Tips for Finding Off-Campus Housing

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To find flexible off-campus housing, it is important to keep some things in mind, like always choose a place according to your requirements and which offers sublet options, as well as student-friendly housing.


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Off-campus housing can be flexible, but that depends on where you live. Not every housing option allows students to move in roommates when they want, do what they want (within reason) or break the lease. So, you’ll need to find a place and a landlord that are as flexible as possible. But, since this is easier said than done, below are a few tips that can help you find “student-friendly” housing.

Weigh Your Options:

Weigh Your Options Some college students turn to off-campus housing because on-campus accommodations just aren’t available. Because of this, you should consider your options before every semester begins. Just keep in mind that a shortage of on-campus housing can put pressure on the off-campus market. This means higher demand for student apartments for rent , resulting in higher rental rates.

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Whether you’re planning to live on or off campus, explore your options and put in the applications in as early as possible. However, if you can’t secure an awesome off-campus apartment or a University of Waterloo residence , consider subletting or perusing the roommate ads.

Sublet or Find a Roommate:

Sublet or Find a Roommate Subletting can help you save time and money. You won’t have to pay a large deposit or sign a lease. But if you’re going to sublet, look for a place before the school year begins. Remember that real estate is “hotter” during the summer; even the subletting market. To find a place, you can check out any third-party listing website.

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Many of them have listings for sublets and roommates. Additionally, search for a roommate(s) as early as possible – at least two months before the fall semester begins. With a roommate(s), you can share bills, rental costs and other expenses. Just make sure the person or people you live with complement your lifestyle and personality.

Search for Student-Friendly Housing or Landlords:

Search for Student-Friendly Housing or Landlords Most landlords don’t like high turnover rates, meaning they don’t like getting new tenants often. However, for many students, they’re academic, work or living situation can change at any time. If this is your case, then you’ll need a landlord that’s flexible or “student-friendly.”

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Consider housing at a residence like King Street Towers, which is designed to accommodate students, their budgets and their ever-changing lifestyles. Plus, they offer amenities like a gym, yoga studio, study lounges, game rooms, and more. Before signing a lease, be sure it’s flexible, offers a fixed rental rate and allows you to move in roommates, sublet or move out early. As a student, you should never sign a full-year lease unless you’re committed to staying long-term.

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