Khalifa University - ACADEMIC CATALOG 2018-2019

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Khalifa University of Science and Technology admits male and female undergraduate and postgraduate students from the UAE and around the world.


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ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE The Board of Trustees in its meeting of March 2017 appointed an interim leadership team to lead the integration of the three constituent institutions to form the new Khalifa University of Science and Technology. These appointments included the interim president and three executive vice presidents to oversee administrative functions academics and research and development. During the interim period organizational charts for the three merging institutions as well as associated positions remain in effect until the fully integrated structure is completed and approved by the Board of Trustees. Finalization of the fully merged organizational structure is anticipated in early Fall 2018. Student Catalog of Record the University Organizational Structure ACADEMIC CATALOG 2018-2019

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ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS AND FEES Khalifa University of Science and Technology admits male and female undergraduate and postgraduate students from the UAE and around the world. The admissions standards and requirements stated in this section are the basis on which a prospective student’s application is assessed. Details of the admissions requirements placement tests recognized secondary school certificates and the process for transfer students are set out below.

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UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSIONS KU accredited Undergraduate programs admission at Khalifa University of Science and Technology is offered to highly qualified female and male students from the UAE and abroad. All applicants must meet established clearly communicated minimum requirements to be considered for admission to and maintain enrolment in undergraduate studies at the University. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to deviate from published admission requirements

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UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSIONS REQUIREMENTS Students seeking admission into any of the Khalifa University of Science and Technology’s undergraduate programs must have graduated from high school within the past two years and meet the following minimum criteria: Undergraduate admission to Khalifa University is highly competitive. In order to be considered for admissions students must meet the following minimum criteria: Applicant should have graduated from High School no later than two years prior to the current year. Hold a UAE Secondary School Certificate SSC in Advanced Stream – Ministry of Education or Physics Stream – Abu Dhabi Education Council with a minimum overall achievement of 80 and a minimum score of 80 in Mathematics or equivalent.

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UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSIONS - DOCUMENTS The following documents are required as part of the admissions process: 1. A completed Khalifa University online application form 2. An attested copy of High School certificate. Private school students should submit copies of their grade 10 and 11 certificates British System students should submit certificates of their O level AS and A levels. If final certificates are yet to be issued a letter from the school stating predicted grades is required. 3. TOEFL or IELTS certificates original plus an extra copy if any. 4. Good Conduct Certificate 5. Passport two copies - front and back page for UAE Nationals - with visa permit for UAE residents 6. A complete copy of Khulasat Al Qaid UAE National Family Book for UAE Nationals. 7. Passport size photograph five copies 8. Emirates ID two copies

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SCHOLARSHIPS AND STIPENDS The University scholarships and stipends are governed by the following rules and conditions: • University scholarships and stipends are available for qualified and eligible UAE National expatriate and international students. • A list of available scholarships and stipends eligibility criteria and benefits for each category of student are reviewed and updated annually. Current information is published on the University website. • Students on a university scholarship must abide by the stipulations and contracts signed between the student and the University. • University scholarships and stipends are provided only for full-time students. If the credit load of a student on a university scholarship drops below the minimum full-time credit load 12 credit hours in a semester the scholarship and any stipend will be adjusted as follows: » The stipend if any will be suspended for the remainder of the semester unless the student is in the final semester of study and requires less than 12 credit hours to graduate or if the reduced enrolment is determined to be the result of a serious compelling circumstance beyond the student’s control.

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To be Continue... » Expatriate and international students will be liable for full payment of the tuition fees for that semester. The expatriate/international student may be allowed to drop below the minimum full-time credit load without tuition penalty if the University determines that the reduced enrolment is the result of a serious compelling circumstance beyond the student’s control. The University reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of its Scholarship and Stipend Programs at any time. • The University reserves the right to revoke a student’s scholarship. • Students receiving a university scholarship must inform the University of any external scholarships received. • A student receiving a university stipend is discouraged from seeking additional employment while enrolled in courses at the University. Should the student wish to supplement their stipend with university work-study permission from the relevant Dean must be obtained. • In case of violation of the scholarship terms and conditions a student receiving a university scholarship or stipend may be required to refund part or all of tuition fees covered by the scholarship and stipends paid.

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Contact US Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Campus PO Box 127788 Abu Dhabi UAE T: +971- 2 401 8000 F: +971- 2 4472442 To contact a Khalifa University department or office please refer to the KU Directory. Office Hours: 8 am – 5 pm Sunday – Thursday Closed on public holidays Email: Website:

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