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Woven Bag Unit Plan by Kiana Valiollah, EDSC 304


Explain what content standards your unit will address: 2.0 Creative Expression. Skills, Processes, Materials, and Tools: 2.1 Solve a visual arts problem that involves the effective use of the elements of art and the principles of design. 2.2 Prepare a portfolio of original two-and three dimensional works of art that reflects refined craftsmanship and technical skills.   3.0 Historical And Cultural Context: Role and Development of the Visual Arts 3.1 Identify similarities and differences in the purposes of art created in selected cultures.


What ideas/unit goals you will focus on, and how you will promote 21 st century skills in your students through this unit? Students will explore and develop their own responses to the following essential questions as they develop their creative expression and technical skills to create their woven bag.   How does traditional weaving define the cultures and behaviors of the indigenous people? How does modernization and commercialization affect the traditional textile art? How does different group of colored yarn affect the composition of the woven bag?   21 Century Skills: Students will use Quizlet to make weaving vocabulary flashcard in order to be prepare for the final assessment (critique) Students will take several pictures of their weaving bag process (sketches, textures, and the color scheme that they use) with brief explanation of the process, using weaving terms into PowerPoint presentation.


Learning Objective: Students will be able to boost their artistic expression through learning and developing their skills in woven fabric design. Students will understand we aving terms and vocabularies. Assessments: Entry Level assessment: In a group of two students will make a cardboard loom and set up warp to create a 2” by 3” weaving pouch; brief constructed responses to their weaving pouch. Progress monitoring: Making rounds around the room, checking each student’s work; Using a short quiz to check for comprehension and new vocabularies. Summative assessment: Measuring students understanding by means of a rubric and final critique.


Identify at least 2 different teaching/learning activities: Teaching activity/Modeling: teacher will use modeling to demonstrate how to make a loom and different textures in weaving. By imitating the model, students become aware of the procedures needed to complete the project. Students Cooperative Learning technique: students work in a group of two to make and set up their loom for a small pouch (entry level assessment). This helps students to develop their problem-solving skills with their team before the main project. Students will have 35 minutes to finish their weaving pouch.


Why I choose this topic: I chose woven bag project as a topic of my unit because this project helps students to develop their cognitive skills through underlying mechanism of attention while weaving. This lesson is appealing to me because it helps students to understand and enjoy the rhythm and pattern of repetitive motion as well as color schemes (elements and principles of design) as they weave in and out, under and over, around and through a series of warp thread. Why do you think it is a good topic on which to create a technology-rich unit plan ? This unit needs to present with Power Point presentation. Students also to take weaving vocabulary test with Quizlet.

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