 subsidy on the annual premium to a tune of ` 30 lakh will be reimbursed to the registered mechanised boat owners towards insuring their boats in the current financial year.

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16 26. During fishing ban period which was extended upto 61 days relief assistance of ` 4000 per family will be enhanced to ` 5500. During lean fishing season when the fish catches are low lean season assistance will be given ` 2500 per family. This will benefit 20800 fishermen families of the Union Territory of Puducherry. COMMERCIAL TAXES 27. During the last financial year ` 1011.55 crore and ` 302.54 crore has been collected under the Puducherry Value Added Tax Act and the Central Sales Tax Act respectively. The total revenue collected is ` 1314.09 crore and the growth percentage as compared to the revenue during the previous year period is 4.57. This growth rate has been achieved in spite of reduction in the sale prices of petrol and diesel.

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17 28. To help the traders and dealers the following procedures are simplified with effect from 1st April 2015 : Dealers can renew their registration for three years. Dealers paying tax under composition scheme can file quarterly return instead of monthly return. The turnover limit for submitting Audit Report has been enhanced from the existing ` 50 lakh to ` 1 crore giving relief to nearly 1001 dealers. 29. To promote tourism and tourism related industries in the Union Territory of Puducherry full exemption has been given to Aviation Turbine Fuel ATF sold to an aircraft with a maximum take-off mass of less than forty thousand kilograms operated by scheduled airlines with effect from 29th December 2014.

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18 CO-OPERATION 30. An outlay of ` 55 crore has been proposed for Co-operation sector in the current financial year. At present 516 Co-operative Societies in the Union Territory of Puducherry are functioning for covering agricultural credit marketing weavers dairy fisheries housing employees credit consumer stores industrial and miscellaneous co-operatives. Amalgamation of small and uneconomical co-operative societies will be taken up for sustained development of such societies. The interest subsidy on housing loan will be increased from 3 to 4 for general members and from 4 to 5 for members belonging to SC community who are prompt in repayment of their loan dues. 31. The Pondicherry Central Co-operative Processing Supply and Marketing Society have proposed to modernize the rice mill with 3 MT paddy milling capacity. My Government proposes to construct a

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19 new office-cum-sales outlet building for the Pondicherry Co-operative Building Centre at Saram. The Pondicherry Co-operative Building Centre will open its branch at Yanam and Pondicherry Co-operative Urban Bank will open its branch at Karaikal. FORESTRY AND WILDLIFE 32. An outlay of ` 3 crore has been proposed in the current financial year. It is proposed to raise 250000 tree saplings for planting along the roadsides tank bunds educational institutions industries farm lands etc. An extent of 50 ha. of land will be covered under Social Forestry and Agro Forestry scheme. A concept park in the name of "Navagraha Park" would be developed at Venkata Nagar Childrens Park Puducherry. It is proposed to implement the components identified in the Comprehensive Management Action Plan of Ossudu Birds Sanctuary under Centrally Sponsored Scheme.

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20 It is proposed to implement Marine Turtle Protection Programme. Marine bio-diversity and mapping of coral reefs around Puducherry will be protected through the National Climate Change Plan. Mangrove forest will be protected. ELECTRICITY 33. An outlay of ` 95 crore has been allocated in the current financial year which is more than 100 increase as compared to last years outlay for better infrastructural development. The vision of my Government is to provide reliable and quality power supply round the clock to every consumer of Puducherry at a reasonable tariff. An agreement has been signed with Power Grid Corporation of India Limited to establish 230 / 110 KV Sub-station at Karaikal 110 / 22 KV Sub-station at Thondamanatham and 25 MVA capacity Power Transformers at Kurumbapet and Villianur 110 / 22 KV Sub-stations.

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21 The preliminary works for the already proposed Lawspet 110 / 22 KV Sub-station will be commenced in the current financial year. Renovation and Modernisation works at Villianur 110 / 22 KV Sub-station will be completed and commissioned. 34. In order to improve the billing efficiency and accuracy it is proposed to convert 40000 electro mechanical energy meters into static meters in the first phase. It is proposed to set up a 5 MW Solar Power Plant in Puducherry by Pondicherry Power Corporation Limited for which the Government has already accorded in principle approval. Under Part – A of Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme IT Part a Customer Care-cum-Call Centre for attending the fuse off call complaints round the clock will be brought into operation at the Main Office Campus Electricity Department Puducherry.

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22 35. Preparation of Master Plan for development of Puducherry as a "Solar City" is in the final stage. My Government proposes to set up Solar Photo Volatic Power plant in the Government Press and Forest Department in the first instance. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 36. e-District project services will be rolled out during the current financial year. The e-District is a Mission Mode Project which has been initiated in Puducherry and envisages electronic delivery of high volume citizen centric services and will automate 76 services across 12 departments. This will result in quicker delivery of services to the applicants like issue of birth or death certificate caste certificate income certificate etc. The preparatory work has already been completed for 10 departments and the other two will be completed soon. 37. The work under National Optical Fibre Network NOFN project being implemented by Bharat Broadband Network Limited BBNL for laying of

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23 Optical Fibre Cable OFC in Puducherry linking all the 98 village panchayats is already completed. This infrastructure is used to set up service delivery outlets like Common Service Centres through which Government to Citizen G2C and Government to Business G2B services will be delivered to the citizens in their localities and they need not travel far. 38. Under the Local Capacity and Capability Building programme around 700 academicians are targeted to train in the latest technologies in the current financial year. In order to reduce the hardware in physical sense the Cloud enablement process for the State Data Centre SDC will be completed. Once the computer applications are hosted on the cloud the requirement of purchase and maintenance of hardware items like servers would be minimized. As a part of Disaster Recovery of crucial data hardware installation has been completed at SDC and the other components will be implemented as per the National Data Centre NDC guidelines.

