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KKEYDOS is primitively one of the leading providers of Mobile Development and Web Development Services with a rich experience in building business-critical mobile and web products. Our team of experts in the field are sure to blow the doors off your expectations with world-class mobile and web applications. From native apps to responsive websites, we provide everything in mobile, and from designing to development, we provide everything in the web. We also provide digital marketing solutions to struggling startups and well-established companies with modern and updated methods. Besides, we offer Finance and Accounting solutions, Payroll and Recruitment to the organizations, and helps them do your core business seamlessly.


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Summary of Contents Our main topics today Introduction History Evolution of Android Apps Android Versions Apps which are in trend Pros and Cons Summary About Kkeydos

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What is Android Applications WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? Introduction to Android ApplicationsHere i would like to say why android apps are in trend nowadays but before moving to that first. I would ask what is android applications, so android application are the software created by developers for ease of the users. We people are so used to it that every day thousands of android applications are launched on Google Store

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Android History A brief timeline In October 2003, well before the term “Smartphone” was used by most of the public, and several years before Apple announced its first I Phone and its IOS , the company Android Inc was founded in Palo Alto, California. Its four founders were Rich Miner, Nick Sears, Chris White, and Andy Rubin.

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EVOLUTION OF ANDROID APPLICATION So let's now talk about why android application are in trend nowadays it's because people are addicted to these applications and can’t imagine a single day without mobile apps. There are ‘n’ number of applications with the same features and use if given thought about it but still we are so excited for every new launch of mobile application. This is because the impact of smartphones and smartphone android application is huge in our lives. We are experiencing a great change in day to day of what we do. We are so surrounded with these apps that even small work let's say from  business to health to social life and shopping is just a click away and it has increased the productivity of the business by giving an improvised platform for marketing and promotions and not only these, this application helps in connecting customers with suppliers through online feedback and FAQ questions by which it creates a strong relationship between both sides. 

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Company by seeing addiction of people towards Android Applications By observing the change in the society like how people are addicted and connected with smartphones and apps,  the companies are making an update to their application and smartphones thoroughly and we can see that after every 2 or 3 months we can see a new smartphone is launched this is because people demands are increasing as we are in this era where people want a high-speed 5G internet and also the fast processing apps and has huge storage capacity. Nowadays we can even schedule our work ask apps to remind us of our works and in this present era buying grocery has become easier as we can schedule on which day we need and can pause of remaining days. Isn’t it strange how we do our every work online and are bit lazy like for example buying of grocery is done on app rather than going out and buying it because in present time buying those things are made simple as per our requirement and convenience and you see how strange it is how this apps made our life so easy and it increased our health problems and same those have launched online fitness consultations and we enrol ourselves to be fit haha …

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FEW MOBILE APPLICATION WHICH STARTED A NEW REVOLUTION SHOPPING AND MWALLET If you see these both are interlinked and has created a great change in the present era, as we can see earlier people used to stand in lines for booking a ticket, but with the help of android apps such as Paytm and Google Pay made easy for the people to book and pay TEXT AND CALLING This has brought a great change in the lives of people. At first people used send letters to their loved ones and it takes days to reach and get a reply, not only this if a family person stays away from home to earn it takes months to see his family but now with this android apps like Skype and WhatsApp people not only send text but also can have video calling. Now it's easy to connect. DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION: It means now such apps are made which allows the people to carry their identification proofs, driving license and any document virtually on mobile device which is recognised by govt which allows people to not carry physical papers. Such apps like mAadhar, mParivahan etc. EASY TO GO Easy to go means like easy to travel we need not to wait for autos and buses This is made easy by apps like Uber and Ola just taxi are one click away they drop you at your desired destination with all the facilities. You need not to plan a week ago or about the cancellation and refund because they can be booked at anytime and anywhere without any inconvienence

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PROS AND CONS: PRO'S These apps have increased the productivity of the business and profitability by decreasing the cost incurred in promotions and branding Helped to build a strong relationship between customers and suppliers.  In Modern days gathering information and education became very simple through online education and much more.. CON'S Like people are physically inactive  Making android apps needs lots of investment and time  Maintenance of the app is a complex task Resolving issues of the customers

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Lets Connect ADDRESS Manjeera trinity corporate 4th floor 406 kphb, kukatpally Hyderabad telangana 500072 PHONE 9581083083 EMAIL

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