Introduce Kids to Programming with Robot Kits from KinderLab Robotics

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Introduce Kids to Programming with Robot Kits from KinderLab Robotics

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Introduce Kids to Programming with Robot Kits from KinderLab Robotics Our increasingly competitive world has made it necessary to begin development of children’s cognitive and reasoning skills at an early age. To aid in fostering creativity and interest in technology a variety of robotics-inspired toys is now available on the market. If you are searching for a trusted leader which designs develops and sells top-of-the-line robot kits for kids look no further than KinderLab Robotics. KinderLab Robotics has designed exclusive robot kits for years each with the goal of promoting creativity and cognitive skills and introducing children to programming. Parents and early childhood development experts understand the long-term benefits of introducing children to computational thinking and making it simple and fun. KinderLab Robotics works tirelessly to make this task easier by creating high-tech robot kits such as KIBO. KIBO is a specially designed kit for children aged 4 to 7 which allows them focus interest and energy on programming and operating an individualized robot. With the aid of KIBO’s modules

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and programming blocks—which include conditional blocks motion blocks begin-and-end blocks and more—kids engage in learning activities that are both exciting and challenging. Robot kits designed by KinderLab Robotics are available with a variety of options depending on the buyer’s particular needs and goals. An individual KIBO kit can be purchased or for utilization by multiple learners different kits can be combined to create a personalized classroom-style packet for a group of children. Regardless of the type of kit purchased KIBO’s components enable kids to learn programming in a fun engaging manner. KinderLab Robotics offers various curriculum workbooks and assessments along with KIBO- specific training to complement the hands-on learning process and effectively boost technical skills. Its dedicated team of professional developers is constantly delivering improved support materials for parents and educators to complement its award-winning products. Along with robot kits KinderLab Robotics has also developed engineering design journals KIBO curriculum samples and programming games to provide children with unlimited opportunities for creative learning and exploration. For more information please visit

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