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24 39. Under Capacity Building in Electronic System and Design Manufacturing to develop the skill of unemployed youth in designing and servicing applied electronics the Department of Electronics and Information Technology Government of India will be requested to train 8000 youths in a phased manner over a period of 4 years under their scheme. This programme will enhance the computer literacy among the youths of Puducherry which will help them in getting better job opportunities. 40. A communication and connectivity infrastructure policy will be formulated to regulate grant of Right of Way RoW for laying high band width fibre optics. Wi-Fi hot spots are being planned at strategic places with high footfall to provide internet access to the general public and tourists. INDUSTRIES AND COMMERCE 41. Due to proactive steps taken by Government Industrial Growth has shown positive trend and there is 26 growth of industries compared to last year.

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25 The Plan outlay proposed for the Industries sector in the current financial year is ` 50 crore. To increase the number of industries and encourage the entrepreneurs to establish new industries in the Union Territory an e-portal licensing mechanism will be introduced to help the entrepreneurs to set up their industries within stipulated period. In view of the increased demand for land for setting up Industries and to arrest sporadic displacement of Industries it is proposed to set up two more new Industrial Estates at Sedarapet / Karasur and Mettupalayam. Large scale Industries and Industries which provide more employment would be attracted by giving allotment of required land in the Industrial estates. Action has already been taken to attract investors "Puducherry a Preferred Industrial Investment Destination" by way of ensuring timely and hassle free guidance / clearance to entrepreneurs. Required land for setting up of industries is also available with Government. Actively informing about the speedy

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26 and timely clearance and availability of land investors both from India and overseas would be invited and a Mega Investors Meet would be conducted. By attracting Large Mega projects in Puducherry setting up of Micro / Small / Medium Industrial Units will be encouraged. To attract mega projects a Committee under my chairmanship will be constituted so as to decide the special incentives / concessions to the mega projects mainly taking into account the investment to be made by them and employment to be provided. 42. The two textile mills Anglo French Textiles Ltd. and Swadeshi Bharathi Textile Mills Ltd. will be revitalised by way of actively implementing the Voluntary Retirement scheme. 2700 persons have been given skill development training in various trades such as Handicrafts Coir and industrial In-plant Training to enable them to set up their self-employment units or employable in other industries. An Entrepreneur Development Cell has

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27 been established for conducting Entrepreneurship Development Programmes so as to motivate the educated youth to establish their own enterprises. LABOUR 43. An outlay of ` 15.31 crore has been proposed in the current financial year. It is proposed to convert the Franco Indian Vocational Training Institute Society FIVTIS into a Puducherry Skill Development Society in order to function as the umbrella organisation for various skill development activities in the Union Territory of Puducherry. The Pondicherry Institute of Bio-medical Engineering which is presently under FIVTIS will be brought under Puducherry Skill Development Society. 44. The Employment Exchange Puducherry will be converted as Model Career Centre. The Model Career Centre will provide career counseling free coaching classes etc. The Employment Wing of

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28 Labour Department will conduct free coaching classes to the unemployed youth to face the competitive examinations conducted by either Puducherry Government or banks or such other similar organisations. 45. As approved by the Government of India the Government ITI for Men Mettupalayam Puducherry will be converted into a Model ITI at a cost of ` 5 crore. It is proposed to start "Dress making" trade in the Government ITI for Women Puducherry and three more trades viz. Accounts Assistant Bridal Makeup Artist and BRIDGE – Short-term Employable Skill course in Retail sector Supermarket and Pharmacy will be started in Government ITI for Women T.R. Pattinam Karaikal. 46. It is proposed to revise the existing rate of stipend and merit scholarship being paid to the students of the Government ITIs from ` 150 to ` 1000 for general category trainees

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29 ` 170 to ` 1200 for SC trainees and ` 300 to ` 1500 as merit scholarship. To encourage the youth and women coming from rural areas and weaker sections of the society a Stipend-cum-Special Allowance of ` 500 per month per trainee would be given to those who are joining Apprenticeship Training from this year. In order to eradicate child labour as a first step a child labour survey will be conducted in the whole of Union Territory of Puducherry. To avoid wage disparity and to prevent exploitation of labourers the Government will issue minimum wages notifications in all the 34 schedules of employment prescribing the minimum rates of wages to be paid to various classes of workers. It is proposed to give mixie and grinder at free of cost to the family ration card holders of construction workers during this year. It is proposed to register and renew the licence of the companies through online under Factory Information Returns Management System. This will facilitate the

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30 companies to send half-yearly and annual reports on employees strength and production details to the department. LOCAL ADMINISTRATION 47. The Plan outlay proposed in the current financial year is ` 102 crore. 550 individual / Self Help Groups who will avail loan during 2015-16 will be given an interest subsidy at the rate of 7 under National Urban Livelihood Mission. Two shelters will be constructed for urban homeless in Puducherry and Oulgaret Municipality at the total cost of ` 1 crore. During this year ` 60 crore will be provided for MLA – LAD Scheme works. This will cover arrears for the year 2014-15 and to cater to the entire requirement for 2015-16. Block Sanction will be issued to speed up the progress of the works and utilisation of funds. 34 road and drain works in rural areas under RIDF Scheme of NABARD at a cost of ` 12.93 crore will be completed during this year.

