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Raza Ansari-01 Hamid Khan-09 Shahroz Khan-11 Arbaaz Shaikh-21 Umesh Yadav-29


About… Industry – Automotive Founded – 1994 Headquarters – Pune,Maharashtra . Products- Luxury and commercial vehicles Parent Company – Daimler AG


Products Automobiles Trucks Buses Engines

Market Analysis:

Market Analysis

Media Objective:

Media Objective Segmentation Targeting Now targeting young entrepreneurs high level executives Positioning High end luxury car

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT Analysis Strengths Company does more than just autos Mercedes Benz has outstanding reputation A leader in innovation 1 st to introduce Diesel engine 1 st to introduce fuel injection and anti locking brakes Holds patents on the majority of safety features Involvement in motor sport. McLaren Mercedes

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Weakness Expensive Doesn’t suit Indian roads Manual transmissions are hard to find in Mercedes

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Opportunities More hybrid cars to be launched Safety failures at Ford should open door for Mercedes Benz Increased Income and spending power By 2011, India will have an astonishing 1, 40,000 millionaires Increased demand for luxury cars

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Threats Laws and regulations regarding emission requirements Competition Recent agreement of co-operation between the French Renaut and Swedish Volvo Tata acquiring Jaguar

Media strategy:

Media strategy T.V “Oh Lord, wont u buy me a Mercedes Benz” campaign. The campaign has been used to introduce new models It provides a younger feel to the product.

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Newspaper Magazines

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