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Expressing You : 

Expressing You Fashion Design: the artist’s dream

The Dream : 

The Dream Many people of the artistic nature come to accept that their passion cannot be their career. However, there are opportunities out there – and fashion design is and excellent choice to pursue.

The Road : 

The Road It doesn’t take much to take on this career – just a passion, an idea, and a general knowledge of basic design principles.

Step One : 

Step One There are six basic principles of design that you will need to familiarize yourself with. Scale Proportion Rhythm Balance Emphasis Harmony

6 Principles of Design : 

6 Principles of Design BALANCE – the concept of visual equilibrium. There are two kinds: symmetrical and asymmetrical.

6 Principles of Design : 

6 Principles of Design PROPORTION – the dimensional elements of each piece of a garment in relation to the others.

6 Principles of Design : 

6 Principles of Design RHYTHM – the flow of an outfit that draws your eyes down it.

6 Principles of Design : 

6 Principles of Design EMPHASIS – the focal point of an outfit, where your eye is first drawn.

6 Principles of Design : 

6 Principles of Design SCALE – the size in general of aspects of a garment.

6 Principles of Design : 

6 Principles of Design HARMONY – basically, the idea that all parts of an outfit match or belong.

The Journey : 

The Journey After mastering these 6 important elements, the next step is improving upon and developing your talents. Get drawing! Visit an art critic and have your work reviewed. Start looking at colleges that offer the degree you want.

Where to Start? : 

Where to Start? Art Critics – a popular day to visit a review is National Portfolio Day. You can get information on it at: You can also find local art critics to help you with your work.

Where to Go? : 

Where to Go? There are many colleges out there that can provide you with the knowledge you need to pursue this career, and here are some to choose from: The International Academy of Design & Technology Brooks College in CA Collins College in AZ Columbus College of Art & Design Academy of Art University Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

The Key! : 

The Key! The thing to keep in mind when considering a career in the arts is that you must keep an open mind. Invite constructive criticism and allow yourself to be molded into the creator you always dreamed yourself to be.

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