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31 48. As part of Solid Waste Management collection and transportation of garbage in the Urban Agglomeration of Puducherry consisting of the municipalities of Puducherry and Oulgaret and parts of Commune Panchayats of Villianur and Ariankuppam will be outsourced and garbage collection system will be improvised. Detailed Project Report DPR for scientific disposal of garbage will be prepared. Swachh Bharat Urban Programme will be implemented in the Union Territory of Puducherry. Incentive of ` 14000 ` 4000 from Government of India and ` 10000 from Union Territory of Puducherry for construction of toilets for 6000 households which do not have toilets is proposed in the current financial year. RURAL DEVELOPMENT 49. The Plan outlay proposed in the current financial year is ` 30.77 crore. Under "Interest Subvention" component all Self Help Groups which

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32 are under National Rural Livelihood Mission fold and availed loan from nationalised banks or Rural Regional Banks interest amount over 7 will be reimbursed for all rural SHGs in the year 2015-16. 514 SHGs will benefit under the component. 50. As per the Baseline survey conducted 45403 toilets have to be constructed in rural areas to cover the 100 sanitation facilities. The project will be completed before 2019 with a target of 10000 toilets every year. Swachh Bharat Mission Gramin is dovetailed with State Sanitation Scheme of Chief Ministers Sanitation Scheme CMSS implemented by Slum Clearance Board through which a total of ` 20000 will be given for construction of toilets. Out of ` 20000 ` 12000 will come from Swachh Bharat Mission Gramin and ` 8000 from CMSS fund. Solid Waste Management will be established at 15 Gram Panchayats in the current financial year.

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33 51. National Rural Livelihoods Mission with modifications will ensure sustainable community development in rural areas through the community itself by way of building strong community institutions at 3 levels viz. Self Help Groups Habitation Level Federations and Panchayat Level Federations. During 2015-16 it is proposed to conduct the process of Participatory Identification of Poor in 105 villages so as to form 180 new SHGs mobilising 2340 households into SHG fold followed by formation of 60 Habitation Level Federations / Village Organisations and formation of 20 Panchayat Level Federations. Thus in 2015-16 it is proposed to mobilise about 7000 rural hous eho lds int o wom en headed Co mmunit y Institutions / Federations. The Self Help Groups are given initial grant in the form of Revolving Fund at ` 15000 per SHG. This year it is proposed to grant Revolving Fund to 180 Self Help Groups. It is expected that at least 650 SHGs will have the access to bank credit in 2015-16.

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34 Every PLF will be provided with Community Investment Fund to the tune of ` 60000 per SHG. The Government has extended interest subvention scheme for the SHGs as a measure of encouraging the prompt repayment of the loan availed upto a maximum of ` 3 lakh. Under this arrangement the SHGs maintaining prompt repayment will be identified and allowed interest subvention of difference between the lending rate of the bank and 7 on the prompt repayment made during the preceding 3 months. It is also ensured that the SHGs get the interest subvention benefit during the same financial year itself. SCHOOL EDUCATION 52. The Plan outlay of ` 200 crore is provided in the current financial year. On this occasion I am proud to share with the Honble Members that Puducherry has been ranked as first among the States and Union Territories in the country as per the Educational Development Index carried out by the

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35 National University of Educational Planning and Administration NUEPA New Delhi a deemed University under Ministry of HRD. 53. CBSE pattern of education will be extended to all English medium middle schools during the next academic year. Training will be imparted to all the Primary School Teachers and Trained Graduate Teachers for effective teaching of NCERT curriculum. All the classrooms in District Institute of Education and Training DIET will be converted into interactive smart classrooms to equip the students with Information and Communication skills and to develop e-Content for enhancing learning skills. 54. My Government has already initiated action to ensure and provide sufficient number of separate toilets for boys and girls and installation of Reverse Osmosis Plants for purified drinking water in all Government Schools by August 2015. To instil courage and self-confidence among girl students three-month training programme on Self-defence Skills will be

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36 organised for 8th Std. girl students of Government Schools. Websites will be developed for all Government Schools to provide information about the school students teachers timetable academic performance and events. A special drive will be launched to fill up the vacant Teacher posts in various cadres. To equip the students with ICT skills and to bridge the digital divide ICT Lab will be setup in all Government High Schools and Higher Secondary Schools. 55. To revive and increase enrolment in primary schools it is proposed to issue text and notebooks to LKG and UKG to engage them productively during school hours. Efforts are also being made to ensure that teacher is available for all the sections in the pre-primary schools. A special drive will be undertaken for direct recruitment of 350 number of primary school teachers 120 number of Trained Graduate Teachers 47 number of Lecturers and 52 number of Physical Education Teachers for imparting quality education. Apart from uniform text-books and

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37 notebooks the school children will be given school bags and chappels at free of cost in the coming academic year. The schemes which were announced earlier for the benefit of school children but not implemented will be taken up in the ensuing academic year. HIGHER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION 56. Higher Education is a critical factor that will empower the poor to participate in the growth process. To ensure a continuous and growing supply of quality man power we need large investments in public sector Institutions of higher learning combined with fundamental reforms of curriculum. Higher Education remains a source of huge potential and promise for future. Hence our mission is to empower the youth to choose and lead a life appropriate to their talents by ensuring facilities for Higher Education. My Government has achieved highest ever expenditure of ` 133 crore in 2014-15

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38 in this sector and proposes to earmark the highest ever outlay of ` 210 crore to Higher and Technical Education Department in the current year. 57. Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Financial Assistance Scheme will be extended to the B.Sc. Nursing students who are selected through CENTAC and joining the private self-financing institutions from the academic year 2015-16. Action will be taken soon to create and fill the posts for newly started courses in Arts and Science Colleges under PONSHE society. With the starting of National Institute of Technology at Karaikal along with 2 Engineering Colleges 11 Arts and Science Colleges 1 Law College 6 Polytechnic Colleges 1 Community College 1 B.Ed. College under the purview of this Directorate and more than 100 higher learning Institutions both in government and private sectors a right tone is set for Puducherry to play as knowledge hub among the southern states and to play a major role in the Higher Education sector.

