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Kimberly Jessy Bowles is an Celebrity Interviewer, Celebrity Reporter, Celebrity Journalist Perform on-air reporting responsibilities for various Independent Celebrity News Vendors Gather, report, edit, write, prepare and/or assemble, and present story content in a fair, accurate and unbiased manner Collaborate with news producers, managers and photographers to conceptualize Write, edit, and produce specials and packages based on either breaking or pre-planned stories Generate story ideas, research and set up the content and interviews


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Kimberly Jessy Bowles Kimberly Jessy Bowles - Role Of The Journalist


To inform the public debate so that the audience can make educated choices Kimberly Jessy Bowles Role Of The Journalist


Kimberly Jessy Bowles To deliver facts ... Verified Attributed Sourced Tested Role Of The Journalist


Kimberly Jessy Bowles To find stories that... Had it not been for you, the world would never have known. Role Of The Journalist


Kimberly Jessy Bowles Simple questions Who? What ? Why ? When ? How ? Role Of The Journalist


Kimberly Jessy Bowles The desire to write You are not there to impress your audience but to serve their needs Why be a journalist?


Kimberly Jessy Bowles The desire to influence for good Some journalists want to be servants of the people and information channels Some want to be public interpreters of events Why be a journalist?


Kimberly Jessy Bowles The desire for knowledge Curiosity is a vital ingredient for any jour-nalist Most journalists tend to know a little bit about a lot of things, rather than a lot about one subject. Why be a journalist?


Kimberly Jessy Bowles Kimberly Jessy Bowles - Role Of The Journalist Beverly Hills, Ca 90210

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