Types of Undergraduate courses offered by Khalifa University

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Types of Undergraduate courses offered by Khalifa University Khalifa University holds a big name and goodwill when it comes to imparting education at a comprehensive level. It is not only known for graduate courses but there is a wide variety of undergraduate courses that one can look after for brushing up their skills and working on the respective field. Further these courses are beneficial for the graduate degree holders and also for the ones who are currently doing their graduate degree. So let us not waste any time and discuss the undergraduate courses in Abu Dhabi UAE that one can pursue in Khalifa University in today’s time.  12 Different Undergraduate programs – In total number Khalifa University offers twelve different kinds of undergraduate programs in various subjects and disciplines. This kind of curriculum is being provided in rare colleges and this university is one of them. The undergraduate programs are divided into two disciplines one is for engineering and the other is for Arts and science. It means whether you are from any field Khalifa University has renowned curriculum planned for you.  College of engineering – If you want to look forward to undergraduate courses in Abu Dhabi UAE under engineering then here you will get nine options. In these options you can choose the

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one that favors your chosen subject and interest. Here we are listing down the undergraduate programs for the college of engineering – o Aerospace o Biomedical o Chemical o Civil o Computer engineering o Electrical o Industrial and systems o Mechanical o Petroleum In all the above-listed programs the primary importance is given to the core subject and knowledge. The faculty focuses on making the student understand the how engineering is related to chosen subjects along with global working regime setbacks analysis design testing research fabrication and the list goes on and on. Overall we can say it is an excellent option to amplify the program objective and career specialization.  Arts and science – For the students coming from this field can also choose Khalifa University for undergraduate courses in Abu Dhabi UAE. Here the university provides three different programs that we have listed below. Take a glance – o Science and petroleum o Chemistry o Applied mathematics and statistics Before choosing the undergraduate programs the student must go through the concentration of the curriculum and the other related aspects. Here we mean what are the major and minor factors in which the university is going to focus.  Minor – It is also a part of the undergraduate program and is in favour of College of engineering students. These degrees are optional and entirely depend on the will of the students to choose. o Nuclear engineering o Unarmed aerial vehicles These two minor programs will add skills and will be helpful for the students in the long run too. So it is advised to the students to have a close analysis of these two programs as well.

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Today the entire purview of Undergraduate programs has been changed. So while choosing undergraduate courses in Abu Dhabi UAE try to take a close look towards the programs being offered by Khalifa University.

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