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39 58. In the coming academic year M.Sc. Chemistry course will be started in Dr. S.R.K. Government College Yanam. Two new courses namely Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering will be started in Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Polytechnic College Yanam. It is proposed to build additional buildings. A hostel will be constructed for SC students in Pondicherry Engineering College. 59. "Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan RUSA" a Centrally Sponsored Scheme has been established in the Union Territory of Puducherry in order to improve infrastructure development faculty development skill development etc. A State Higher Education Plan for ` 181.40 crore mainly for the construction of building and infrastructure development has been prepared and submitted to the MHRD. Under this scheme for the faculties in the Indira Gandhi Arts and Science College a teaching and teaching skill development training centre will be started.

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40 ART AND CULTURE 60. An outlay of ` 15 crore has been proposed in the current financial year. Romain Rolland Library Puducherry and Dr. S.R. Ranganathan Government Public Library Karaikal will be automated and modernized under National Mission on Libraries as Central and District Libraries respectively. Financial assistance will be released to nearly 65 manuscripts at the rate of ` 10000 under the scheme of Publication of Manuscript. New beneficiaries of indigent artists will be identified for grant of financial assistance. Maintenance grant financial assistance will be released to about 80 dance and drama troupes and cultural organisations. Grant-in-aid will be released to research scholars at the rate of ` 8000 each under Fellowship Grant. 125th Anniversary of Poet Bharathidasan will be celebrated in a befitting manner during the current year. For the development and renovation of the State Museum preparation of DPR is underway and Memorandum of Agreement has already been signed with INTACH in this regard.

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41 HEALT H AND FAM ILY WELFARE 61. We have introduced Free Medicine and Treatment in all Government Hospitals from the beginning and also we are happy to say that this Department has achieved all the Millennium Development Goals of World Health Organisation WHO. 62. An outlay of ` 330 crore has been proposed in the Annual Plan 2015-16. This allocation is ` 103 crore more than the last year ’s outlay. To ensure safe and secure infection-free environment my Government proposes to establish an exclusive Central Sterile Supply Department for supply of sterile materials to wards and operation theatres in the Rajiv Gandhi Government Women and Children Hospital Puducherry in a phased manner. To strengthen the diagnostic services it is proposed to procure one MRI Scanner Fully Automated Auto-Immuno Analyser Audio Meter ELISA Reader for the Indira Gandhi Government General Hospital and Postgraduate Institute. To ensure transparent and instantaneous

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42 communication of birth details to the attendants of the patients an Electronic / Digital Information System for instant enquiries will be established in the Rajiv Gandhi Government Women and Children Hospital Puducherry. 63. There has been a tremendous rise in number of patients of non-communicable diseases due to changing life style of the people during the past few years and hence it has been imperative on the part of the Government to promote awareness about the diseases among the people. In the first instance my Government proposes for remodelling the old NRHM building wherein permanent health exhibition hall yoga centre public awareness hall and a training centre will be accommodated. 64. I wish to inform the Honble Members that in order to reduce the morbidity and mortality due to non-communicable diseases opportunistic screening

slide 45:

43 of people above 30 years of age is being done in all the Primary and Community Health Centres. During the year 2015-16 the Health Department has proposed for the implementation of National Programme for Prevention and Control of Cancer Diabetes Cardio Vascular diseases and Stroke NPCDCS Programme at primary level as per Government of India guidelines. 65. Consequent on the rise in the incidence of cancer disease it has been proposed to organise "Cancer Screening Camps" in the PHCs and CHCs for detection of common cancer like Cervix Cancer Breast Cancer and Oral Cancer. To meet the increasing demand for health service in urban areas it is proposed to open two new Urban Health Centres in the Puducherry region and upgradation of one Urban Health Centre into Primary Health Centre each in Karaikal Mahe and Yanam regions.

slide 46:

44 66. The Dialysis centre at Indira Gandhi Government General Hospital and Postgraduate Institute Puducherry will be upgraded with an addition of eight new HaemoDialysis Units. It is proposed to introduce Cardiac Surgery at Indira Gandhi Government General Hospital and Postgraduate Institute Puducherry by entering into an MoU with a private partner. We aim to computerize patients data on pilot basis in few Primary Health Centres. We plan to set up a 50 bedded integrated AYUSH Ayurveda Yoga Unani Siddha and Homeopathy Hospital at Gorimedu with the help of National AYUSH Mission. In Yanam region new sub-centre building at Savitri Nagar and Mettacur will be opened. An Urban Centre in Guiriampeta with ambulance services will be opened. In Indira Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute a new CT scan will be procured and a kidney dialysis unit will be started. All preparations are underway in this year so as to start PG courses in eight clinical and four non-clinical subjects from the academic year 2016-17

slide 47:

45 and we seek to increase the UG seats from 150 to 200 in the upcoming years. The bed strength of the Indira Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute will be increased from 750 to 900. 67. Provision has been made for the construction of Multi-Speciality Hospital at Karaikal. The Government of India has been addressed to start a Medical College with the help of JIPMER in this Hospital. It has been proposed to purchase 17 new ambulances for the Health Centres and Hospitals. Land will be acquired for construction of building for Health Centres at Odiampet Kombakkam and Madagadipet. Construction of new building for PHC at Villianur and Sedarapet and Annex Building at PHC Bahour will be initiated. It has been proposed for expansion of PHC building at Lawspet. 68. It has been proposed to set up Geriatric Ward Non-Communicable Disease Clinic at a cost of ` 1.80 crore in the Indira Gandhi Government General Hospital and Postgraduate Institute Puducherry

slide 48:

