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Windshield Survey Report :

Windshield Survey Report City of port Allen, la. Presented by Tara Snearl

Physical Environment :

Physical Environment

Community Borders :

Community Borders

Health and Social Services :

Health and Social Services In the city of Port Allen, number of health care facilities and social service agencies can be easily located. West Side Community Service Center, West Baton Rouge Community Action, Port Allen Care Center LLC, and Department of Children and Family Services are some of many other agencies functioning in the community. There are more than 30 nursing homes and residential care facilities in comparison to only two urgent care and walk in clinics.

Health and Social Services :

Health and Social Services


Economics I observed several businesses and administrative offices in addition to the typical franchised businesses like McDonalds, Dollar General, Popeyes…etc. The dominant industries in the region are fright, shipping and oil refineries. ExxonMobil and Criterion Catalysts & Technologies, chemical plant, are the largest employers. Baton Rouge Cargo, Southeastern Freight lines and Con-Way Freight are major employers in the freight forwarding services.

Economics :


Transportation and Services:

Transportation and Services I observed many school buses parked near PAHS, Port Allen High School during my tour. I did not notice presence of public busses transportation since traffic is very high during the morning and afternoon rush hours. It seems that most of the shifting working population visiting the region during working hours use private transportations. I noticed an ad for Uber, one of the largest rideshare transportation service companies. I believe that since its entry to the market, it has provided constant movement of employees and residents to and out of the community.

Transportation and Services :

Transportation and Services


Education According to WBR, West Baton Rouge Parish Schools, there are 10 schools in the community. The schools listed on WBR are Brusly Elementary, Middle, and High; Chamberlain, Cohen, Devall elementary; Port Arthur Elementary, Middle, and High schools. I believe that the number of schools is adequate to the population of the city which is estimated at 5,102 according to United States Census Bureau. The only college in the area is Capital Area Technical College but rather than that the population of the city travels to Southeastern College or LSU across the river.

Education :



Conclusion At the conclusion of this windshield survey, I believe that the city of Port Allen has potentials to grow industrially and to serve as a main port on the Mississippi River. The declining population of the city could be explained because of the city’s industrial and portal nature. It could also be a result of the lack of health services which force the residential populations to travel constantly in search for healthcare and jobs. Although the city’s roads and infrastructure is well maintained, I believe that incompetence of the drainage system and the constant rain hammering the region had affected its performance in this domain in general. ExxonMobil and chemical plants factories provide both employment opportunities to the region, and enough amount of air and water pollution to push other residents away.  

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