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To whomever posted this . . . THANK YOU!!!!!! Can you please tell me who you are? I would like to post these photos on the FaceBook group called, "I Grew Up in Vineland . . ." with your permission. Also, JUST WHERE IN THE WORLD DID YOU FIND THESE PHOTOS AND DO YOU HAVE MORE?? Thanks again!! It was wonderful!! Jerome

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The Way Vineland Looked When We Were in High School

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Yank Chevrolet opened at the site of the former Bullock Chevrolet agency at 738 Landis Avenue near 8th Street in 1960. By 1964, Yank moved to a spacious new dealership at Almond Road and Delsea Drive.

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The Circle Restaurant at Landis Avenue and Delsea Drive in Vineland was a local landmark from 1937 to 1969.

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Shoppers stroll on Landis Avenue in 1962 in front of Jo Cullens Juniors store.

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The 600 block of Landis Avenue as seen shortly after a new J.J. Newberry variety store opened here in 1958. The company had been in Vineland since 1928 and opened this location, with 30,000 square feet of selling space, three decades later.

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According to signs on the facade, The Colony Shop at 608 Landis Avenue, offered a "fashion world" to local young ladies. This is how the building looked after a rebuilding program in 1961.

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American Bandstand's" Dick Clark hosts a record hop at Vineland's former Palm Gardens club in 1958. The Palm Gardens was located on South 7th Street, next door to the Vineland Times Journal.

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A two-toned 1957 Ford is parked in front of Vineland Savings and Loan in 1961.

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In April 1960, members of the Vineland NAACP picketed the Woolworth store on Landis Avenue to protest the company's lunch counter segregation policy in the southern Jim Crow states. Such protests were largely seen as a catalyst for the civil rights movement. A section of a Woolworth's lunch counter is today housed at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C.

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A birds-eye view of Landis Avenue and Seventh Street during the Christmas shopping season in 1962.

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It took plenty of hairspray to maintain styles of the 1960s as evident by this period display at the Kress department store in Vineland.

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Although dubbed East End Motors, what was claimed to be South Jersey's oldest Chrysler-Plymouth dealership was actually located at West and Landis.

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The Vineland Speedway entrance on Delsea Drive in a 1959 photo. The sign was situated in the middle of what is today College Drive. The car on top of the sign is a Henry J.

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When sold in 1956, Schneiders Bakery was said to be among the oldest existing businesses on Landis Avenue. It had been operated by the Schneider family since 1900 and for years customers traditionally brought their Thanksgiving turkeys here to be roasted in the bakery's large oven. The business was located on Landis Avenue near Eighth Street.

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One of the many drug stores located on the Avenue over the years, Goodfellow's was located at Landis and the Boulevard. Mini parks today dot the landscape at this intersection.

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The remains of the Palace of Depression on Mill Road stand covered with snow in the mid 1960s.

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The former Caterina Hardware store at 712-714 Landis Avenue is today the site of an H&R Block and McLaughlin's News Agency. Pictured in 1953, the store often featured a model train display each Christmas season.

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School children and safety patrol members are seen in front of the Grand Theatre on Landis Avenue circa the early 1950s. The Grand was a local theater from 1912 until it closed on June 29, 1957.

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Watching the television sets on display at Master Music Shop was a popular local activity during the early 1950s, when many hadn't yet acquired such devices for their own home. The business was located at 535 Landis Avenue.

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The first snow of the 1957 Christmas shopping season made for a memorable scene on Landis Avenue.

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After this December 1957 Landis Avenue fire, Crosby Jewelers would relocate a few doors down, to the corner of Sixth Street and Landis Avenue. Also seen is Winslow's Pharmacy, which would later move to the corner of Chestnut and West Avenues. The pharmacy operated in Vineland from the 1870s through the late 1990s.

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Christmas shoppers pace the 700 block of Landis Avenue during 1957. The Army and Navy store, owned by local businessman Alfred Kohn, later passed to his son-in-law Bernie Flick, for whom the store was renamed. The store closed in 2005 after the death of Flick. At one time Kohn had also owned Al Kohn's Kiddie Land, another store on Landis Avenue.

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The Landis Theatre was still open for business when captured in this Vineland Times Journal photo from 1980.

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This former MAB paint store, which still stands at the corner of Sixth Street and Landis Avenue, is a great example of mid-century modern architecture. Today it is a Newfield National Bank.

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Varsity Pharmacy had two locations, 925 Landis Ave. and 88 W. Landis Ave., in 1960.


Buying "on time" was popular during the affluent post World War II days. Liberal credit terms were offered in 1955 at Goldberg Furniture Mart at 69 W. Landis Ave next to Vineland High School.

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The 600 block of Landis Avenue is nearly deserted following a 1954 snowstorm.

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Crosby Jewelers, located in Vineland since 1946, opened this new corner store at Sixth Street and Landis Avenue in 1958. This location, for more than 40 years prior had been site of Kotok's Market.

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From 1932 to 1981, the I.C. Schwarzman department store was a Vineland mainstay, located at various changing locations on the 500, 600 and 700 blocks of Landis Avenue, as well as in the Cumberland Mall.

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Thousands of records were for sale at Master Music Shop in Vineland.

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An estimated 500 shoppers pour through the front doors moments after the ribbon cutting of Vineland's new J.J. Newberry store on Thursday, July 31, 1958.

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Tiny Tim Christmas carolers sing in front of the J.C. Penney store at 727 Landis Ave. in 1959. A part of Vineland's downtown for 50 years, J.C. Penney was located on Landis Avenue from 1927 until 1977, when the store moved to its present location in the Cumberland Mall.

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The White Sparrow Inn at Delsea Drive and Park Avenue.

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