46 including creation of separate wards in the Community Health Centres considering the increase in the old age population. Similarly the existing facilities in the Primary Health Centres will be upgraded to provide exclusive health services to the Geriatric patients. 69. As a part of affording comprehensive treatment to the seriously ill or bed ridden patients confined to houses it has been proposed to introduce the "Palliative Care" in the Public Health programme which utilises multi-disciplinary approach to patient care to address physical emotional spiritual and social concerns that arise with advanced illness. To improve the conditions of patients amenities in the Hospital it has been proposed for provision of RO plant to enable uninterrupted supply of hygienic drinking water to the patients in the Rajiv Gandhi Government Women and Children Hospital Puducherry.

slide 49:

47 FIRE SERVICES 70. An outlay of ` 7.75 crore has been proposed in the Annual Plan 2015-16. Disaster and Emergency Response Force will be established. Administrative block office for Divisional Fire Officer Assistant Divisional Fire Officer North and Fire Prevention Wing and Bahour Fire Station will be constructed at a cost of ` 4 crore. Action will be taken for acquisition of land for construction of Fire Station Assistant Divisional Fire Officer South and Training Centre for Fireman at Villianur. Renovation and additional work for the Madukarai D’ Nagar and Thirukkanur fire stations and quarters will be carried out. 4 numbers of Fire Tenders for the value of ` 1.20 crore for the proposed setting up of 4 new Fire Stations Thavalakuppam Lingareddipalayam Karaiyamputhur and T.R. Pattinam will be purchased. 71. New buildings will be constructed for Bahour and Villianur Fire Stations Administrative Office for Divisional Fire Officer Assistant Divisional Fire Officer North and South Establishment Wing and Permanent

slide 50:

48 Training Centre. Inland Water Rescue Crew with boats and accessories will be formed. Specialised Disaster Mitigation Crew and modernised control room with digital mapping system will be established. Floating pump water bailing out pump will be purchased for all Fire Stations. TOURISM 72. The Plan outlay proposed in the current financial year is ` 71 crore. My Government has planned various projects and activities to increase the tourist arrivals by 12. To explore the potential of the tourism in the Union Territory of Puducherry and to attract the tourists my Government proposes to introduce "House Boat" at Chunnambar Boat House and to construct Eco-Cottages in "Paradise Island". The main strength of Puducherry Tourism is its beaches and backwaters. Therefore it is proposed to develop a beach side walkway from Solai Nagar

slide 51:

49 to New Lighthouse excluding the existing beach promenade at an estimated cost of ` 10 crore. Action will be taken to beautify the sandtunes near the New Lighthouse area and to convert the spot as a tourist destination. The second phase development of Karaikal Ammaiyar temple tank work will be taken up. 73. I am happy to announce that Puducherry has been brought back to the air map of India with the resumption of air services to and from Puducherry. This will open up new opportunities for connectivity of Puducherry not only with other major Indian cities but also abroad. The ongoing works of Arts and Craft Village at Murungapakkam for ` 5.36 crore beautification of Botanical Garden in Puducherry for ` 8 crore beautification of Chunnambar for ` 5.12 crore renovation of Government Tourist Home at Uppalam in Puducherry for ` 3.50 crore Beach Resort at Karaikal for ` 5 crore Water

slide 52:

50 Treatment Plant at Nallankulam for ` 2.35 crore Queue Complex accommodation facilities and pilgrim facilities at Thirunallar for ` 31 crore and Botanical Garden at Yanam for ` 7.90 crore will be completed in this year. 74. The Boulevard town of Pondicherry is unique in India in terms of its architecture and streetscape. Action will be taken to develop the heritage areas and monuments. Second Phase development of Riverside Walkway at Mahe and New Guest House at Mahe will also be taken up in this year. The Island Nos. 5 and 3 at Yanam will be developed as eco tourist islands to attract tourists. Development of Recreational Park around Yanam tower for ` 12.36 crore will be taken up this year. Cost effective toilet facilities will be created at the tourists spots and tourists arrival places. Special care will be taken for cleanliness of the tourist places.

slide 53:

51 TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING 75. An outlay of ` 143 crore has been proposed in the Annual Plan 2015-16. Individual water closets will be provided to 316 tenements at Boomianpet Jawahar Nagar in Puducherry. Construction of 47 tenements will be taken up at an estimated cost of ` 3.52 crore in Boomianpet. Roads and drains at a length of 6500 mts. in the slum areas will be improved at an estimated cost of ` 6 crore under "Land Acquisition and Development Scheme / Slum upgradation Programme". 76. Under the scheme "Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Centenary Housing Scheme for the Houseless Poor" 2nd and 3rd instalment to the remaining eligible beneficiaries under Phase – V 2nd and 3rd instalment to the beneficiaries under Phase – VI will be released. 1000 new beneficiaries will be covered under Phase – VI and 1st instalment of ` 70000 per beneficiary will be released in the current financial year.

slide 54:

52 Preparation of "Slum Free City Plan" will be completed by June 2015. This will facilitate the prioritisation of slums for development of Housing and Infrastructure facilities. 77. My Government is providing financial assistance to BPL families for construction of pucca RCC houses in lieu of their existing thatched huts under the Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Centenary Housing Scheme. This scheme was started in the year 2003 and being implemented in 6 phases so far. Some of the beneficiaries in the earlier phases of the scheme have not availed the entire financial assistance. Meanwhile it was declared that the Phase – I II III and IV of this scheme have been wound up. But it was brought to the notice of this Government that many beneficiaries in Phase – IV have constructed their houses but have not availed the entire assistance and some of them have left their houses half constructed for want of issue of financial assistance. So with a view that those who have

slide 55:

