Intelligent Systems

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Intelligent Systems:

11- 1 Intelligent Systems S.Sai Krishna III-MCA

What is Intelligent System?:

What is Intelligent System? It learns during its existence It continually acts, mentally and externally

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Behavior:

11- 3 Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Behavior Artificial intelligence (AI) is concerned with two basic ideas. The thought processes of humans It deals with representing those processes via machines

Objectives of AI:

11- 4 Objectives of AI To make machines smarter Understand what intelligence is To make machines more useful

Intelligent Behavior:

11- 5 Intelligent Behavior Learning or understanding from experience Making sense of ambiguous or contradictory messages Responding quickly and successfully to new situations Using reason to solve problems and direct actions effectively

Artificial IntelligenceAdvantages:

11- 6 Artificial Intelligence Advantages AI is more permanent AI can be less expensive AI is consistent and thorough AI can be documented

Commercial AI Field:

11- 7 Commercial AI Field Expert systems (ES) Natural language Robotics and sensory systems Machine learning

Expert System (ES):

11- 8 Expert System (ES) An ES is decision-making software It can reach a level of performance comparable to - or even exceeding that of - a human expert in some specialized problem area.

Benefits of ES:

11- 9 Benefits of ES Increased output and productivity Increase quality Reliability Provision of training

Components of Expert Systems:

11- 10 Components of Expert Systems

Other Intelligent Systems:

11- 11 Other Intelligent Systems Natural language processing (NLP) and voice technology Neural computing Fuzzy logic Intelligent agents

Natural Language Processing and Voice Technology:

11- 12 Natural Language Processing and Voice Technology Applications of natural language processing (NLP) Speech (voice) recognition and understanding Advantages of speech recognition Voice synthesis

Applications of Natural Language Processing:

11- 13 Applications of Natural Language Processing

Advantages of Speech Recognition:

11- 14 Advantages of Speech Recognition Ease of access Speed Manual freedom Remote access

Fuzzy Logic:

11- 15 Fuzzy Logic A type of logic that recognizes more than simple true and false values With fuzzy logic, propositions can be represented with degrees of truthfulness and falsehood

Intelligent Agent (IA):

11- 16 Intelligent Agent (IA) Intelligent agents are software entities that carry out some set of operations with some degree of independence and in so doing, employ some knowledge or representation of the user’s goals.

Major Tasks Performed by IA:

11- 17 Major Tasks Performed by IA Decision support and empowerment Repetitive office activity Search and retrieval Domain experts

Emerging Technology: Virtual Reality (VR):

11- 18 Emerging Technology: Virtual Reality (VR) How does it work VR and the internet/intranets VR and decision making

How Does VR Work?:

11- 19 How Does VR Work?


Conclusion Intelligent System is a Powerful Tool which is Very useful in Almost every field of Technology But it equally have a chance of Mis -Leads Efficient Use of Technology gives a better Trend to Future Trends

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