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Presented to: SIR ASIM JAMEEL

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Presentation By: GROUP LEADER Khawar ali 9267 COACH Atif Intizar 9224 MEMBERS M.Azeem Tahir 9234 Bilal javaid 9274 M.Awais 9296

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KFC is based in Louisville, Kentucky, and is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain. Founded by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952. More than 11,000 outlets 85 countries and territories around the world. 8 million customers each day. Providing Home delivery in US more then 300 restaurats KFC is teaming up with Taco Bell & Pizz hurt in US KFC is called “Home Meal Replacemet” Best recognized Icon in the world INTRODCTION

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õ ô Final Project Of Retailig 6 RETAIL OUTLET A fast food restaurant OWNERSHIP Franchise based ownership A.

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To develop & deliver the most innovative products, manage customer experience, deliver quality services that contributes to brand strength, establishes a competitive advantage and enhances profitability, thus providing value to the stakeholders of the bank. õ ô Final Project Of Retailig 7 Kids Teen Agers Old Peoples Subway Hardees MacDonald AFC IFC Target Market is divided into three parts Competitors of KFC are Competitors On Demographic Basis B.


BUILDING SUSTAINABLE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Final Project Of Retailig 8 C. Positioning Service Database retailing Unique Merchandise

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Final Project Of Retailig 9 A) Positioning Customers Perception Creating Good Will Put a least Impression on Customer Create Competitive advantage by functioning operations and deals B) Service Better Customer Services Train Employees for CS CRM (Customer Relation Management) Get Customer Loyalty

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Final Project Of Retailig 10 C) Database Retailing Its another Important factor of KFC which gives a competitive advantage that they have created a customer database. D) Unique Merchandise KFC is doing a Unique merchandising due to its taste and it’s a Major factor of KFC.

Vendor Relation : 

Vendor Relation Final Project Of Retailig 11 D. A. Major Vendors are Pepsi Cola K&N Unilever Casa Bakery

Vendor Relation : 

Vendor Relation Final Project Of Retailig 12 D. B) KFC got benefits due to its good relation Best quality Raw Material in cheap rates Superior quality of raw material Special discount Credit facility

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M.Azeem Final Project Of Retailig 13 9234

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Final Project Of Retailig 14 Extra rewards Commissions Friendly Environment Good Behaviour Job Security A proper systematic approach system MOTIVATE THE EMPLOYEES E.


Final Project Of Retailig 15 OPERATION LOW COST F. Labor cut Vendor Relationship Advertisement Providing new variety of burger by maintaining existing customers Efficient SOP (Standard operating protocol) Train their employees on day to day basis to increase their behavioral and attitude skill

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Growth Strategies 1> Market Penetration new deals like in Ramzan Ul Mubarak Zinger burger price is down from 325 Rs to 225 so that customer vist more 2> Market Expansion new branch in Bhaira interchange of Motorway.

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Growth Strategies 3> Retail format Development KFC retail format development opportunity involves offering customers a new retail format 4> Diversification: Kfc offer lot of variety to the customers

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KHAWAR ALI Final Project Of Retailig 18 9267

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Final Project Of Retailig 19 MISSION STATEMENT G. To be the leader in western style quick service restaurants through friendly service, good quality food and clean atmosphere”

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Final Project Of Retailig 20 H. SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Goodwill and reputation Pioneer Employee Loyalty(low turnover) Customer Loyalty Ranks highest among all chicken restaurant chains (Revenue $1 B each year)

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Final Project Of Retailig 21 SWOT ANALYSIS WEAKNESSES losing market share (71% 1999 to 56% 2009) 15% drop in 10 years Huge competition Invested innovating new products

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Final Project Of Retailig 22 SWOT ANALYSIS OPPORTUNITIES New Markets Cross Culture Large Youth population(50%) New variety (Pizzas, Garlic breads) THREATS Competition Organizations Saturated US Market

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Final Project Of Retailig 23 SELECTING OF RETAIL SITE I. Emphasize On Traffic Count Population Area, Competition Situation Target Customer

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M.Awias Final Project Of Retailig 24 9296

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Final Project Of Retailig 25 RETAIL ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE J. General Manager Assistant Manager Assistant Manager shift in-charge shift in-charge counter workers and kitchen workers

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Final Project Of Retailig 26 INCENTIVES TO EMPLOYEES K. Health Insurance Leave Fare Assistance Bonuses Good Remuneration Extra Incentives Mobile Phone Plus Bill Fuel And Petrol Allowance Laptop And Car With Maintenance Medical Allowance

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Final Project Of Retailig 27 EMPLOYEES COMMITMENT L. Tour, Trips Meetings, And Discussion Fun In Get Together Behavioral And Attitude Skill Through Training And Development Good Working Environment Handsome Salary

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Atif Bashir Final Project Of Retailig 28 9224

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Final Project Of Retailig 29 MANAGING DIVERSITY IN THEIR WORKFORCE? M. Promotes differences in background, ethnic cultures and values. Team-oriented environment. Focuses on teaching everybody something new. Promotes unity in the workplace. Focuses on building relationship and creating commitment Within the company and amongst employees and customer.

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Final Project Of Retailig 30 CRM O. Database New Promotion Scheme Electronic Business Evaluate Store Employees And Provide Feedback Performance Management System Performance Appraisal P.

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Final Project Of Retailig 31 Well Prepared System Internal Audit Employees Commitment STEPS FOR PREVENT SHOPLIFTING Q.

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Final Project Of Retailig 32 EVOLUTION OF THE STORE Operation And Function Most Interactive Area Best In Asia Surrounded By Educational Institutes R.

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Final Project Of Retailig 33 Parking Area SUGGESTION: Increase The Counter For Dealing Reduces The Delivery Order Time STRENGTH Location Weaknesses

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Final Project Of Retailig 34

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