53 constructed and half constructed their houses should not be put into any trouble it has been decided to re-open the Phase – IV of the Scheme. In this phase 1st instalment has been issued to 10000 beneficiaries. Out of which 8874 beneficiaries have received the 2nd instalment and 8110 beneficiaries have received the 3rd instalment. As such 1126 beneficiaries have to avail the 2nd and 3rd instalments and 1890 beneficiaries have to avail the 3rd instalment only. The financial implication towards this expenditure will be around ` 12.43 crore. Taking into consideration the welfare of the BPL families who have already constructed their houses Phase – IV of the scheme is being revived. By doing this 3016 families will be benefitted. 78. 12500 slum dwellers will benefit during the current financial year with basic amenities in the urban slums of Puducherry under the scheme of "Environmental Improvements in the Urban Slums".

slide 56:

54 Under the scheme of "Capital Development Project" improvement works in the new bus stand at Puducherry installation of traffic signals at the major road junctions improvement to the link roads at various places in the Puducherry Karaikal Mahe and Yanam regions will be carried out. The "Comprehensive Underground Sewerage Scheme for Puducherry" will be completed by June 2015. To relieve the traffic congestion in the existing bus stand in Puducherry another bus terminus will be established. PUBLIC WORKS 79. My Government is giving priority for improving the infrastructure facilities and providing safe drinking water to all the people. My Government has achieved highest ever expenditure of ` 361 crore in 2014-15 in this sector and proposed to earmark the highest ever outlay of ` 447 crore in the current year. In order to improve the rural road connectivity

slide 57:

55 Karayamputhur road upto Manamedu via Kaduvanur in Bahour Commune and the road from Kothapurinatham junction to Sanniyasikuppam are proposed for improvements at a cost of ` 1.26 crore and ` 1.12 crore respectively. To protect the Mathur road stretch from Central Jail to ECR from erosion during the rainy season a storm water drain along the road is proposed at ` 2.08 crore. 80. In order to improve the roads and platforms of the Arterial roads of the Puducherry town a comprehensive scheme is evolved for ` 36.86 crore so that the traffic congestion could be relieved and also to have better riding quality. To decongest the traffic from Marapalam to Ariyankuppam Puducherry – Cuddalore road will be widened with additional 4 metre so as to have 24 metre width road. 81. Thiruvettakudi – Kalikuppam road and Ponbethi – Andoor roads will be improved and re-laid at a cost of ` 1.40 crore and ` 2 crore respectively.

slide 58:

56 The roads leading to Thondamangalampet Vathiruppu and Jeeva Nagar will be relaid at a cost of ` 50 lakh each. To improve the Rural roads the stretches connecting villages Mangalam road to Thondamanathampet will be improved at a total cost of ` 1.44 crore. Construction of retaining wall along Senthanatham road from Koodapakkam road to Senthanatham Village are proposed at a cost of ` 1.58 crore. 82. To accommodate the increased traffic in National Highway NH-45A at Karaikal 9.3 kms. of road stretch will be strengthened at a cost of ` 7.97 crore. It is proposed to improve the damaged Public Works and Municipal roads in Mahe at a cost of ` 8.68 crore. The Palloor Vayal Nada road from Erattapilakkool to Aravilagath palam will be improved at a cost of ` 4.39 crore for 1.94 km. length. 83. Draksharam road connecting Amalapuram to NH-216 in Yanam Region is proposed to have better connectivity at ` 1.37 crore. There is a proposal

slide 59:

57 for Interlinking of French Channel and Adavipolam Channel with pumping facility in Yanam at a cost of ` 25.50 crore. In order to improve the ground water level Manampet bed dam with regulator at Karaikal will be reconstructed at a cost of ` 10 crore. Considering the developments in the areas in Lawspet zone augmentation of water supply to Karuvadikuppam and surrounding areas at ` 13 crore and to Shanthi Nagar and adjoining areas for ` 11.30 crore will be taken up. Augmentation of water supply is also proposed at Ariyur Ananthapuram in Villianur village at ` 4 crore. 84. Considering the fast improvement in the suburban areas and to meet out the scarcity of water requirement laying of water distribution grids and house service connections for Priyadarshini Nagar Kamarajar Nagar Dhanvanthri Nagar and surrounding areas in Thattanchavadi Zone Zone – VI are proposed at ` 12 crore.

slide 60:

58 85. It is proposed to construct double decker overhead tank with 10 lakh litre capacity at TB Sanatorium campus Gorimedu at ` 6.74 crore so as to meet out the short supply during the peak hour demand. Comprehensive water supply scheme in Ragavendra Nagar Jansi Nagar Natesan Nagar Mariamman Nagar and adjoining areas of Boomianpet is proposed at ` 8.50 crore. 86. A Scheme for providing water supply system to Raja Nagar and adjoining areas in Orleanpet Constituency and a scheme for Madurapet J.J. Nagar Engineers Colony Annai Theresa Nagar Sivagami Nagar Friends Nagar Vayalveli Nagar Kamal Nagar and surrounding areas are proposed at a cost of ` 15.50 crore and ` 10.05 crore respectively. Comprehensive Scheme for providing water supply is proposed for Core Urban areas at Karaikal Central Zone at a cost of ` 49.45 crore. It is also proposed to lay a transmission pumping main for supply of

slide 61:

59 water to North and South Zone of Karaikal at a cost of ` 16.07 crore. New lakes will be formed at Agaramangudi and Nandalar – Kazhugumedu. 87. To dispose the waste and storm water a drain from Gopalankadai State Border to Thiru Nagar is proposed at a cost of ` 5.56 crore. Similarly RCC drain for Oulgaret Pallavaikal from Pitchaveerampet Road culvert to Gundu salai culvert at Moolakulam at a cost of ` 3.39 crore is proposed. A State Guest House at Gorimedu will be constructed with all modern amenities. 88. In Puducherry region Veerampattinam a small fishing harbour is proposed for which preliminary study has been taken up. Also in Vambakeerapalayam near existing Thengaithittu Harbour a Jetty will be constructed. To protect Dubbarayapet and adjoining areas coastal protection works will be taken up to protect them from sea water entry during rough seasons.

