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Input devices and Output devices topic:- Presented by Kausar khan 230 Nida Sayed 256


Computers! These are computers. Computers come in many shapes and sizes.

All computers are made up of 2 parts.:

All computers are made up of 2 parts. Input Devices Output devices

Input devices:

Input devices Input devices are parts that let you put information into a computer.

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Input:- Entering data or instructions into a computer is called input. Input devices are necessary to convert data into a form which can be understood by computers.


Keyboards It is used to type words, numbers, and symbols in the computer.


Mouse The computer mouse allows you to select or choose items on the screen.

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The main use of a joystick is to play computer games Joysticks can be used to control movement from side- to-side, up-and-down and diagonally. Joystick :-

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A touch screen can detect exactly where on its surface it has been touched . Touch screens are used in a lot of fast-food chains and restaurants Touch Screen:-

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A scanner can be used to input pictures and text into a computer. S canner

Output devices:

Output devices Output devices are computer parts that send out information to you.

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The information we get from the computer is known as output. The computer presents this information through these devices such as: Output

A Monitor:

A Monitor A monitor shows you what the processor is doing on the screen.


Speakers Speakers let you hear sounds that are played on a computer. Sounds are a source of information. So speakers therefore send out information .

Printers :

Printers Printers copy information that is stored on the computer and puts them on paper.

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