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Miracle re-building of top layer skin without irritation, itching, infections, micro-blister by use of pure Neem oil from 3rd degree chemical burn- A practical experience.


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Faster re-building & recovery of skin by Neem oil from 3 rd degree chemical burns - A trial by S.Khuntia By S.Khuntia Retired Chief Scientist of CSIR-IMMT Bhubaneswar-751002, India Email Id: Cell No- +91 9437012679 3 rd October 2015


Medical treatment history & application of Neem oil on chemical burn areas of S.Khuntia , Scientist S.Khuntia , Rtd Chief Scientist of CSIR had faced 3 rd degree chemical burns in an accident by spilling phenol (carbolic acid) on his legs on 22 nd May 2015. Total area of burns : 10% Water was applied profusely within 15 seconds after the accident to wash out acid, but skin had absorbed carbolic acid very fast. Immediate medical treatment provided in traditional method: antibiotic oral drug & silverex cream (Silver Nitrate gel) application: open-burn medical treatment Skin became pitch black without blisters within 02 days. On 7 th day, few patches of skin started separating from flesh and my leg became unprotected for infections. From 8 th day, advanced close-burn treatment without plastic surgery started by a burn specialist surgeon for re-building skin avoiding infections. On 15 th day, new red colour bottom layer skin (might be 4 th layer) appeared, and stopped applying bandage & close-burn treatment. Applied advanced Aloevera cream ( Alograce ) for re-building top layers skin as per advise of doctor.


Cont ….. From 20 th day onwards, top layer skin with pigments in dot matrix started creating all over the burn areas, but with sever itching, irritations and hundreds of micro-blisters appeared on burn areas . As informed by doctor; sever itching, irritation, micro-blisters are natural process during re-building of top layer skin up to 7 th layer (Normal matured skin). Average period for re-building skin is generally one year for 3 rd degree chemical burns. Antihistamines tablet, antiseptic cream & aleovera cream were applied as per advise of doctor. Probability of infection became very high due to acute irritation, itching & micro-blisters. On 30 th day, out of anxiety and scientific instincts, I had applied pure Neem oil on affected areas; exclusively to stop sever itching & irritation. It was a miracle; acute itching & irritation stopped instantaneously after light massage of pure Neem oil over newly built red color skin. Then light massage twice daily with pure Neem oil over burn areas continued for next one month stopping all other medicines. Light massage with few drops of Neem oil reduced to once daily and being continued till today, 1 st October 2015. Re-building of top layer skin was rapid, and itching, irritation, micro-blisters, infection were completely stopped from 30 th day after applying Neem oil. About 99% of burn wounds is cured and top layers skin have been rebuilt without any side effects within 120 days. Pure & unprocessed Neem oil is used for healing my chemical burn wounds.


Few pictures on chemical burn on my legs & recovery by Neem oil 2 nd day- Open treatment 5 th day- Open treatment


8 th day – open treatment 9 th day – close treatment


15 th day- pealing of burnt skin and building of new 4 th layer skin


21 st day- building of top layers skin with pigments


From 28 th day – large numbers of micro-blisters, sever itching & irritation started


Applied NEEM oil from 30 th day: Got instant & complete relief from itching, irritation, micro-blisters, infections and re-building skin process became faster without any side effects . On 120 th day: Almost complete recovery with matured skin without irritation, itching , micro blisters and any side effects


On 128 th day: Almost complete recovery with matured skin without irritation, itching , blisters & side effects by use of NEEM oil over affected areas.


128 th day – Recovery of skin by local application of NEEM oil from 30 th day 15 th day – re-building of 4 th layer skin after specialized close burn treatment


Report on use of NEEM oil for minor thermal burns (2 to 3 inch area for 1 st or 2 nd degree only) : Alleviates pain:   Neem oil stops painful burning sensation through its antihistamine activity. Soothes skin:  Neem oil controls itching of newly developing skin during the healing process. This, too, is a function of its antihistamine properties. Protects skin:  Neem oil protects newly formed, sensitive skin. Exceptional concentrations of Vitamin E protect skin from oxidative damage. Facilitates wound healing:  High concentrations of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids in Neem oil promote new skin cell formation. MiNeemizes scar formation:  Neem oil is highly moisturizing which keeps skin elastic, promotes restoration of skin, and miNeemizes scar formation. Prevents infections:  Neem oil keeps burn-wounds free from skin infections as Neem inhibits bacterial and fungal growth . No reports on use of Neem oil for chemical burns is available.


Suggestions to Scientists of R&D organizations of India to develop Neem oil based low cost drug for post burn treatments No significant R&D has been carried out on use of Neem oil for healing of chemical burn wounds & re-building skin. Some dedicated scientists may take-up R&D to develop a Neem oil based low cost drug, especially for repair & rebuilding of new skin over chemical burn & thermal burn wounds without itching, irritation, micro-blisters, infections & side effects. Detail study on characterization & application of Neem oil on human body are necessary for success of the drug. Thanking you

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