Are Plantation Shutters the Right Choice for your Window?


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Plantation shutters offers many benefits over the traditional shutters. Discover the best style of plantation shutter for your home at Kingswood Shutters. We offers a variety of colors, finishes and stains for our shutters. Want to more about these window shutters, call us on 0800 470 1112.


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Are Plantation Shutters the Right Choice for your Window?


Plantation Shutters are the best option for advance window treatment. They are versatile, less expensive than custom draperies and can increase the value of your home. These shutters never go out of style and complement home designs that range from traditional to contemporary themes.


Customize your Window Plantation shutters can be custom built to fit any shape or size window.


Style of your Window Plantation shutters can fit just about any window style, but their designs will vary based on each style. This is to ensure that they fit perfectly both in terms of style and design.


Interior Decor Plantation shutters can transform a drab looking window into an elegant focal point inside your home.


Temperature Control for Energy Savings Plantation Shutters provide superior control of sunlight preventing your home from overheating in the summer. During the winter, they can prevent the heat inside your home from escaping through the window.


Plantation Shutters in UK: Kingswood Shutters Kingswood shutters supply windows shutters , widely known as plantation shutters, which are smart and elegant covering treatment for windows and doors. We offer a wide range of beautiful crafted and custom made plantation shutters and blinds. We are located in the heart of west sussex , and provide an unique service that cannot be matched by any other shutter company in UK. You can choose the style, size, color, material and variety of options.Our plantation shutters are spray painted with up to nine coats of paints or stain then finished with a UV protective layer to prevent fading by the sun.


Why Choose US: Free Sample Services Free in home appointment and design Expertly fitted by our professional Our shutters and blinds are tailor-made to your requirements. Round, hexagon or even triangular shaped windows? Not a problem. Download our brochure for more information.


Contact US: To book an appointment with one of our expert Advisors please call: 0800 470 1112  Email Address:Kingswood , Silver Birches, Small Dole Henfield, West Sussex BN5 9YT 

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