slide 62:

60 PORT 89. The Karaikal Port started functioning commercially after the completion of Phase – I works of the Port Project and Phase – II works are in progress. A Captive Marine Terminal Facility at Karaikal for handling Liquid Chemicals is also in operation. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed with M/s. Kamarajar Port Limited to prepare a detailed Techno-Economic study report for development of Pondicherry Port. In order to safeguard the livelihood of local fishermen community the dredging in the Ariyankuppam River Mouth / Channel is being carried out by the Port Department through Kerala State Maritime Development Corporation. This dredging work will be continued periodically. TRANSPORT 90. An outlay of ` 16.69 crore has been proposed in the current financial year. The Transport services to public will be available online shortly.

slide 63:

61 In order to ensure better road safety in Puducherry a Road Safety Fund will be set up. e-Rickshaw permits will be issued for operating non-polluting battery operated vehicle within the Boulevard area. At present to obtain Tourist / Transport vehicle permits for Karaikal Mahe and Yanam one has to approach the Head Office at Puducherry. This system will be changed and issuing Tourist / Transport vehicle permits in each of the regions will come into operation shortly in Transport Department. ADI-DRAVIDAR WELFARE 91. Adi-Dravidar Welfare Department is implementing various welfare schemes for the upliftment of Socio-Economic condition of Scheduled Caste Community in the Union Territory of Puducherry. The financial assistance to pregnant and lactating SC Women has been enhanced from ` 6000 to ` 12000. Under the Scheme 2726 beneficiaries have been benefitted and an amount of ` 173.70 lakh

slide 64:

62 has been spent. The financial assistance being given to the persons who are suffering from prolonged diseases had been enhanced from ` 500 to ` 2000 per month. Under the scheme 1119 beneficiaries had been benefitted and an amount of ` 37.77 lakh has been spent. The financial assistance being given under the scheme Funeral Rites to Scheduled Caste people had been enhanced from ` 5000 to ` 10000. Under the scheme 775 beneficiaries had been benefitted. For distribution of dhoties and sarees for Deepavali and Pongal Festival to 264221 beneficiaries at ` 300 per person an amount of ` 8.17 crore had been incurred. The financial assistance has been enhanced from ` 2.25 lakh to ` 3.25 lakh for Medical students and from ` 25000 to ` 35000 to the Engineering students. As such various welfare schemes are being implemented for the betterment of 269672 beneficiaries. In Bharat Ratna Rajiv Gandhi Housing Subsidy for construction of new

slide 65:

63 building under ` 4 lakh scheme 2502 beneficiaries have been benefitted and an amount of ` 30.98 crore had been incurred. Under the Bharat Ratna Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for construction of damaged houses an amount of ` 9.16 crore have been incurred for 615 beneficiaries. 92. During the current financial year an amount of ` 145.76 crore has been allocated to this Department. It is proposed to enhance the financial assistance for performing marriage to poor Scheduled Caste bride from ` 25000 to ` 50000. The financial assistance for solemnising "Inter Caste Marriage" to the married couple will be enhanced from ` 50000 to ` 100000. The financial assistance given to Dental Medical Scheduled Caste students will be enhanced from ` 75000 to ` 150000 and from ` 35000 to ` 60000 to the nursing students. For the betterment of the Scheduled Caste people Grinder and Mixi will be provided to all ration card holders at free of cost.

slide 66:

64 93. Presently the department is granting financial assistance under ` 4 lakh house construction scheme. Previously the SC people had availed benefits through the ` 40000 ` 50000 ` 100000 and ` 200000 house construction scheme. However under these schemes certain beneficiaries had availed only 1st and 2nd instalment subsidy and have not completed the house construction till date and consequently their patta / document could not be released by this department. To settle this issue it is proposed to bring the above beneficiaries also under the ` 4 lakh house construction scheme by adjusting the amount already drawn. SOCIAL WELFARE 94. My Government has achieved highest ever expenditure of ` 66 crore in 2014-15 in this sector and proposes to earmark the highest ever outlay of ` 90 crore in the current year. It is proposed that during the current financial year 2015-16

slide 67:

65 the rates of financial assistance to the differently abled persons in Union Territory of Puducherry will be revised as under : i 40 to 65 from ` 1100 to ` 1500 per month ii 66 to 85 from ` 1400 to ` 2000 per month and iii 86 to 100 from ` 1750 to ` 3000 per month. Moreover irrespective of the percentage of disability the differently abled persons aged between 60 to 79 years will be paid the enhanced amount of ` 2200 per month and the differently abled persons aged above 80 years will be paid the enhanced amount of ` 3300. All ration card holders except construction workers and SC people will be provided Mixie and Grinder at free of cost. Blankets will be issued to Old Age Persons above 70 years of age. The number of State Awards will be increased from 12 to 22 differently abled persons from the

slide 68:

66 year 2015-16. In order to encourage the sports activities sports articles will be distributed to the differently abled persons. My Government proposes to enhance the Meritorious Award as ` 20000 ` 15000 ` 10000 to the blind students who attain first three ranks in the school final from ` 15000 ` 10000 ` 5000 respectively. 95. In order to uplift the folk arts Naiyandi Melam instrument will be distributed to poor artisans. New motorised tricycles will be distributed to the differently abled persons by replacing the damaged seven years’ old ones. WOMEN AND CHILD DEVELOPMENT 96. My Government has achieved highest ever expenditure of ` 200 crore in 2014-15 in this sector and proposes to earmark the highest ever outlay of ` 316.26 crore in the current year. At present a sum of ` 1100 per month is being paid as

slide 69:

