How to Keep Your Kitchen Free from Insects

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While it is true that the diet we consume plays a big part in the way we live our life. However, the kitchen where our food is prepared also has a significant influence on maintaining a healthy life. It is normal for a kitchen to be infested by pests & insects, due to the suitable breeding environment for them. Now if they contaminate our food, then it is obvious that we are going to suffer from health complications. There are certain steps that you can take to keep your kitchen free from insects and it is imperative that you do it. Go through the slide to know the ways to keep your kitchen free from insects.


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How to Keep Your Kitchen Free from Insects


Kitchens take the brunt of a lot of the household wear and tear. As they see so much action in a day, it can be tough to keep everyone in the household on the same page when it comes to cleanliness.


However, when insects invade your space, you might feel like you’ve lost the kitchen to nature.


The reasons for bugs being drawn to a kitchen of all places usually have to do with food, although it might have more to do with the weather outside.


Bugs typically like to retreat indoors when conditions are particularly cold and wet.


Knowing this, there are things you can do to prepare your kitchen for the bug standoff each year.


Why it's important to keep your kitchen bug-free


Bugs should be kept out of the kitchen for a number of reasons, but mainly because your kitchen should remain a clean, sanitary place for food to be prepared and stored in.


Insects can carry viruses, diseases, and are generally off-putting.


Furthermore, a lot of food, including dried goods and fresh fruits can become wasted because of insect contamination, causing you to have to throw away food and money.


Here are some ways to prevent this from occurring: Don't leave food out Seal any avenues that lead from the outside in Keep surfaces clean and take out trash frequently


Don't leave food out


Insects are drawn to food and liquid that is available for them to access easily.


Many people who leave fruits & certain food items out in their kitchen and cover it or seal it properly, and store them in containers, don't face the insect invasion.


Spilled foods should be cleaned up quickly with warm water and soap, and grainy foods should be kept in sealed storage containers.


Refrigerate anything that can be kept in the fridge-this will keep food off of countertops.


Seal any avenues that lead from the outside in


Insects often make their way indoors through tiny cracks that lead from the outdoors in.


These cracks can be behind dishwashers, cabinets, through doorframes, window frames, door and window screens, or even behind the fridge.


Since many of these places are inaccessible, you may examine the outside walls surrounding the kitchen to detect any cracks that can be sealed & use a proper sealant for the job.


Keep surfaces clean and take out trash frequently


Even tiny crumbs of food and food remnants, including sugary juices and other liquids are like big welcome signs for insects and kitchen pests.


So it’s important to keep every surface clean throughout the day-especially after a big cooking project. Cutting boards, stovetops, and even inside the sink should be left clean daily.


You don’t have to be a hyper-focused on cleanliness, but at least making a solid effort to keep your countertops clean will certainly lessen the chance of bug infestations.


Since the trash is another common breeding ground for bugs, it’s important to take the trash out daily, as because the longer the trash sits, the more welcoming it is to pests.


Furthermore, if your trash is located near one of the “wall cracks,” then it might be the first pit stop for a trail of insects.


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