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The Wedding Glam “Din shagna da chadheya Aao sakhiyon ni vehra sajeya” Mandap is ready Jewellery is polished Lehenga is stitched Cards are circulated The glow is on the charm is on The bride is all set for the show Indian Weddings are one of the most elaborated weddings of all times From age old tradition brides are given ubtans to start detoxifying the skin and clean the dirt Haldi Turmeric Besan Gram flour Multani Mitte curd all the age-old recipes of Dadi Paternal Grand Mother and Nani Maternal Grand Mother are given to would be bride Great Makeup is a good fix but the radiant bridal glow is all what girls are looking around

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We at Khadi Natural brings to all the would-be bride a mix of age-old recipes and Ayurveda techniques and some wedding tips: 1. Be hydrated: Drink ample amount of water as it helps to keep hydrated and moist. It keeps the digestion clear and relaxes the stomach Once stomach is relaxed and cold then it reduces acnes and skin pigmentation 2. Natural Packs for natural glow: This is the season when all the brides to be require natural and herbals packs you may use our Rose Face pack that is filled with natural ingredients and helps in getting the sheer glow Mix it with curd rosewater rice stalk or non-boiled milk whichever suits your skin 3. Diet like a queen: Drink sufficient and eat right in order to stay healthy and fit during the wedding. Haldi Wala doodh is used in all the good spirit to increase the immune system of bride and grooms Our traditional gond wale laddu pinni besan ka sheera such sweets are so common that wedding house is filled with one Say big no to junk food spicy food and packed food No one should risk health before the auspicious day

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4. Clean the dirty face like a pro: Busy shopping and hopping in for wedding outfits once definitely needs to remove the dirt from face that gets well deposited in such polluted atmosphere we bring to you the hero that is Aloe Vera Face wash with active scrubs particle 5. Pore cleaning made easy: Rub your skin with khadi natural scrub and clan it well to make it softer healthier and firmer. Rose and Papaya scrub helps you to deep clean the skin with removing dead skins and dirt Use the scrub once a week for better results Rejuvenation of Skins For finer results before your wedding experience the natural mini facial kit for Khadi Natural  Reduce Stress and Relieve Psychological Distress  Deep Cleanse Your Skin  Removing fine lines of ageing  Promotes facial blood circulation  Skin Rejuvenation  Detoxification of skin  Prevents Acne

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6. Exercise to shed the extra loose: It’s always good to shed those extra kilos from your body we advise you to do workout regularly at least start 6 months prior to your wedding Skipping running gym-ing aerobics any sought of workout will do your bit for shedding those flabs 7. Destressing wedding gossips: Wedding shopping cards catering guestlist clothes makeup and many more things are there to bring stress to wedding families Use khadi Natural essential oils for destressing the stress and feeling the better aroma

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8. Deep Breathe Use the yoga mudras and asana to bring out the body stress from within Deep breathing helps to rejuvenate the dull skin and makes it glow We at Khadi Natural wish all the would-be brides and Grooms a Very Happy and Healthy Marriage For More beauty products too keep skin healthy and light kindly visit

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