Miracle Traditional Pottery Technology of Meghalaya, India


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Traditional pottery technology of Meghalaya, North Eastern State of India, is practiced by women potters only, which is unique in the World. Black pottery is made by quenching red hot pottery in cold organic mixture without damage to pottery- a miracle technology. This traditional technology is being lost at present and unknown to many.


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Unique traditional Terracotta production and Miracle organic cold process for permanent blackening of red hot potteries by women potters of Meghalaya, India S.KHUNTIA Inventor & Chief Scientist (Retired) of CSIR-IMMT (formerly RRL) Director, Ruraltech Gate Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India Email: khuntias@gmail.com Cell: +91 9437012679


A lost process of Terracotta production and permanent blackening of hot potteries by cold organic liquid practiced by women potters in Meghalaya, India: An unique process in the World


Meghalaya, North Eastern State of India


Some aspects of Terracotta production in Meghalaya : Unique in the World Terracotta production in Meghalaya, North eastern state of India, carried out mostly by women folk : unique in the World. Women potters use highly age old methods for production of Terracotta items & sintering(baking). They produce all variety of potteries by wooden hand tools and ignorant of pottery wheel. Silt pottery clay (red clay) available in few patches in forest, which is very limited in Meghalaya. Pottery clay is prepared from mixture of raw red clay & green color stony materials, subsequently pugged by hand tools to improve strength & withstand thermal shock. Open air firing using firewood is practiced for sintering (baking) without breakage of potteries . Green color stony materials helps for improvement of strength & withstand thermal shock in potteries.


Production of black pottery in Meghalaya through quenching in cold organic liquid mixture : Unique process of World Miracle Process Generally black potteries are created by deposition of carbon particles on surface of red hot potteries in reduction (oxygen less) environment during end of firing inside the kiln. But Meghalaya potters create black potteries by quenching red hot sintered potteries in cold organic liquid just after firing (baking) without damage to potteries: Miracle cold process. Red hot potteries turned into permanent black color instantaneously after quenching: Unique in the World. Organic liquid mixture, a milky solution, is prepared from crushed bark of a particular tree and cold water. People of Meghalaya claim for better taste of food items prepared in such black potteries, and long life of the Terracotta items made by Meghalaya women potters. Pottery raw materials and organic liquid used for production of black pottery in Meghalay are not evaluated scientifically.


LOST TRADE - TRADITIONAL POTTERY IN MEGHALAYA Practiced by women only – unique in the world Collection of clay


Crushing & sieving of green stone particles


Mixing and pugging clay & green stone particles on leather


Terracotta production by women


Pottery hand tools


Ignorant of use of pottery wheel


Green Pottery (unburnt)


Demonstration of open air firing of terracotta– highly age old method


Demonstration of open air firing of terracotta in Meghalaya – highly fuel consuming & inefficient method


Crushing of raw bark of a tree by hand tools for preparation of a typical mixture of organic milky liquid for permanent blackening of red hot Terracotta items: cold process Unique practice in the World


Quenching of red hot Terracotta items in cold Organic liquid : Surface of potteries instantaneously turned into permanent black color without breakage: An unique process in the World


Permanent blackening of red hot pottery without breakage by quenching in cold organic liquid : A miracle of lost traditional technology of Meghalaya, India


Thank you Documented by S.Khuntia, Chief Scientist (Retired) of CSIR about 15 years back in Khasi hill, deep inside Meghalaya for improvement of Terracotta production through improved process & “Queen” coal/ wood fired energy efficient kiln developed by the author. Author is grateful to Mr.Augustus Shuting, Scientific Officer of SCSTE, Dept. of Science & Technology Govt. of Meghalay for his initiatives, demonstration of terracotta production and unique cold & organic traditional process for permanent blackening of potteries by women potters: which is being lost at present in Meghalay.

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