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Projector lamps on a average would last for about 2000 hours and hence when it used for business purpose, 8 hours a day 5 days a week, the projector lamp must last for at least a year. Most of the projector lamp makers provide a RTB assurance for 3 months on new lamps at the time of purchase. 


The procedure for replacing the projector lamp may vary based on the manufacturer. Hence the instruction manual should be used and followed carefully to replace the projector lamp whenever necessary .


While cleaning the projector a proper cloth should be used for cleaning and especially while cleaning or handling the lamp, all the time a proper cloth should be used. When you clean a lamp with your hand the fingerprints from your fingers will get imprinted in the bulb which may cause hot spots on the surface on the lamp, leading to early failure of the lamp. Air filters in the projector should be cleaned regularly.


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