Should You Live with a Roommate in University?

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Finding it difficult to decide whether to live solo or with roommates in university? You may find it easy to make the right decision by asking yourself these 4 questions.


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Should You Live with a Roommate in University ?

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The fact is: some people prefer living alone whereas others prefer to live with a roommate. When you’re heading off to university, you need to decide which category you fall into. This will help you determine whether you’d be more comfortable living on campus or in off-campus student housing .

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It can be difficult to know if you’ve never lived with a roommate before, but thinking about your personality and habits can help you figure it out.

Will You Be Lonely?:

Will You Be Lonely ? Some people feel lonely living alone. Even when your roommate is only an acquaintance, having someone around to talk to at the end of the day can help you avoid feeling homesick.

Do You Value Your Privacy?:

Do You Value Your Privacy? On the other hand, if you enjoy spending long periods of time alone, you may struggle to adapt to living with someone else, particularly in such close quarters.

Are You a Neat Freak or Very Messy?:

Are You a Neat Freak or Very Messy? People of either extreme tend to find it difficult to live with someone else if their habits don’t match their roommate’s lifestyle. Consider if you’d be willing to make an effort to change or be more adaptable.

Do You Know Someone You Want to Share With?:

Do You Know Someone You Want to Share With? If it’s your first year of university, the likelihood is that you know no one yet, meaning that if you choose to live on campus, you’ll be assigned someone at random. There is the chance that you’ll end up being the best of friends with your roommate, but there is also the risk that you’ll find your roommate difficult to live with.

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For instance, this may be the case if one of you likes to stay up late to socialize whereas the other wants the room to be quiet for studying and likes to go to bed early. If, however, you already have friends at the university, you may be able to pick someone to share with.

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Choose carefully, though — not all friends make great roommates, especially if you have distinct lifestyles. It is possible to have the best of both worlds: you can have your own space and still be around other people with a suite in student housing. The Waterloo rental apartments at King Street Towers provide you with a space to share with just a few other students.

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