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Child labor:

Child labor Child labor refers to the employment of children. This practice is illegal in many countries. In rich countries it is considered as a human rights violation. Poverty is the main reason why child labor exists. Children bring in additional income which is much needed and so parents send them to work. Child labor is common in poorer parts of the world. Children may work in factories, sweatshops, mines, fields, hotels, match factories, or in households. Some children work as guides for tourists and may end up getting sexually abused by them as happens in places like Goa and Kerala. Child labor is still widely prevalent in India. It is estimated that there are between 70 and 80 million child laborers in India.

Global Warming:

Global Warming Global Warming is a major problem which our environment faces today terribly. This global warming is caused due to Greenhouse Effect. What is greenhouse effect? It is a condition in which Earth’s heat trapping increases more from the normal levels. Climate change, devastation of the ecosystem, water contamination, melting ice over Arctic and Antarctic regions, negative impacts in the agricultural sector are just the problems caused by global warming. A lot of damages have been done by this phenomenon. Policies on global warming are made each day. Are these policies properly implemented each day? The answer is big NO. How many policies are made the effects of global warming are ravaging our planet. For so many of us global warming is a broad-reaching problem. This is making the slide in this way of thinking that they cant do nothing, only the rich who are seated in the seats of the government can only save them from the tortures of global warming. This is wrong. Who you are, whatever you are you can do something for your planet when you think global warming is a problem.

Air pollution:

Air pollution Air pollution is a common problem in our country. Air pollution comes from dangerous chemical substances which spread in the air, for example, carbon monoxide, CFC, carbon dioxide, hydro carbon, sulfur dioxide, etc. Those substances are produced by human activities such as the using of vehicles which produce smokes causing the air pollution and factory activities such as producing the tires and fake animal skin which use fuels and machine that trigger the air pollution. However, most people are lack of attention to this problem. Even, they do not care that air pollution can be very dangerous for the human health and our environment . We can not vanish the air pollution but we can reduce it with some solutions like using eco friendly fuel in industries , planting the plants like flowers or trees in our houses, restrict the ownership of vehicles for each family etc.


Friendship Friendship means a good relation between two persons. So when one likes another, friendship develops between them. Friendship is a great virtue. It is very important in our lives. It plays a valuable role at every step in our lives. It is the way of success in life. The man, who will abide by this great virtue, will achieve a great respect in his life. Without friendship, none can hope to be famous. If we find the noble and famous persons who have brought glory to their lives, we shall discover that their happiness was depended on friendship. It is nothing but a mental matter, but it has a great demand to prosper in our life. It is preferable to wealth. If wealth loses, it will be found again. But if friendship loses, it will never be found again. Without this noble virtue, a man become unhappy and power. We should try our best to able by this virtue. A friend is there as a shoulder to lean on in hard times and to laugh with during the good times

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