67 Old Age and Widow Pension. My Government proposes to enhance the amount of pension from this financial year. The pension for the beneficiaries aged between 55 and 59 years will be increased to ` 1500 the beneficiaries aged between 60 and 79 years will be paid ` 2000 and the beneficiaries aged above 80 years will be paid ` 3000. The beneficiaries under the categories of widows destitute unmarried women and transgenders will be paid at the enhanced rate of ` 1500 per month. The age limit for obtaining pension will be reduced from 40 years to 21 years to transgender beneficiaries. 97. The honorarium paid to the non-regular Anganwadi Workers and Anganwadi Helpers working under the Integrated Child Development Services scheme is proposed to be enhanced to ` 6000 and ` 4000 respectively. Under the Scheme 67 new Anganwadi Centres will be opened.

slide 70:

68 REVENUE AND DISASTER MANAGEMENT 98. It is proposed to provide laptops to Revenue Officials including the Village Administrative Officers to render efficient service to the public and for effective function of e-Governance. Under the Rajiv Gandhi Social Security scheme for poor families an amount of ` 30000 is granted as financial assistance in the event of natural death in the age group of 18 to 60 years. The financial assistance is enhanced to ` 50000 to the family members in the event of natural death of earning male member in the age group of 25 to 40 years. 99. Under the Coastal Disaster Risk Reduction Project CDRRP an amount of ` 188 crore has been received from the Government of India. It is proposed to undertake various approved works like construction of 1000 multi disaster resilient houses purchase of modern equipments for Fire Service conversion of overhead electric lines to underground cables strengthening and rehabilitation of bridges and improvements to fish markets.

slide 71:

69 SURVEY AND LAND RECORDS 100. The extract of the FMBs will be issued to public through Taluk Office / Common Service Centres in this year as the computerisation of the Field Measurement Book for all 129 villages comprised in four regions is completed. The integration of land records with registration system would be taken up in consultation with National Informatics Centre NIC by development of appropriate integration software. On completion of integration of software for registration and survey and settlement details online mutation will be initiated. 101. One pair of Global Positioning System GPS and 5 numbers of Electronic Total Station ETS had been purchased for training purpose and two more pair of GPS and 10 numbers of ETS are proposed to be purchased for conduct of re-survey operations. Appointment of consultant for conducting re-survey

slide 72:

70 and notification for re-survey will be issued and will be completed before 2017 as per the Department of Land Resources guidelines. CIVIL SUPPLIES AND CONSUMER AFFAIRS 102. An outlay of ` 132 crore including Non-plan has been proposed in the budget 2015-16. Under the Food Security Act the priority households will be identified and red cards will be issued. Under the state scheme 10 kg. of single boiled rice and 5 kg. of wheat will be distributed to all card holders from May 2015. The Department of Civil Supplies has digitalized the beneficiary database seeded them with Aadhaar Number and Bank Account. Further computerisation of the department has ensured that beneficiaries can avail card based services like addition deletion correction etc. across the counter ensuring timely and speedy service delivery. 103. The Union Territory of Puducherry is in the process of shifting towards implementation of National Food Security Act by identification of priority and

slide 73:

71 non-priority sector households and notifying it to Government of India thereby ensuring Right to Food. Around 6 lakh individual beneficiaries will be covered by Government of India under the Food Security Act. SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT 104. An outlay of ` 2.45 crore has been earmarked during the year 2015-16. Based on the Green Building concept it is proposed to construct a building for Department of Science Technology and Environment / Pondicherry Pollution Control Committee at Ulandaikeerapalayam. Construction of compound wall is already completed. Instructions have been issued to the highly pollution potential units to install centers to monitor the pollution level through online monitoring system. It is proposed to implement the project on CCAP with the financial assistance of Ministry of Environment and Forest.

slide 74:

72 POLICE 105. An outlay of ` 43 crore has been proposed in the Annual Plan 2015-16. 211 India Reserve Battalion Police Constables 450 Home Guards and 100 Women Police Constables will be recruited in the current financial year. 1274 posts are proposed to be filledup under various categories towards setting up of Police Stations Out-posts and strengthening of Special Branches at various units of this Union Territory. Safe City Project will be executed at a cost of ` 50.75 crore. Coastal Police Station at Puducherry and Jetties at Puducherry and Karaikal will be completed and Coastal Police Station at Mahe and Yanam will be taken up in the current financial year. Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System CCTNS at a cost ` 9.93 crore will be fully functional this year. It is proposed to upgrade the Karikalampakkam Out-post as Police Station during this year. Construction of building for Reddiarpalayam Police Station will be started. Since the number of tourists

slide 75:

73 in Puducherry is increasing it is proposed to strengthen the police constables in the tourists Out-post functioning in the Goubert Avenue. GENERAL 106. My Government will continue to work for the betterment and upliftment of all sections of the people of Union Territory of Puducherry with the same spirit. My Government’s main intention is to get statehood to Puducherry. We will strive hard to attain the statehood. At this juncture I must thank the Government of India for taking efforts for including Puducherry in the Smart City category with the co-operation of French Government. My Government is taking care of the welfare of Freedom Fighters and Ex-servicemen by extending all assistance to them. In this direction my Government has enhanced the Freedom Fighters pension from ` 5000 to ` 7000 per month with effect from December 2014. The backward class people have been making

slide 76:

demands for separate department for the welfare of their community. Accordingly my Government has proposed to open the Department of Backward Class and Minorities. Action is being taken to implement the schemes which were announced earlier but not implemented. Keeping the welfare of the people in mind my Government has not enhanced the existing tax rates. 107. Honble Speaker Sir I place the budget for the year 2015-16 before this House and solicit the approval of the Members. VAN AK K AM

slide 77:

Swachh Bharat A Step Towards Cleanliness Printed at : The Government Central Press Puducherry - 9

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