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Are you an international traveler seeking for an opportunity to view the heavily guarded border of Korea? Do you need an attractive daily tour package to visit the most popular Seoul attractions and build up an exciting travel experience with a quick glimpse of the South Korean town? We are a full service travel management company in Seoul providing a fantastic experience to everybody including corporate executives, leisure travelers and international clients who want to visit the land of unsettled peace and unthinkable silence - the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and learn about its importance from the time of Korean War till today.

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We have expert guides to give you an insight into South Korea’s disturbing past and help you explore the DMZ Korea region, lying towards extreme north of the nation. DMZ is the bisecting point of the Korea and acting as a buffer zone between the North Korea and South Korea. It is one of the major attractions of Seoul for tourists since the time of the collapse of Berlin Wall. The aim of the DMZ Korea is to prevent the building of tension between the two divided regions. This region extends 2km south and north from the ceasefire line demarcated in 1953. Be sure to choose from our full day or half day tour and cover 155 miles long Demilitarized Zone along with its pastoral monument sites in comfortable and clean cars. Our DMZ Korea tours are highly organized and allow you to arrive at your destination within one-hour. If you are planning to visit Seoul city, take time out from your journey and join our Demilitarized Zone tour for a highly comfortable and special experience.

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Booking our DMZ Korea tours allows you to see the site of Korea division and find the consistent efforts for peace. The chief attractions of this tour include exploring a 1,635 meter long tunnel dug for infiltration purpose by North Korea. It was the third among four tunnels that were all discovered by South Korean Army, hence recognized by the name “The Third Tunnel” in this world. It will be a fantastic experience for you to visit this tunnel at the height of 73 meters below the ground. The tunnel will remind you about risky manual digging done with the help of dynamites, spades and pick axes. Our DMZ tour and transportation service will help you reach at this tunnel which is merely 4 kms away from JSA, where the North Korean representatives repeat their story of peace and harmony. Some of the other memorable spots included in our DMZ tour are Dora observatory, Dorasan Station, Imjingak Park and Unification Bridge station. You can use our tour package to do more than walking around the Dora observatory on the top of a hill and observing the North Korean region including the “ Paju Shopping Outlet”, “ Gaesung Industrial Complex” to visiting the Dorasan train station in the northern most region of South Korea which is actually a part of the North railway system.

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Be sure that the Demilitarized zone, one of Seoul city’s top attractions, can be easily explored using a half day or full day DMZ Korea tour by Kim’s Travel DMC. Even if you can manage to visit it on your own, an expertly guided daily tour of our travel company will help you look at the cultures and conflict of both South and North Korea that you will be hardly able to gather on your own. So, make sure to join the expert guide assisted DMZ tour service of our company. You can book it online with us and be away from all the worries regarding the Demilitarized zone tour. We will provide you with the following: • English speaking tour guide for DMZ • The most comfortable convenient transportation service (pick up from your hotel and to & from the DMZ) • The first class hospitality service including the lunch and the entrance fee to tourist spots of DMZ To learn more about our DMZ Korea tour packages and destinations, connect with us on Facebook .

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Thank You Kim's Travel DMC Korea 5F, Yuil B/D 411-4, Dogok -dong,  Gangnam-gu , 135-270 Seoul,  South Korea Tel : +82-2-570-3500

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