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Class of 1966 45 th Reunion Do You Remember?

Slide 2:

In Loving Memory…

Slide 3:

Charlotte Ann Aaron

Slide 4:

Brenda Gail Bowman

Slide 5:

Billy Clayburn Britt

Slide 6:

Carolyn Cruse

Slide 7:

Joe Earl Fuller

Slide 8:

Teddy Gant

Slide 9:

Henry Anthony Gibson

Slide 10:

Kathrine Diann Mathis

Slide 11:

Theodore R. Mays Jr.

Slide 12:

Billy Joe Renfroe

Slide 13:

Jerry Lynn Rosson

Slide 14:

Homer Sanders

Slide 15:

Linda Scott

Slide 16:

Belva Rives Striegel

Slide 17:

Judy Annette Thomas

Slide 18:

Lois Delta Thomas

Slide 19:

Stanley Lynn Tucker

Slide 20:

Billy Joe Vaughn

Slide 21:

Do You Remember? Decaturville - Parsons 7 th and 8 th Grade

Slide 36:

Do You Remember? The High School Days Before Riverside

Slide 68:

Riverside Do You Remember? The Beginning

Slide 75:

Riverside Journal Co-Editor Dennis Beal had these wise words for us Do You Remember? The staff of MEMORIES ’66 would like to tip their hats to the first Senior Class of Riverside. You have, perhaps, found the year a bit harder than your underclassmen. You were, in your final year of high school, jerked from your traditional school and brought together into a school which had no tradition and which had no background. You Seniors have helped form a background for Riverside and have given it tradition. Your task has not been one to envy but we say it has been a job well done, for you have laid a very sound foundation on which future classes may build. You have met in the melting pot and have taken things tremendously well. No amount of recognition could ever repay you for this deed. This small tribute is but a fraction of what you deserve so, as your lives progress and many great men and women emerge from the class of ’66, remember Riverside and remember it with a thankful smile.

Slide 77:

The first order of the day is catching up on the latest “gossip.”

Slide 78:

The Riverside Students enjoy the class breaks to show their friendliness to each other.

Slide 79:

As the day ends, students again board the buses to head home.

Slide 80:

After a hard day of business– like procedure, Mr. Holmes leaves for the comforts of family life.

Slide 81:

Senior Favorites David Fisher Marsha Mays Larry Quinn

Slide 82:

President—Branson Townsend, Secretary & Treasurer—Mary Brasher, Vice President—David Fisher

Slide 83:

Home Room Teachers Mr. McIllwain, Mrs. Malcolm, Mrs. Welch, Mr. Dailey

Slide 84:

Danny Joe Akins

Slide 85:

Ronnie W. Ballinger

Slide 86:

Larry Edward Bartholomew

Slide 87:

Patricia Kay Bausman

Slide 88:

Dennis Beal

Slide 89:

Gene William Bledsoe

Slide 90:

Georgia Louise Brasher

Slide 91:

Hazel Mae Brasher

Slide 92:

Larry Zarro Brasher

Slide 93:

Mary Belle Brasher

Slide 94:

Patsy Fay Butler

Slide 95:

William David Cagle

Slide 96:

Linda Ann Cagle

Slide 97:

John Thomas Carrington

Slide 98:

Larry Carl Clifft

Slide 99:

Henrietta Coleman

Slide 100:

Martha Jane Conrad

Slide 101:

Margaret Carol Crosby

Slide 102:

Glinda Sue Currin

Slide 103:

Paulette Davis

Slide 104:

Charlotte Diane Dennison

Slide 105:

Danny Gene Fisher

Slide 106:

David Lynn Fisher

Slide 107:

Janie Marie Fisher

Slide 108:

Joan Gilbert

Slide 109:

Beverly Gail Gibson

Slide 110:

Sheila Goff

Slide 111:

Donald Reed Gooch

Slide 112:

Johnny Mac Graves

Slide 113:

David Lee Greenway

Slide 114:

Jo Ellen Herndon

Slide 115:

Mary Jo Herndon

Slide 116:

James Leonard Hicks

Slide 117:

Sheila Hosford

Slide 118:

Brenda Sue Ivey

Slide 119:

Brenda Ann Johnson

Slide 120:

Mary Ruth Johnson

Slide 121:

Larry Hulon Jones

Slide 122:

Janice Ann Kelley

Slide 123:

Sharon Sue Kindle

Slide 124:

Jacky Ray Lancaster

Slide 125:

Linda Faye Leasure

Slide 126:

Johnny Randall Long

Slide 127:

Michael Long

Slide 128:

Michael Madden

Slide 129:

Anna Sue Marshall

Slide 130:

Marsha Gaile Mays

Slide 131:

Linda Kay McBride

Slide 132:

Donna Ruth McCormic

Slide 133:

Brenda Joyce McDonald

Slide 134:

Linda Lorraine Milam

Slide 135:

Janet Hope Miller

Slide 136:

Novella Louise Montgomery

Slide 137:

Ronald Morgan

Slide 138:

Brenda Jean Odle

Slide 139:

Larry Logan Parrish

Slide 140:

Linda Gail Pettigrew

Slide 141:

Ruby Lee Pettigrew

Slide 142:

Janet Lynne Pinkley

Slide 143:

Robert Nelson Posey

Slide 144:

Jimmy Eugene Pratt

Slide 145:

Jerris Kay Pratt

Slide 146:

Larry Gray Quinn

Slide 147:

Sherry Ann Riggs

Slide 148:

Danny Ray Rushing

Slide 149:

Patsy Jo Sales

Slide 150:

Billy Hart Simpson

Slide 151:

Carolyn Marie Smith

Slide 152:

Claude Harold Smith

Slide 153:

William Clyde Smith

Slide 154:

Donald Ray Smith

Slide 155:

James Douglas Smith

Slide 156:

Judy Kay Smith

Slide 157:

Anita Sparks

Slide 158:

Robert Stevens

Slide 159:

Larry Yates Taylor

Slide 160:

Patricia Ann Thomas

Slide 161:

Johnny Lee Tinsley

Slide 162:

Larry Tinsley

Slide 163:

Shirley Ann Tinsley

Slide 164:

Mack Author Tole

Slide 165:

Michael Ray Tolley

Slide 166:

Terry Wayne Tolley

Slide 167:

Vincent Blane Tolley

Slide 168:

James Branson Townsend

Slide 169:

Jerry Ray Tubbs

Slide 170:

Russell Anthony Tucker

Slide 171:

J.F. Walker

Slide 172:

Jimmy Robert Wallace

Slide 173:

Larry Millard Wallace

Slide 174:

Johnny Neal White

Slide 175:

Phillip James Wilkins

Slide 176:

Sandra Rosemary White

Slide 177:

Christine Marie Wooley

Slide 178:

David Wolfe

Slide 179:

Joan Marie Wyatt

Slide 180:

Jerry Wayne Yarbro

Slide 181:

Shirley Jean Young

Slide 182:

Early Graduates

Slide 183:

Suzanne Odle

Slide 184:

Beverly Tillman

Thanks for the Memories Don’t Forget! See You Next Time at the 50th Reunion in 2016:

Thanks for the Memories Don’t Forget! See You Next Time at the 50 th Reunion in 2016

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