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What are the various signs of suicide in Teens


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What are the various signs of suicide in Teens Few warning symptoms in teens to find out suicidal tendancy: Previous suicide attempts Prior history of sexual physical verbal and/or abuse that is emotional Written or verbalized threats Knowledge of methods of suicide Feelings of hopelessness/helplessness Words of anger at self or others Themes of death and depression in verbal written or form that is artistic Giving possessions that are away important Talk of not being missed if gone Self-abusive behaviors cutting taking pills excessive piercing etc. Recent loss by death or separation parent or other one that is loved pet Personality changes Withdrawal aggressiveness moodiness High Risk behaviors promiscuity drugs alcohol reckless driving Change in academic performance/ skipping school Running away Physical symptoms headaches stomach aches sleeping and eating disorders Ignoring appearance that is personalnot bathing combing hair etc.

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See info about Kim R Grimes an expert in teen suicide prevention from Newport News Virginia. She’s a Change Agent a Transformational Life Coach Life-Changing Speaker for Teens Young Adults. Find out more about Kim at http://kimrgrimes.com and check Kims Teen Suicide Prevention blogs at www.worldchangingteens.com

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