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Diffusion Screens: These types of screen reflect the light all over the place so that people sitting in the whole room see the same quality of image. The complete projector screen is uniformly illuminated showing images with equal brightness from all angles within the projection cone of the screen. However the total brightness of the image is reduced as the light is scattered in all directions.

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Reflective Screens: When projector screens are required to be used at places with high ambient light reflective screens are necessary. These screens reflect light like mirrors and hence should not be used with rear end projectors. Since these screens have high gains their viewing angle is relatively smaller than that of similar quality diffusion screens.

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Retro-reflective screens: These screens are most used in settings with lot of ambient light. Retro-reflective screens are designed to reflect the incoming light directly back to source and also have high projector gains. They give much better performance with portable table mounted projectors.

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Rear Projection Screens: These screens are used with back projection projectors and can be used under all conditions. Since the image source is at the back of the screen the quality is not affected by the amount of ambient light present. These screens have very high gains typically in order of 6 and produce good quality images even in bright conditions.

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