Common Hair problems and its Home Remedies


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This article discusses the complete hair care routine for healthy and beautiful hair, covering all hair problems and their home remedies—premature greying of hair, hair fall/hair loss, dandruff, etc. These home remedies are effective and come with no side effects unlike expensive products available in market. Visit our website on the link for such healthy home remedies.


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Common Hair problems and its Home Remedies The most common hair problems that everyone faces today are premature greying of hair hair fall/ hair loss and hair dandruff and if you have frizzy damaged or hair then you might be a victim of unhealthy hair. The causes for all such problems could be stress less sleep lack of essential nutrition or other reasons capable of weakening of hair. You can keep your hair healthy by following some of the easy and effective home remedies.

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REMEDY 1 Take 25 grams of dry Indian Gooseberry and 25 grams of Shikakai Acacia concinna tamp them into small pieces. Soak the mixture in 500 ml of water overnight. In morning grind the mixture with your hands and strain it through a cotton cloth. Massage the paste into your scalp. Take a shower after half an hour. If you regularly wash your hair with this paste and then apply coconut oil after towel drying your hair your hair will grow longer voluminous shiny silky and soft.

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REMEDY 2 Take Bhringaraj Dry Eclipta Prostrata powder with black sesame seeds powder in equal quantities and mix them well. In morning during sunrise eat this mixture before brushing your teeth by chewing it thoroughly and drink a glass of water after that. Consume this mixture every day. The continuous intake of the mixture for 6 months treats health disorders like premature greying of hair and hair loss. It is also helpful for people up to the age of 40 years.

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REMEDY 3 If you have dull coloured hair or your hair has turned dull with the time then all you can do is take juice of two lemons and add 2 cups of lukewarm water to it. Gently massage your damp scalp and hair with this water and then just towel dry your hair. Do it twice a week to retain the colour of your hair and it will also make your hair naturally black. REMEDY 4 Wash our hair with soap or shampoo and then take a glass of lukewarm water or normal water according the weather condition in your area add the juice of lemon or few drops of white

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vinegar to the water. Wash your hair with this water as a final rinse. This remedy will treat health disorders like dandruff and dull hair in few couple of weeks and will improve the quality of your hair. It also helps to wash off the remaining shampoo or soap from your hair and bring shine to the hair. Visit our website on the link http://www.kitchenpanacea.comand try to go through our categories at least once. And please feel free to contact us by using the form available on our “contact us” column or simply email us at:

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