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Server a basic definition : 

Server a basic definition


IN SOFTWARE Server used as an adjective, as in server operating system, refers to the product's ability to handle multiple requests, and is said to be "server-grade". A server operating system is intended or better enabled to run server applications


IN HARDWARE A server can also refer to a computer that has been set aside to run a specific server application. For example, when the software Apache HTTP Server is used as the web server for a company's website, the computer running Apache is also called the web server. Server applications can be divided among server computers over an extreme range, depending upon the workload.

Server operating system : 

Server operating system Some popular operating systems for servers — such as FreeBSD, Solaris, and Linux — are derived from or are similar to UNIX. UNIX was originally a minicomputer operating system, and as servers gradually replaced traditional minicomputers

Servers on the Internet : 

Servers on the Internet Among the many services provided by Internet servers are: the World Wide Web, the Domain Name System, e-mail, FTP file transfer, instant messaging, streaming audio and video, and online gaming.

Servers in daily life : 

Servers in daily life Any computer or device serving out applications or services can technically be called a server. In an office or enterprise environment, the network server is easy to identify. A DSL/Cable modem router qualifies as a server because it provides a computer with application services like IP address assignment (via DHCP) and NAT, which is the firewall that helps protect a computer from external threats. iTunes software implements a music server to stream music between computers. Many home users create shared folders and printers. Another example are the many private servers for such hosting online games such as Everquest, World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike and EVE-Online, which is currently hosted on the largest server used in the game industry.

Basic view of server configuration : 

Basic view of server configuration

Server : 

Server Server (computing), a server application, operating system, computer, or appliance Application server, a server dedicated to running certain software applications Communications server, carrier-grade computing platform for communications networks Database server, see file AB2 Fax server, provides fax services for clients File server, provides file services Game server, a server that video game clients connect to in order to play online together Home server, a server for the home

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Print server, provides printer services Proxy server, provides database IT server in services Sound server, provides multimedia broadcasting / streaming. Standalone server, an emulator for client-server (web-based) programs Web server, a server that HTTP clients connect to in order to send commands and receive responses along with data contents Web Feed Server, a server that distributes, manages, and tracks internal and external RSS feeds in an enterprise Client-server, a software architecture that separates "server" functions from "client" functions The X Server, part of the X Window System Peer-to-peer, a network of computers running as both clients and servers Catalog server, a central search point for information across a distributed network

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